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Gaze Up with Wings Up!

Total lunar eclipse and rare super blood wolf moon tonight !

In many ways, Full Moon’s allow you to cut down what you no longer need and to benefit from all the hard work you have put in to manifesting during the new moon. A full moon eclipse is a potent time because eclipses help us to realize our full potential. They also help us to see things in a new light and can reveal magical things to us. So get out there and stare up at that gorgeous universe tonight! How do you want to show up in it and play your part?  The world more than ever now needs you to open your heart and be authentic and shine your light with wings up!

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Spiritual Survival Guide for the Holidays (Your Aura will thank you!)

(A.K.A. Shit you can use so you don’t throw yourself in front of speeding traffic during the holidays)

Whether you are traveling near, far or staying home to be the hostess with the most-est during the holidays, feeling your best and remaining calm is all the rage. I’ve created a guide with everything you need to be “in the know and on the go” to keep your energy cleansed throughout the Holidays! These tips can keep you from engaging in quarrels and spats, or keep you from getting passively slimed (yuck!)  I like to think of this as my Emergency Spiritual Tool Kit when time is limited and/or tempers are short. There are many more advanced techniques than the ones I am sharing with you, but all of these are easy and accessible to everyone at almost any time. You should plan ahead what to pack, whether in your suitcase or your Spiritual Tool Kit. None one of these will take up much room. Hey, the point is to rid ourselves of the Velcro gremlin spiritual baggage, not add to it!  They all require a playful, childlike wonder and an open imagination. You know–like you had all the time when you were a kid. How exciting!

  1. The number one is the good old standby is probably known by most. You can burn sage or Palo Santo. This is also known as smudging. When you do this, you want to make sure you allow the smoke to rise in front of you, above you and especially behind you. I like to get into all the corners of a room as well. (You might remain the black sheep in your family if they mistake the woodsy smell for weed – tee hee!) If you find yourself trapped at Aunt Betty’s, in a pinch you can rummage through her spice rack and burn a bay leaf. The smoke does tend to change the energy. Why not–it’s worth a shot!

  2. Bathing beyond the essential spots. You can cleanse your body and your aura by taking an Epsom salt bath or a sea salt water bath. About two cups in your tub will do the trick. If you want to smell pretty too, throw in a few drops of your favorite essential oil. You can also draw yourself an herbal bath. Choose any dried herbs you like and wrap them in some cheesecloth and tie it into a sachet. Use it like a tea bag. It’s highly effective! When you get out of the bath, visualize all the negative energy being rinsed off your body and going down the drain to Mother Earth to be transmuted. Also, bathing in a natural source of water– the ocean being the most potent, a waterfall (and if you have one of those, boy am I jealous of you right now!) a river or a spring. The Earth energy is immediately transmuting all the negative energy you are releasing.

  3. The Violet Flame. In this case, you imagine your body and aura being bathed in violet flames. Think of the 10 Commandments and the bush on the mountain that burned but never burned down (except its violet and there is no Moses). You can do this super-fast. 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute– the longer, the more saturated of course. This tool comes in handy when you are traveling and don’t have “Sage” to smudge (Like when you are visiting your sibling and get to sleep in your 9-year-old nephew’s airplane bed). Also, if you get into an altercation with a family member and just can’t escape without looking like the “difficult” one, you can bathe yourself in that flame while you pretend you eat turkey and push it around on your plate.

  4. My absolute go-to fave. Find a patch of dirt if you can, but it is not essential. Stand with both feet firmly on the ground. Imagine white-gold light coming from the cosmos, flooding into the top of your head, through your entire body, down your legs and into the balls of your feet, and plunging deep into Mother Earth. Then imagine the bright moss green light of Earth energy coming back up through your feet, up your legs, all the way up and through your whole body, then out through your head.

  5. Literally Pray, Intend and/or Demand of your higher self, GOD, master of the universe (whatever feels right for you), just state whatever your intention is. Example: “Please fill all the holes and energy leaks in my aura now. Thank You.” Yes, you might feel like you belong in a Marvel comic whilet doing this, so enjoy it and have fun. Heck– give yourself a costume! Even better! I’m not going to lie– I’ve got a crown, wings and a magic gold light beam ET finger (and those are just the parts I’m telling you about!).

  6. Crystals. I will admit, I have nearly cracked a bathroom tile de-bra-ing in the evening. I’ve always got a crystal crammed in there, sometimes with a flattened $20 bill. I’m always disappointed when one falls on the floor. I always hope it wasn’t damaged, but I’m always excited to find a forgotten $20!! Life is all about balance. Crystals are another was of raising your vibration and keeping your aura cleaner. Black crystals especially are great for protecting your energy. I wear a black tourmaline in my bra. Selenite is great for keeping things clear. You can buy them at metaphysical stores for around $3. I keep these in my car, my purse, all around actually. I even have a selenite tower in my living room. Those babies are always working and they never need charging or clearing. They are a self-clearing stone.

  7. Ta Da! Organite! I can’t say enough nice things about Organite. I love them! In fact, my pendulum is an Organite. Organite is a substance made of resin, metals and quartz that balances and harmonizes bio-energy, otherwise known as Orgone, Chi or Prana.Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, researched orgone energy in the earlier half of the 20th century, and today’s Organite devices are built on his findings.  While conducting his research, Dr. Reich found that organic materials attract and hold orgone energy, while non-organic metals simultaneously attract and repel the energy.Organite is based on these two principles. It is a 50-50 mix of resin (organic, due to the fact that it is based on petrochemicals), and metal shavings (inorganic).  A quartz crystal is also added to the orgonite mix it gives off a charge when it is put under pressure (resin shrinks when it is cured, so constant pressure is put on the quartz crystal).Due to the fact that the elements contained in orgonite are constantly attracting and repelling energy, a “scrubbing” action takes place, and along with the charge that the crystal gives off, this cleans stagnant and negative energy, and brings it back to a healthy, vibrant state. And if you want to revisit your inner super hero you can do your visualization and imagination and make yourself an Organite shield or two to match your superhero cape or halo!

  8. Love up on fluffy if they let you. Playing with a friendly furry companion by throwing the ball or scattering the cat nip is a great tension breaker and their energy can really boost your vibration. Plus animals are very grounding because they live in the present moment and remind us how to do just that..
    All my love & Mahalo
    Elizabeth : )

11-11-18 It’s a magical day!

Who doesn’t need a little unicorn poop right about now?

This Sunday is 11/11, but it is no ordinary 11/11. Let me tell you why. On the 11th of this November, 11-11-2018, that is a magical day. Those 11’s are illumination and pillars of light. It is a quickening of spirit and matter. It is a direct-dial to manifesting with cosmic energy. This 11/11 is a 33 Universal day because 2018 is an 11 Universal year. It’s an 11- 11- 11. It is so exciting! The day is an 11, the month is an 11, and so is the year! It is also a 22 Universal month and a 33 Universal day! Right there, you have three activated Master numbers.


What does that mean? What will that do? All those Master numbers are bringing an even greater potential for growth, for prosperity and for expansion. (We’ve all got Jupiter expanding our worlds now too, baby!) The 33 (11+11+11 = 33) is the number of healing through the power of love. It is all about having a vision that changes the world and that also changes your world.


This is really lovely energy, so take advantage of this– especially on the 11th, by doing something special. It’s perfect for manifesting, dreaming, creating, writing a new life scene in your movie or writing your entire movie script! When I tell you this is a magical day, it is a magical day that is SO much bigger than an 11/11. It’s unicorn poop and rainbows and fluffy puffy hearts and dragons and everything you can possibly imagine!




I apologize! My correspondence has been lacking…
I’ve fallen into a very good creative rabbit hole and I am birthing something extraordinary and very exciting I’ve never done before! All will be revealed in 2019
In the meantime you can find me offering readings and teachings at and


All my love and Mahalo – Elizabeth





Elizabeth Lindsay is a clairvoyant spiritual light-warrior and counselor at Elizabeth is a creative soul whose life journey and passion has evolved into helping others empower themselves. Elizabeth has the innate ability to tune in and tap into your spirit guides and energy to offer clear concise answers and tools that give you a fresh perspective as well as raise your vibration. Elizabeth’s goal is to always help you get unstuck, move forward and leave her company feeling confident in the knowing that you are honoring yourself and your soul’s growth. Be it a need for clearing a vibrational blockage, a quick answer, or an in-depth dive into the realms of possibilities she will help guide you into your personal power and strength.

Empower yourself this Sunday!

August is a big month for honing in on what matters – YOU!

Artwork: An Ever-Present Mark by Elizabeth Lindsay

That tension you feel is your soul festering, wanting to rise, readying itself to launch, but waiting for you to fully arrive. It takes great strength and determination to pull yourself in and focus on what is holding you back, especially the things you don’t want to see.

Hone in on that taunt string. We are all balancing on a tightrope, a fine line, and it must give us pause. This is purposeful Divine Timing, reminding you with inevitable certainty what is left to peel, reveal, feel and heal – only then you can FIRE forward. Leave behind the remnants of who you no longer are and take careful aim on who you are becoming.

You are indeed the Archer. The Bow and The Arrow.

Spirit is not separate from you—it IS you!

This is a magnificent dance of great purpose and mastery.

It is indeed the perfect storm. All of these planets in retrograde and the upcoming partial eclipse are serving a higher purpose, showing that you are truly the calm inside of any storm. I’ve got some great tools for you to use throughout August that will get you on target and ready to launch in September. It truly will be a September to remember if you do your HEART-WORK and find your power in this magical symphony. Make no mistake, you are also the conductor!

Are you ready for the next step? Join me this Sunday right here:

Don’t forget to bring your wings!

It’s online and recorded if you can’t attend live!

Mahalo and all my love


Life on the Edge Scopes- June

What’s all the buzz about, June bug? Well it is sort of a mixed bag of wildflower seeds! This quote by the boxer Muhammad Ali comes to mind. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”  To Bee or not to Bee happy is truly a choice.  If you keep your wings up and take what resonates from my advice, you’ll find I’ve provided you with an air stream for your wings that you can glide through. It will have you arrive with your pot of golden honey at the edge of the rainbow (for the most part), feeling refreshed and revived! It is so easy to become dewy-eyed and cry at the drop of a hat (or at the drop of a budding petunia–remember that royal wedding!) when the glittering grand water trine is in play on the first day of June, so try to make a conscious effort to stay grounded.

We begin the month of June with a grand water trine. Venus, the planet of love, governs your heart and what you value; Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance; and Neptune, the planet of dreams. What will serve you well is opening up your heart. Then you can not only ponder your dreams, you can find ways to fulfill them. This should be your goal, especially as the month opens.

This grand water trine is all about the soul, spirit fluidity, emotions and deep connections. For the whole month of June, Jupiter and Neptune will stay very close to this trine. It’s an emotional month for everyone, especially you who are water signs or have rising signs in water. Emotions come in waves and sometimes they can sweep us off our feet or soak our wings.  We also have all the light and airy energy of Gemini until the 21st. Mercury is moving quickly through the sun in Gemini, making everything feel speeded up. As if your little wings weren’t moving fast enough already! Can you say WINGS WAY UP!? Things are definitely brightening up! We haven’t felt such a breath of fresh air in a long while. So take a few deep breaths, expand your wings and open up your heart to receive some ease and inspiration.

Numerology-wise, the month of June is a 17/8 (1+7=8). It’s about unique vision and being a light into the world. Coincidentally, the Star card in Tarot is number 17 and it is about shining bright with hopes and dreams. Listening to and acknowledging the light shining with in you is literally the key to your happiness.  This energy is all about receiving and allowing the abundance that is available to you. Remember, you have to open your heart to create a cavern that will hold the many gifts that you are creating. You will want a loving place for safe keeping after receiving them.  

Things will take a far more serious turn when Mars goes retrograde on the 26th. There is a FULL MOON with a lot of Saturn energy which will make things seem much slower. It will feel more serious. There will be some limitations that could test your desire to charge forward, while feeling stuck in the mud. Here is my message: Seize the day and Play – Play now and throw caution to the wind with your wings up during the first three weeks of June.

Gemini can be an airy-fairy energy, especially if wings are involved. It’s a very social sign, so get out there, smelling and pollinating as many spring and early summer flowers as you can. Be the bee and buzz along, because you will be feeling social and encountering many friends and acquaintances that will be busy being busy bees themselves! Enjoy these easy breezzzzzzzy days. Eat, drink, and be merry, pollinating with your personal stamp as you glide along. Make your own magical concoction so you can create that pot of honey to savor for the more serious days heading our way around the 26th of June – June bug!  If any energy was made for sunny fun days, it is Gemini energy! It will be a wonderful month to nourish your soul (and the soles of your feet). Get out onto the grass and enjoy all the gifts earth as given us, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. This is about lightening up and having fun. Manifesting is supposed to be fun! There will be plenty of road blocks around manifesting and pushing forward late in this month, so lighten up with wings up!  Remember, no two bees–or stars for that matter–are alike and that goes for you, too! We need your unique, shiny, sparkly perspective, so don’t hide it.  That is exactly how we light up the universe. A billion sparkly, unique, individual twinkles and one of them is YOU!


June 1st and 2nd  The Grand Trine:

Mercury trines Mars, Venus trines Jupiter, Venus trines Neptune. It’s a huge emotional wave. It is re-activing the grand trine from the royal wedding, so it’s another big blast of emotional energies.  Tissue sales went through the roof in Britain and everything flowed with ease. Now this feeling continues.  Everyone benefits–even Kleenex! It was a complete sellout! There was not a dry eye in the house and not a box to be found. You may feel uncomfortable or be taken by your emotions, not feeling like you have control over them.  This too shall pass.

June 4th to 7th

The Sun and Mercury come together, both square Neptune. This will likely distort your thinking, which can confuse and complicate discussions and business dealings. Even giving or receiving instructions can suffer from lack of clarity and misinterpretation. Neptune brings a fantasy quality and has everyone pondering, “What is it that I really want?” while Venus opposing Pluto says, “There is something you don’t necessarily want to see.” The energy of Pluto makes it so you can’t avoid whatever is arising.

June 13th, New Moon in Gemini:

This is a new lunar cycle, and it is perfect for doing your moon ritual in the middle of the afternoon. It’s also a wonderful time to place all of your crystals and mojo magic tools in the grass of Mama Gaia, harnessing the power of both the new moon and the sun!

June 17th  Fathers Day USA

Every Dad is royalty when the moon is in LEO! Celebrating the men in our lives with the moon in Leo is the perfect time to treat Dad like a king.

June 18th, Neptune Retrograde:

BIG TIME DREAMS! Jupiter trines Neptune, and the energy gets an extra “oomph” from the 15th to the 22nd. Pay attention to your dreams! Keep a dream journal and write down both your sleeping dreams and your reality dreams. This will be a week of good juicy dreams!!!!

June 21st, Summer Solstice USA

The first day of summer begins with Mars opposing Venus. This brings some relationship challenges and Mercury shows up the day before the solstice, making another grand trine.

June 26th, Mars Retrograde:

This is a time of looking at the way you take action and how you make use of your energy. When Mars turns retrograde, it can be a great time to go back and sort out any details you may have missed in the past. We can see where we may have gone askew and cure our past, too! It can also bring a time of looking at your abilities and beliefs around manifesting. You may feel like your “Chutzpa” is gone or that you have a hitch in your giddy up!

June 28th, Full Moon in Capricorn: 


This is where the sting comes into our little world hive. It is dominated by a powerful conjunction to Saturn retrograde, which could make you feel sad, guilty, hesitant, fearful, restricted or confined. That nest might be feeling a bit too small.  Relationship problems, cold emotions, negative behavior patterns and bad habits could make your life more difficult. But at the same time, you will want to break free and be a little bad!! Late on the 29th Mercury goes into Leo, giving everyone the desire to be spoken to as if they are King and Queen Bees. “Will you please pass the royal jelly?” Some might be a little more “Queen” than most, saying things such as “I Declare, I Decide, and So It Is, because I said so!”  There is no need to deal with bumbling drones, even with seriousness of Capricorn feeling magnified. Just keep your wings up and stay in your own lane.

Be aware of misunderstandings with people. It will be an emotional time with Mercury in Cancer and people could be super-sensitive and take things the wrong way. You could get or give a nasty stinger, especially with words. Use a little extra compassion from your heart and on your tongue by being mindful of your intention. It will go a long way. Words can heal or hurt. Compassion will really help you! Staying grounded, meditating and enjoying nature will be essential this month!  

Honey, please consider joining my Wings Up Meet Up this Sunday. It’s a great way to set your intentions for the month of June. Click here for info:

June Horoscopes – Life on the Edge Scopes


The beginning of the month is really lovely and there are some intense emotions you could be feeling.  You might be feeling and also being a little sweeter and softer than you have been in years. Venus opposes Pluto, so you could get your horns locked up in a power struggle. I’d suggest you just let this one go. Sometimes, surrendering serves you by bringing you a really good surprise. With Mercury sextiling Uranus, it will bring magic out of the blue and soon you’ll be in the pink! People will be drawn to you like bears to honey. Just don’t get too sure of yourself or you could wind up in a sticky situation around boundaries. With the sun in Cancer on the 21st, you might be feeling that issues involving home, security and all the things you love come up for you. There is a little bit of a sting this month as your ruler Mars goes retrograde on the 26th of the month. So the time to initiate and get things done will be the first three weeks of June.  You’ll be more introverted as June closes and your loved ones may take notice. Assure them that you are only reflecting on the next step you plan to take and you’ll be back to your busy bee self very soon with wings up!


Uranus is getting more comfortable in your sign. You are feeling the love of this grand trine and feeling comradery with a group of people. You feel creative, inventive and filled with passion and inspiration. Lots of things are happening now with your ruler, Venus. Things are expanding and you are feeling very intuitive. You could manifest great abundance, especially during the first week of June. Unexpected expansion and adventure will show up and you may feel like communicating on a deeper level. BEElieving in yourself and keeping your wings up will make things even more fun, showing your unique ideas more clearly. You have been wondering about building things in your life and now it is time. There is excitement around the corner. More will be revealed next month. You will feel buzzed up and have more ideas than all the bees in one hive. Take the ideass that speak to you the most and focus on one at a time. Confidence will expand throughout this month and make you want to share your wild and imaginative side.  The full moon brings thoughts of adventure and hanging out with mystics. Go for the things that bring you joy. You won’t regret it!


What does one do when they naturally have wings? FLY! First Love Yourself. Mercury, your ruler, is in your sign and trines Mars. It is the time for an awfully big adventure!  Your confidence will be outstanding and your words will be plenty. Be sure you take the time to be thoughtful and kind with all you have to say.  Remember, others can be super sensitive at this time and their lives are not all dripped in gorgeous honey gold like yours is currently. You’ve got some great changes coming in your career and livelihood. The current period gives you power and choices that you’ll really love. The Sun is conjunct Mercury on the 6th and this is a spectacular time for flying boldly forward–so keep your wings up! The new moon is just what you’ve been waiting for to tap into your own magic. It’s also your birthday month, so make a wish! Oh, and honey, please share the amazing gifts that come your way. Then they can multiply and we all don’t have to swarm you with jealousy. When Mercury trines Neptune it will give you an extra intuitive boost (as if you need to rise any higher!) Mars will retrograde on the 26th and you may look back and see that there is some lovely nectar you wish you had not overlooked. You’ll be able to bring it all forward now!


This is an extraordinary month for you to shift things in a way that will make you much happier. You’ll have lots of inspiration at the beginning of this month with the grand water trine. It shows up with Venus in your sign, so you’ll feel a lot of compassion and love for yourself and the ones you love.  Venus opposes Pluto, so you might find yourself in a power struggle with someone. Simply take the high road or tell them to buzz off. You don’t need to waste your time or attention on this matter. Your intuition will be strong this month and serendipitous occurrences can happen in a flash. Mercury is going into your sign on the 12th making communication so much easier. You have a lot to say and I see musical notes flying off of your words. The new moon will open up your senses in an extraordinary way. There is a message form the universe. Look for the signs. It could be a reading, a dream, a billboard, whatever it is, you’ll know it when you see it or feel it. The sun enters your sign on the 21st. There is kismet happening for you throughout the entire month. When the sun enters your sign, it’s a big OMPPHH for your self-esteem and you’ll be pleased. Don’t forget to smell the flowers and share the skies, while you explore with wings up!


Groups of people will be highlighted and your intuition will be off the charts this month, but only if you are taking the time to listen–especially around the relationships in your hive. This water trine makes things a lot more fluid for you. You are opening up now, despite your usual need to keep things close to your magnificent mane and not showing your furry, soft underbelly. The sun is conjunct Mercury, so you’ll be the leader of the pack or the star in the swarm. Look out for mood swings and don’t take yourself too seriously.  The new moon will bring something serendipitous with the public or a new social colony that will surprise you in a very endearing way. Venus, the planet of love, goes into your sign on the 13th. This will make you feel so much compassion, love and even sensuality that others will be drawn to your special elixir! Remember to not roar, but soar through any confusion when things are not clear. It’s only a tiny blip on the radar screen. Relationships will be a big theme this month. You might be the King of the Jungle, Leo, but the Queen Bee makes the hive thrive! Stay in touch with your softer feminine side and watch your wings rise!


Sometimes you get a little stuck in your hive, but in June you’ll find yourself expanding in social situations. Lots of fun can be had being a busy party bee.  Also, your career and reputation will be highlighted in June. Mercury, your ruler, trines Mars on the 1st bringing confidence around your career and making things move! You are expanding your heart and your emotions. You will surprise yourself about how open you feel. It’s a great time to be out and about. It will be up to you to make sure you get “out there”, so you can fraternize with the folks that are waiting to be found. You might need to take a breather around the 7th. At that time, there will be blurred lines and confusion. This will pass almost as quickly as it presented itself, so hang tight. Endings and beginnings come with your career, so if one honey jar closes, another will magically appear. You will definitely be feeling a swarm of enthusiasm this month. Just make sure that you’ve got your feet planted in reality and on the summer grass. With wings up would be even better! You have some new opportunities showing up, so don’t get hung up on the details, but enjoy the joy of dreaming of the possibilities.


Venus, your ruler, is trine Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. This makes way for more security and potential, so keep your busy bee intuitive abilities open. You will be buzzing and vibrating at such a high frequency that you might feel like you’ll never come down. There could be someone who will be determined to destroy your flight plan, but they don’t have that much power, so don’t give them a second thought. There is a focus on your career and getting clear on the details, so bring out the resume. Edit, revise and you will revive something in a new way. Saturn can be a buzz kill, making things serious and methodical. Stay focused! It won’t last very long and you’ll be glad you took care of all those pesky little details.  When it comes to money and career, this is your month to soar! There will be a reward, so keep going! Mercury enters Leo on the 29th and you are indeed the Queen Bee! You will enjoy your doting and loyal subjects. After all, they are there to serve you! Keep your wings up and try not to swallow a feather while been hand fed plum olives. People adore you! I suggest you adore them back. Life is cyclical you know!


Free spirits fly and it’s your time to spread those wings! You’ve risen and there is nothing to hide from anymore, not in June anyway. There is a whole garden of unique treasures to be discovered and your soul will thank you for it. You are feeling more positive and the travel bug will be pulling at you. It’s time to taste the nectar the world is offering you. Simply use a little caution and you’ll find you’ve got the perfect co-pilot for a new adventure. The new moon brings you to a new level of experience and Venus brings love and passion to your work and livelihood. Your reputation is looking good, so long as you are willing to play a bit of detective to find that perfect “magic” formula. Commitments take a serious turn around the full moon in Capricorn. This will lead you to where you are heading and where you’d like to end up. You have a wonderful aspect with Neptune showing you how to make a creative dream into a reality.  Stretch your boundaries and stretch your comfort zone. With a new perspective, you’ll be pleased to see where your wings can take you.


You may be feeling overwhelmed by the emotion of love. It could become all-consuming. It may be love for a friend, or a relationship, or a sudden revelation of your own worthiness and self-love. Whatever this is will take you by storm. Deep feelings will arise within your heart and may feel overwhelming. Breathe. This will pass! Attractions and magnetism are a part of this month and things could feel pretty intense. Just like the volcanoes in Hawaii, things are rising up. It is okay to feel them, process them and allow them to be honored. Relationships and power struggles may also present themselves. Do you want to be right, or do you want to be at peace? Only you can answer that question. A relationship could end or brand new love could come into your life. There will be an “Upgrade” in the vibration of your relationships. Lots of things are coming up to the surface. Treasure is there to be found, including your self-power, so make sure to sift through to find the juicy bits. They are there! Mercury trines Jupiter, and Jupiter is your friend for the entire month. Put your intentions out in the world. Make a dream journal and visualize what you really want. This is the time to manifest. You’ll see things in others, too. Being very clairvoyant and magical now, things will show up around your intuition and instincts.  People are drawn to your power and chutzpah. This is the time to step into your immense strength. The full moon brings up security and money, so be practical if there is something that shows up now. Being serious isn’t going to hurt you. It could get you heading into a new direction that you’ll love with wings up!


You will feel a lot of harmony by connecting with others this month. Partnerships, intimacy and social circles are all highlighted. You may need to boost up the boundaries in your honeycomb so that some people don’t take advantage or your good nature. Neptune is making things a bit fuzzy, so be really clear on what you want out of a relationship–and what you don’t! You’ve been climbing that cliff to inner knowing so determinedly! I’ve got some good news for you. Your transformation is nearly complete. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible. Be the BEE and realize that no matter what you’ve been through, your hoofs are tired and you are allowed to take a break. Start believing in miracles, stop and smell the flowers, rest awhile and appreciate how far you’ve come!  The full moon in your sign is intense and brings emotions and greater awareness. Open up to the transformation. Don’t look back! You are on a new flight plan with wings up!


Mars is in your sign. Va va va voom! You are buzzing and full of passion, so what are you going to do with it? Health and fitness will be on the forefront. Make sure you are not following a new health kick that doesn’t serve you. You’ve got special needs, and one-size-fits-all is definitely not for YOU! You have a lot of charisma and charm. Your vibration is buzzing high in June. The new moon brings a brand new cycle in relationships of all kinds. That vibration will have you soaring even higher than you can imagine! Venus on the 13th brings social circles and you’ll be all a-buzz with new ideas that some may find simply brilliant! Mars goes retrograde in your sign on the 26th so you’ll have to re-evaluate a few things, but these will ease up in August. Don’t be your own buzz kill! Hold tight to your vision. Remember, this is a great time to heal things from the past–including yourself, with wings up!


This is a wonderful month for you! It’s time to express your happiness and joy because things are brightening up big time. It’s not all rainbows and roses, but you are feeling a new direction on its way and are much more optimistic. There are many opportunities for love and pleasure to arrive. You will be open to new things coming in. Waiting on the sidelines is no longer an option for you. It will be easy to communicate with family and friends now, so it’s okay to set a boundary or tell someone to buzz off– they can handle it. The uplifting air of Gemini is helping your wings to rise and you will feel a lot more creative and expressive. The new moon gives you the fresh start you need, and you can be your very own Queen BEE. Fly free, knowing that you’ve got everything you need to make your dreams come true in their own good time. The full moon may make you feel a bit of pause, but it truly is time to enjoy the sunshine and do things on your own terms. You don’t need to show up for everyone else. You need to show up for yourself with wings up! 

The World is on Fire.

My tribute to the goddess Pele and her glorious ability to ruin herself to recreate herself

The world is on fire. Literally. Some say she is crying, others say she is bleeding. I personally believe she is rising! Giving birth is messy, but out of great destruction and ruin can come tremendous things, including regeneration. Trust me, I know. I’ve had my own resurrection of sorts and no, I’m not being dramatic! In my case it was either surrender, transform or die. I chose to surrender and from those ashes, I rose with a new pair of wings (and life).

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz words about “divine feminine” and “the end of the patriarchal society”. Well it’s here. It has arrived and mother Gaia is making a gorgeous display of what a tremendous force to be reckoned with she is. If you read my Life on the Edge scopes for May, I talked a lot about a “whole lotta shakin going on” and that includes our dearly beloved Mother Earth. For the last five years I have spent at least 15 minutes every day “earthing”. I stand on Mother Earth—rain, shine, blizzard—you name it. Why? Because when I didn’t, I literally had too much anxiety. I could also feel things that don’t belong to me taking up room in my precious spiritual space and that doesn’t’ work for me anymore. I’m a peace girl and I’m definitely an inner peace girl. I’ll always be a light warrior and I’ll fight for the light for as long as it takes.


Mother Earth is my go-to gal and Hawaii holds a very special place in my heart as well.  It is where I spent precious moments of my life with my mama who, just like Pele, was/is another tremendous goddess. My mama was fighting for survival. She battled breast cancer for nearly a decade on a beautiful mountain in Pukalani, Maui, just below the Haleakala crater.  My mother had a New Age bookstore called MIRACLES there. I ventured into the unfamiliar territory of Hawaii with wide-eyed trepidation. Hawaii is also where, nearly 25 years ago, I learned the Ho’oponopono Prayer. Truth be told, I never understood the magnitude or power behind that kind of love until after I lost my mother and my aunts to cancer. My tribe. It holds a very special space in my heart. What is happening to Hawaii today  is effecting us all and most certainly kicking up all our mama and divine goddess issues in one form or another.  I mean no disrespect, nor do I take it lightly, that there are people who are horribly affected by the volcanos and earthquakes right now. But I am a seer and a fighter. I always have been. Thank god, or I wouldn’t be here! I spent most of my adult life fighting the fact that I was a seer (or hiding it) and I’m done now. I know what I know. I can feel it in my bones and I’m okay with you not agreeing with me.  I’m so okay with you not agreeing with me, but I hope maybe I’ll get you thinking about what I’ve said. Maybe you knew me before all that shit happened to me. If so, then you’ll know I’ve got nothing to gain by being sincere, vulnerable, or a “weirdo”. Maybe I have a lot to lose, but I will NEVER lose myself again, nor the strength of the goddesses that I carry inside of me.

When I go outside to “ground and earth”, it is to make myself feel safe, secure, sane and remember from whence I came. I remember that I had a mama who rocked me in her arms and loved me.  I come from a gorgeous tribe of goddesses who rose up and birthed a new beginning for me, and so many more, who march forward in the knowing that the divine feminine is here. And guess what. She resides within you and all of the gorgeous goddesses you are carrying inside of you, too, and none of them will be denied. Your lineage, your ancestors, they are all rooting for you to rise up and heal thousands of years and thousands of generations. To recall, rebirth and re-member your divine feminine self.

I have a Mother in Earth named Gaia who loves me and cradles me, as well as goddess Pele and all the other goddesses for that matter. It’s their time to shine. When I was very sick, I couldn’t’ move a lot and I learned to create in a new way while I awaited another lifesaving surgery. I birthed Pele from clay because she resonated with me so very much. I knew I needed to rise and I knew I needed some “Let’s set the world on fire” mojo energy.  I tried to capture her essence for birth and resurrection in that piece I sculpted. I don’t claim it to be an exceptional piece of art. I didn’t’ make it for anyone but myself. It is actually a gift that I share it with you. Why do I say that? Because she (or I) will be judged. It is our human nature to do so, but I’d rather my love for her and what she represents be witnessed. Remember, I am a seer.

So what do I know in my bones?  I know that what I’ve learned I must now unlearn. I know that I must peel, reveal and heal and that I must do it again and again. I know that I’ve been lied to, and so have you. I know every tear that I shed not only helps heal me, it helps heal the world!  I know that there is something much better coming and I know that shaking things up is actually going to make things softer, kinder and more compassionate in the future. You might wonder, “How long?” I don’t know, but I do know that like anything with our history, things take time.

SO, if you feel shaken up at your core, there is a reason. Your root chakra is being shaken and your “go-to” things that used to work aren’t working anymore.  (Vodka, cheese, shopping, workaholic—whatever your go to may be) That’s because we are all growing, expanding and yes, ultimately surrendering to what will work, because clearly as a human collective, we simply can’t remain doing what we’ve done and survive. Not on Earth anyway. She has her own karma too, you know!  As I wrote in the beginning, all of this chaos is about clearing away the old with a mighty force and birthing a new collective consciousness. And it is fiery, messy, glorious and inevitable.  It is also juicy, passionate and breathtaking, so remember to try to enjoy the ride. The best thing you can do is surrender. I know how scary that sounds. I did it with a 54.6 pound tumor and my entire life turned upside down. So when I tell you I understand fear and surrender, I do, because I had to. I had to surrender! Surrender and trust that all is working out as it should, for the good of all concerned. This isn’t about divine feminine taking over the planet and dominating male energy, this is about finding the magical balance of both as a whole.  We’ve never had that in our lifetimes and we are lucky if we catch glimpses of it now. Remember, we are still “baking”. We haven’t even gotten into shaping things yet. Be patient.

So, how can you balance? What can you do to adjust your fear and feel more stable? Find some good spiritual guidance (I’d be honored if you chose me, but there is the perfect someone for everyone) and find a supportive community of likeminded souls. If you have read this far, you were supposed to! In addition to that, try this:

Love Mother Earth UP and do everything you can to appreciate her in whatever way that means to you. Send her love through the trees.

I wrote this last week in my blog, but it is so important that I’m going to say it again.

Put your toes in the grass and let Mother Earth do the rest. As you do, gently say, “Thank you Mother Earth for allowing me to release the things that no longer serve me.” You’ll be amazed how much anxiety and unwanted baggage you’ll rid yourself of. This works especially well if you do it every day! *Bonus: If you can, stand near or lean against a giant tree. Then say the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Prayer – “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” It may feel funny at first, but you can fake it till you make it!

 While planting your feet on gorgeous mama Gaia, stand toward the morning sun if you can and spread your arms open wide. Say, “I am open and receptive to all the love, compassion, gifts and opportunities the universe has to offer me. Thank you!” If you don’t make a space to allow the wonderful things the universe has to offer you, where are they going to live?

Stand on Mother Earth.

Stand for Mother Earth.

Embrace her as she always lovingly embraces you.

Rise up to meet her as she rises.

Mahalo Elizabeth


With summer on the horizon, the days are getting warmer and lasting longer. We all long to savor them! It’s time to make more space in our space and consciously make an extra effort to enjoy these moments and lighten up! Lighten up our minds, hearts, bodies and souls. Things are entirely too serious and intense right now in the “real world”, but we truly do have some control of what we will allow and not allow into our personal space.  It’s time to lighten up! Here are some tips on how to spread your wings and create your own magnificent air stream of dreams!



Put your toes in the grass and let Mother Earth do the rest. As you do, gently say, “Thank you Mother Earth for allowing me to release the things that no longer serve me.” You’ll be amazed how much anxiety and unwanted baggage you’ll rid yourself of. This works especially well if you do it every day! *Bonus: If you can, stand near or lean against a giant tree. Then say the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Prayer – “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” It may feel funny at first, but you can fake it till you make it!


While planting your feet on gorgeous mama Gaia, stand toward the morning sun if you can and spread your arms open wide. Say, “I am open and receptive to all the love, compassion, gifts and opportunities the universe has to offer me. Thank you!” If you don’t make a space to allow the wonderful things the universe has to offer you, where are they going to live?


Keep fresh cut fruit (especially lemons) handy. Your body needs the foods that are in season for a reason and this will keep you extra hydrated. A juicy mind, body, heart and soul creates a loving space for desires to grow. It also quenches out toxins, including unwanted weeds (aka toxic Velcro gremlins. Yep, that one that just popped into your mind!)


Be the voyeur in your own voyage and PLAY! Find a magnifying glass and an ant hole or maybe a secret garden. Run under the sprinklers and eat watermelon in your bathing suit. Create a sand castle or go on an adventure, even if the adventure is in a really good mystery novel in your own back yard.


Laugh at yourself as often as possible! Dump any preconceived expectations you have of yourself. No matter where you’ve come from, you have never lived this summer before. You have no idea what amazing things might happen, nor what the summer has in store for you if you believe in magic. Expect the best and dump the rest. Abracadabra!

Get Dirty! Grow something(s) and eat it. You’ll never taste anything better! (See the recipes at the end. Perfect to keep you cool and revived this summer!)


Learn how to say NO. No is a sentence. You are not being selfish, you are being self-full. Make sure you tend your garden first. After that, you can take of anyone else you allow to be a blade of grass in your field of dreams.

Shed some tears. It’s okay to feel what you feel when you feel it. Just don’t swim in it until you get all prune-y.

Give yourself permission to do NOTHING. Turn your phone off. (Okay, mute it.) Feel the wind on your face and listen to the breeze. It has a special message for you!

Find a patch of earth. Lay on your back and gaze up at the stars. Remind yourself that you have your own light, shining from within, that no-one can ever dim!

Rise and Shine and consider taking the time to come to my Wings Up Meet Up the first Sunday of every month. Register here This is one of the best hours you can spend, creating more space in your space and feeding your soul!

The being that you are becoming will cost you people, relationships and many other things… choose YOU yes, fabYOUlous YOU, over everything! If you need a goal this summer, let it be this: That by the time fall arrives, you’ve been kissed by the sun, hugged by the earth, sung to by the birds, loved yourself up and have been illuminated by the moon and the stars! You’ll find yourself rested, revived and ready to dive into a new adventure this fall, even more vibrant and alive.

Pretty soon, people will start noticing that you are simply glowing and lighting up from the inside out. Of this I have no doubt. And here’s the best part….By the time that rolls around, the only person measuring your self-worth, will be Awesome Flawsome You!

Try one (or all!) of the yummy recipes below, given to me by my guest this week on “Angel With an Edge” radio show, Robert Underwood.

Robert Underwood is an L.Ac Licensed Acupuncturist and Clinical Herbalist. All of the recipes can be made in advance and enjoyed throughout the week!


Savory Congee Recipe

Congee is a traditional healing rice porridge used in Chinese Medicine. Learn how to quickly and easily make it in your Instant Pot Pressure cooker! You can play around with the ingredients to suit your tastes – this is just one combination I really enjoy.


  • 1 TB lard or fat of choice
  • 3 ribs celery, sliced thin
  • 1 small turnip, peeled and diced
  • 2-3 radishes, diced
  • 1 large shallot or small onion, diced

NOTE – the goal here is to have about 2 cups of aromatics – you can also simply use 1 small onion and a few cloves of garlic, or a mirepoix (mix of onion, celery, carrot). I had a lot of radishes and turnips over the winter, so that is why I used this recipe.

  • 1 pound of ground chicken or ground pork. May also use shredded cooked chicken or pork.
  • 6-10 cups homemade bone broth – any variety (I prefer chicken)
  • 1/2 to 1 TB coarse unrefined salt (if your broth is salted, use less)
  • 1 to 1-1/2 cups short grain rice, rinsed until water is clear
  • 1-2 TB grated fresh ginger
  • 2-4 cups shredded cabbage (SAVE THIS until the very end)
  • green onions to garnish
  • optional: fish sauce and/or coconut aminos to taste

For the broth – yes, that is a wide range for the broth! Use less for a thick, rich congee and more for a watery, soupy dish. I personally prefer a ratio of about 8 cups water to 1 and 1/2 cups rice.

For the meat – I have tried browning the meat in a separate pan, then adding it to the rice; browning the meat in the Instant Pot insert and then adding the rice and cooking; and adding the raw meat and letting it cook with the rice. They all taste basically the same to me, and just putting the raw meat in with the uncooked rice is by far the easiest method, so that’s what I normally do.


  1. Begin by rinsing your rice until the water runs clear.
  2. Press the saute button on the Instant Pot and then the “more” button. Melt the fat in the pot and add the aromatics. Cook about 3 min, until soft and fragrant. Turn off the Instant Pot.
  3. Add the ground chicken or pork, salt, ginger, and the rinsed rice and stir to combine with the aromatics. Pour in broth.
  4. Attach the lid, close the vent, and press the “porridge” button on the Instant Pot. It will take about 1 hour for it to pressurize, cook, and depressurize.
  5. Stir the cooked congee and break up any large chunks of meat that cooked together. Stir in the shredded cabbage – it will wilt down and cook enough from the residual heat in the pot. Serve with a garnish of green onion slices and a splash of coconut aminos and/or fish sauce to taste.
  6. Keeps well in the fridge for up to 5 days. Reheat in a 350F oven or in a pot on the stovetop.

Prep Time: 00 hrs. 10 mins.

Cook time: 00 hrs. 20 mins. (in reality about 60 for pressurization/depressurization)

Total time: 70 mins.

Kale BLT Salad (Bon Apetit)


  • ½ preserved lemon, chopped
  • ⅓ cup crème fraîche
  • ⅓ cup mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 12 ounces slab bacon, sliced ¾ inch thick
  • 8 cups chopped Tuscan kale
  • 1 pint grape tomatoes, halved


  Process preserved lemon, crème fraîche, mayonnaise, and vinegar in a food processor until smooth; season dressing with salt and pepper. Cover and chill until ready to use.

  Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high and cook bacon, turning halfway through, until brown and crisp, 8–10 minutes per side. Transfer to paper towels and let cool slightly. Slice crosswise to yield 12 pieces.

  Toss kale and dressing in a large bowl until coated; let sit 5 minutes.

  Add tomatoes and gently toss to coat. Divide salad among plates and top each with 3 pieces of bacon.

Robert Underwood, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist & Clinical Herbalist

Specializing in Family Medicine, Men’s Health and Pediatrics


Shake it UP Baby! – May Life on the Edge Scopes

Shake it up baby – twist and shout…. that’s the theme for May and I do mean shaken, not stirred! Some will be shaking in their boots, some might be shaking and baking and some may be shaken to their core, but trust me one thing May won’t be is a snoring bore!

This month is a GAME CHANGER for everyone.

On one hand, you may feel you are standing on a plateau waiting, looking back over the past, not quite certain of the future. On the other hand, you’re trying to feel sure-footed on solid ground while taking a look into the abyss. Are you going to leap? Leaps of faith are never easy and we’re all in for a bit of bumpy ride this month! Many things will show up unexpectedly. Power struggles could occur, feathers will get ruffled and voices will not be muffled! The dust will settle nicely (eventually) if you avoid the resentment or expectation that things should be going a different way. Go with the flow and glide with your wings up. Resistance is exhausting and futile.  Hold onto your inner poise and strength. Grounding and earthing will be beneficial to everyone and getting back in touch with nature will help you feel more centered and certain of your abilities to handle all the changes headed your way.  Many of these unexpected opportunities will very positive and exciting. Collectively, we are well on our way to a brand new cycle.  Flexibility, cooperation, compassion for others and of self will be the best way to proceed forward at this time.

Join us for our monthly online Wings Up Meet Up  Sunday May 6th we rise and shine and take the time to make ourselves SELF-FULL and set our intentions for the month ahead its a great way to get on an empowered flight plan! (You can come in your PJ’s)


There are all kinds of ways to get shaken up, or to shake things up, so what kind of self-respecting Gemini rising would I be if I didn’t digress into a rambling rant about…what else? What’s shakin!

Shake down, Shake it off, Shake up, all Shook up like Elvis, a fair Shake, a mover and Shaker, Shaking like a leaf and….

You’re probably shaking your head right now, so let’s shake on it and I’ll give this a rest. I’d rather feather my nest with my wings up and head off to my garden.

You can shake a stick at May or in this case you can hope this Shtick don’t stick. Either way, we’re in the thick of it all month long. It will be exciting, sometimes earth shattering and earth shaking and unexpected occurrences and serendipitous happenings will show up for everyone.

So in parting, I will say that May will be a month to remember, and there will be a whole lot a shaking going on!

The Cosmos:

May 6th: Sun in Taurus, sextile Neptune in Pisces making everyone feel things on a very personal level. Be careful of fantasies, illusions or things not being as they appear. Also, be open to something inspiring! Big inspirations may feel as if they “come out of the blue”, but they are truly divinely directed!

May 7th: Mercury in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn. This is a touchy time for everyone, bringing up issues behind the scenes and things not being as they seem. There could be confusion around your resources, money or your self-esteem. You could be sent back to ponder an enigma…and that could be a good thing!

On May 15th the planet Uranus changes his sign after 8 years in Aries and enters Taurus. Many of us will become very familiar with our principles and will really know what we want. On the same day, Mars enters Aquarius, making us think out of the box and expressing ourselves in original and unique ways, so much so that you may surprise yourself. This dynamic combo will add a lot more OOMPH to all our lives on a very personal level.

May 29th: Full moon in Sagittarius is a great day (and night) for a spiritual experience, a psychic download or a moon ritual.  For the more pragmatic, it is important to see the big picture before setting goals. The full moon has the ideals of open-minded thinking, philosophy, metaphysics and wonder.

May 29th: Mercury enters Gemini: Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, so this planet feels like a breath of fresh air for your wings and your lungs. You’ll find it much easier to communicate.  Better ways to communicate will also be found.

Extraordinary things are happening in May. Uranus, the planet of the unpredictable, is changing signs. This only happens about once every seven years! It will bring unexpected surprises, genius ideas, lightbulb moments and a sense of excitement for just about everyone.


In May, everything changes and your new wings are ready to take flight!

Dearest Aries, help is on the way! You’ve get everything you need to start a new foundation.  Uranus has been in your sign for 7 years. You may have had a master transformation and bizarre, unpredictable things have probably been happening, too. Looking back, it might be hard to believe how much you’ve been through, even though you lived it.  There is something lovely coming in around your career and finances. Manifesting and visualizing will work well for you this month. There are lots of social themes throughout this month. You might be feeling competitive at work, which only makes you happier. Just don’t get your horns in a head lock with a co-worker or partner! The full moon brings lots of interesting conversations and you’ll be enthusiastic, needing to share your new ideas. You’ll be ready for an adventure. You will feel a big boost of passion this month. You are ready for the opportunities that are coming your way now, with Wings Up!


May brings Life changing shifts and exciting times are ahead!

Happy Birthday Taurus! Everything is changing. Strange and peculiar situations are shaking you up and urging you to show your unique self. Keep your wits about you, especially around groups of people. Some folks may be trying to push your limits. The sun is in your sign and you’ll be feeling confident and definitely open to opportunities. There are a lot of emotions going on, as well as messages from the wisdom of your own soul, so be still and listen up. Mercury is heading into your sign and you’ll have the gift of gab. Your words could be very persuasive and work in your favor. A new moon in your sign on the 15th will be making your feel adventurous. There could be a sign showing you the way things are opening up for you now, so stay present and pay attention. You’re passionate about your work and likely to stretch your boundaries.  For those single Taurus’, an expected charmer or romantic prospect could show up and you’ll be happier for it. If you’re involved, you will find your partner may be quite endearing to you. The full moon on the 29th could take you to some deep connections, especially with yourself. You might find you are your own superhero, facing demons and releasing fears by shining your own brave heart upon them with Wings Up!


May brings Revelations and Messages. Think Steve Winwood and just sing “Roll with It Baby”

Happy birthday dearest Gemini! Psychic dreams and serendipities are showing up for you this month, showing you compassion and getting you in touch with your softer, more empathetic side. You’ll know when you are being told the truth and when you are listening to a bunch of bunk. You might stumble upon a secret that will please you. There could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing around your work or social scene, so be aware of your surroundings. Uranus is changing signs, bringing about unpredictable happenings and out-of-the-box genius ideas.  There is magic to be had, but don’t throw caution to the wind or give in to unhealthy temptations. Stay grounded and present. The new moon is bringing in new energy and that is exactly what you need to be inspired to create something really exciting in your social circle.  The sun heads into Gemini on May 21st and you’ll be in your element. You are well charged and eager to try new things and may even catch the travel bug. The full moon on the 29th could be auspicious and bring a lovely tête-à-tête. You’ll have a revelation about your partnership or meet someone you find charming.   Mercury enters your sign on the 30th and you’ll have the gift of gab. Just make sure you are treating yourself like the gift that you are with those thoughts between your ears. Sometimes you are too darn hard on yourself! You need to be your own best friend, not your best defeater! Happy Birthday early Geminis, with Wings UP!


May brings big breakthroughs. You’re breaking free, but you’ve still got your shell and your wings while moving forward!

Big changes are in store for you this month, dear Cancer, but this also brings big breakthroughs! Opportunities are waiting for you as this month begins and throughout the entire month as well.  Power struggles with business partners or co-workers could be trying, so you’ll need to find some new techniques for balance.  You’ll be feeling more confident as the month moves forward, even though your relationships are being challenged at this time. Fear not. There is a solution. That’s where staying balanced comes in—so you can see how to tweak things in your favor.  Stay grounded. Earthing will help you tremendously and so will time spent in nature. Ditch the MP3 player and listen to the birds! This year the entire world is being shown experiences around cooperation and compassion and you are going to be presented with lots of situations that will make you evolve around this. The end of the month is a great time. Nurture yourself and you’ll feel very intuitive during this time. The full moon on the 29th will magnify your need to love your very own being with Wings Up!


May brings life changing career shifts. You’ll love that fresh air in your gorgeous mane and under you wings!

So many things to say! It’s a very exciting month, especially for your career. There is something special coming your way, so pay attention. You’re ready for change and full of enthusiasm. Just make sure you are dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s. A well thought through plan will serve you when your adventure begins. Naysayers will just be jealous of you, so don’t give them a second of your joy. You are in the spotlight this month in your career and you’ve got something really important to share. The new moon is bringing you new opportunities at work and the way you are seen in the world. It’s important to remember that arguments this month will not serve you. It’s time for you to build more harmony into your life. A charmer might show up and seem too good to be true. If that is the case, they probably are. The full moon on the 29th will bring elated feelings of joy and happiness, but if you feel blocked around those emotions, you’ll feel that intensely, too. Stay open and keep your wings up!


May brings wild adventures as a new chapter begins.

Hang on Virgo. Positive changes are here! Adventure is in the air and the more you can stay open to the opportunities showing up, the happier you will ultimately be. It’s time to expand your world as well as your boundaries and open up your heart. The new moon on the 15th is a big deal because it will push you forward into a new journey for the next several years. There is nothing to fear. Adventures will bring you new ideas and new ways of looking at things, especially yourself. Health and wellbeing has been on your mind for some time now. This is the month you will implement the things you know need to be done. There are lovely  things happening around your close relationships and family. The full moon will make you want to feather your nest, rest and stay close to the comforts of home with the ones you love.  Enjoy your little retreat and a family gathering, because after you nurture your spirit, you’ll be eager to soar onto a new work adventure with Wings Up!


May brings out your rebel side and its magical! Think David Bowie, “Rebel Rebel”

An intense time begins and it’s all about coming into your very own power and boundaries. A domestic home situation creates a standoff. After much wasting of energy and butting heads, you’ll find you are closer to agreeing than you might think. Relationships are bringing you opportunities to speak up and speak up with your truth! Time to walk your walk and the new moon brings a cycle for you to do just that. There will be no more questioning or doubting your intimate relationships. You might feel vulnerable and a bit insecure, but this is really bringing you great strength.  There are many unexpected happenings and you may feel unclear or even confused about some of them, but a lot of these surprises are really great. It is also a time of getting familiar with your sensual side and earthly pleasures. Power struggles are mostly with yourself. You are being tested to not give up or feed your fears, so stay strong and keep pushing forward. You’ve got this dear Libra! The full moon on the 29th brings a special “juicy bit” from the universe, so make sure you are looking for those signs. It will come from some sort of communication.  Wings Up!


May brings electrifying love and transformations onto new horizons!

May brings lots of moments of connecting with people and loved ones. Trysts and transformations will be intriguing, and in some cases, all consuming.  Relationships are in the forefront for you this month. If you are single, you might find someone very intriguing. If you are in a relationship, excitement and adventures could return. Your health and work will also be on your mind and you will be communicating clearly. You’ve got a brand new cycle beginning in May and your self-worth is going to get a big BOOST! Exciting experiences could be coming to you in many ways, especially since Uranus is moving into your relationships and things really get “shaken up”. This is all about transformation and surprises, so try to go with the flow. The full moon on the 29th will bring you revelations (especially during a full moon ceremony or ritual) that your wild side is ready to be explored and will no longer be ignored! You’ve got some fun coming up, with Wings Up!


May brings out your inner “Elvis” and “Eagles”. You’re “All Shook Up” with your “Life in the Fast Lane

Health and wellbeing are the focus in May, as well as your work and financial security. This sounds dull and boring dear Sag, but with Uranus changing signs, this could be way more exciting than you might imagine. Addressing some neglected issues head on (especially around practical self-care) and grabbing your life by the wings will actually bring you great transformation and freedom! Really diving into your own security, looking at what makes you feel safe and taking steps in the direction of making your life more secure are in the forefront now.  Really scrutinize the details that have been inhibiting you from moving forward and empowering yourself and your future is going to make doors open that you could not even imagine—and this is for years to come! Listen to your intuition. There are some “juicy bits” or a revelation coming in. Just know that acting too early on your hunches could make unnecessary complications. All good things come at the perfect time. There is no need to force anything, just take one step at a time. There is good luck around your finances, or maybe a gift showing up. You could have an a-ha moment about a way to make your life more financially secure, which will please you.  The full moon on the 29th is in your sign. This could be a peak experience for you that will bring serendipitous messages. This moon shines upon you with Wings Up!


May brings creativity and sensuality and a new you! Ooh la la!

An exciting and creative time is ahead of you and this will last for several years. It’s time to have more pleasure in your life and to take time to smell the roses. Many of you will have spiritual awakening this month. Unpredictable occurrences will show up, especially around your family. Romance and soulmates could show up as well. This is a new cycle and you’ll feel much more passionate around your life. You have the potential to create something extraordinary with yourself or another. Things are being shaken up to bring things to the surface that you may have neglected, like your very own heart’s desire. It’s time to create the life you want and it is wonderful! I see lovely things showing up for you. Take the road of learning to love yourself even more. The more you love yourself, the more love will show up in your life—including your love life. There is huge potential here and the more attention you can give to your own creativity, the more astounded you’ll be with yourself. And so will everyone else!  Take your life by the wings this month, enjoy your softer side and get in touch with your desires. You won’t be able to deny them anymore with wings up!


May brings epiphanies, new opportunities and a new flight plan!

Your ruler is shifting signs. This is HUGE! You are being shaken up with excitement and energy. There are many changes coming to your home environment and family and this will be a very long term cycle. Fascinating changes and unexpected occurrences. Lucky for you Aquarius, this is exactly what you understand—more than any other sign! Conversations are going to take a powerful turn with lightbulbs and epiphanies. An idea could come out of thin air that could change everything. The new moon only magnifies the messages and signs that are coming in from the cosmos around your home and family. You will be ready to charge ahead by midmonth and things could get heated with someone you love. Don’t engage! Reel yourself in and don’t let you feathers get ruffled. The full moon on the 29th will be a great time to reflect on where you have been and where you are headed because, after this, you will not be looking back any longer. You’ve got a new flight plan! Keep taking notes all month. You’ll need them for the direction your wings are headed. Keep them up!


May brings cosmic conversations that clue you in on that which brings you joy!

Happy days are here again! You are feeling confident about your ideas and serendipitous occurrences are showing you clear road signs for the direction you are headed! New people and new journeys await you. You’ll feel more secure in your finances and much more supported. You are shaking things up about who you hang out with, who you invest your time with and who you work with. The new moon is bringing you ways to communicate new ideas and let go of past ideas that just don’t hold their weight anymore. All sorts of communication are going to change the direction of your life. Shake things off and let things go, because you’ll need room for the new, exciting and unique ideas and thoughts coming your way. You are transforming the way you are seen in the world, especially on the web and social media. You’ll love the direction your wings are taking you now. Keep dreaming and creating. The time to act is coming, but for now it’s time to imagine all the potentials and possibilities. The full moon on the 29th brings you a message around your career. Be still, allow, listen and receive with Wings Up!

Elizabeth Lindsay is a clairvoyant spiritual light-warrior and counselor at Elizabeth is a creative soul whose life journey and passion has evolved into helping others empower themselves. Elizabeth has the innate ability to tune in and tap into your spirit guides and energy to offer clear concise answers and tools that give you a fresh perspective as well as raise your vibration. Elizabeth’s goal is to always help you get unstuck, move forward and leave her company feeling confident in the knowing that you are honoring yourself and your soul’s growth.  Be it a need for clearing a vibrational blockage, a quick answer, or an in-depth dive into the realms of possibilities she will help guide you into your personal power and strength.


Ready, Set, Go!

This is it the BIG week I’ve been talking about on my radio show and in my Life on the Edge scopes, so heads up! Here comes that new moon on the 16th. As I went over on this past Sunday in our WUMU, the intensity is so strong this entire week! This new moon is conjunct with unpredictable and thrilling and surprising Uranus and something extraordinary, unexpected and intense is happening on this day. Everyone will be feeling more impulsive on the 16th. (Including politicians with big egos, so send a lot of love and light their way and hold the intention they come from a place of peace and harmony) On a personal note, look out for something exciting and transforming in your life because it will be fiery, passionate and intense. Chiron is changing signs. It has spent a long time urging us to trust our intuition and learn about our wounds and now we can move forward with revelations, spontaneity and even light bulb moments about a past wound that will take you deeper into yourself to heal things with love! (think about how you are treating the people you dearly love in your life and bestow some of it on yourself and Mother Earth) Saturn and Pluto are going retrograde, so we will reflect on the past and how things have impacted our journey. Big things will happen on the 18th. By the 20th, the sun will be in Taurus and we will feel more grounded and ready to enjoy a good tasty and satisfying meal. Keep your heart open. Come from a place of love and remember that your vibration makes a difference regardless of outside circumstances. Be the light warrior you came here to be. The time to hide is over. You are TOO BRIGHT and LIGHT to NOT stand out anymore, so you are not fooling anyone except perhaps yourself!

I wrote this before the bombing in Syria and had a premonition dream about the bombing on Thursday night and all the pieces of the puzzle came together last night. I do believe we can and always should hold the space of love, peace and harmony and that is what I am doing for you and the world with wings up!

Mahalo – Elizabeth : )

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It’s hard to wear a halo that no one can see


Have you been feeling a little more emotional and out of sorts since that Full Moon in Libra the last day of March?


I have!

It was a doozy.

NOW is the perfect time for an energetic boost and you’ll leave our flock feeling enthusiastic and full of promise! Having the knowledge of what lays ahead the week of the 13th is one of the best ways you can empower yourself. It is one of the most exciting and challenging times in 2018 but there are golden opportunities for those in the know!

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Mahalo with Wings Up

Elizabeth : )


Elizabeth Lindsay is a clairvoyant spiritual light-warrior and counselor at Elizabeth is a creative soul whose life journey and passion has evolved into helping others empower themselves. Elizabeth has the innate ability to tune in and tap into your spirit guides and energy to offer clear concise answers and tools that give you a fresh perspective as well as raise your vibration. Elizabeth’s goal is to always help you get unstuck, move forward and leave her company feeling confident in the knowing that you are honoring yourself and your soul’s growth.  Be it a need for clearing a vibrational blockage, a quick answer, or an in-depth dive into the realms of possibilities she will help guide you into your personal power and strength.


Life on the Edge Scopes April

Rabbit Rabbit Wings Up!

Trying to describe the energies of April is like trying to describe the wind on your face. As soon as you know how it feels and which direction it is coming from, it changes. Balance will be a big theme for everyone this month. Things are definitely stirring and swirling beneath our feet and between our ears, awakening transformation while whispering to us from within our newly discovered desires. Finding balance serves you by bringing stability and patience, as well as laying down practical foundations for the deep inner metamorphosis happening to us as a collective consciousness. We all need guidance and assistance in helping to find new lands for the seeds of our desires, as we plant them in the hinterland of our own hearts.

The Cosmos:

A really BIG Week:  April 13th thru 19th

Big Transits and big placements are occurring in the cosmos this week and things are expanding BIG TIME! Even words like Transformation and metamorphosis can’t convey the magnitude of the events that are jam packed into seven days!  Mars may feel like its knocking the wind out of your wings and overwhelming your senses. On the 15th Mercury is moving forward, which could make communication and traveling a challenge. Venus and Jupiter in opposition will make it difficult to make clear decisions and choices. On the 16th Chiron, the wounded healer, says goodbye to Pisces and begins a whole new cycle with Aries. If you have Aries placements, be careful while the planets are adjusting and proceed with caution. By the 17th of April all the overwhelming changes will feel less confusing, more settled and easier to handle. Structures and boundaries will also come into play. Be sure you have “dotted your i’s and crossed your T’s”. On the 18th, the Sun conjuncts Uranus, bringing light bulb moments in a split second. These feel like electrical currents and could ignite your passion. They are coming in quick and fast, so have a post it or stylus handy for creative ideas! Come the 19th, the Red Sea will have ceased parting. Calmness prevails as the sun enters Taurus and we will all feel a little more grounded.

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

― Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg

More magical stuff :

April 15th: Mercury goes direct in Aries. Movement and decisions to move forward feel like a breath of fresh air—just don’t move to quickly in the air stream lest you be like the haphazard wisps of the dandelion. Make sure you’ve got some definitive direction in your wings!

April 16th:  A new moon arrives in Aries, creating great energy for initiating anything new and a desire to be more independent.

April 24th: Venus enters Gemini, bringing strong intellectual interests and hobbies. It’s a great time to enjoy communicating with people, face to face, by phone and even social media!

April 30th: A full moon in Scorpio will bring an awareness of some your deepest desires and many of you will be on a quest to find a way to fulfill them. Coming from a space of “I am aware that I don’t know anything” will put you in a position of power.  Now that you’ve discovered some new dreams, allow the universe to decide how they will arrive and serve you best.

During 2018 keep this in mind: The universal year in numerology is a two year which is all about diplomacy, and co-operation and compassion for self and others. Kindness goes a long way. With all of the changes and excitement from the previous year, now is the time to restore your body, mind and spirit. In fact 2018 is a master universal year of 11, so intuition and balance will be big themes! In Business – talk things over and work together for a useful cause. In Marriage or intimate relationships – find interesting groups and communities you can share together. Children – teach courtesy, good manners and compassion. In-laws – exercise patience. In all relationships – keep the peace.

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“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”
― Oscar Wilde

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Happy Birthday dearest Aries! You’ll feel a strong desire for change and transformation and this change is long overdue! You’ve got natural will power up the wazoo and nothing is going to stop you! You’ll be in the limelight this month so take the time to share your unique ideas. People will be drawn to you and feel warm and affectionate towards you. You could also feel a surge of artistic creativity!  Relationships will expand and you will want to be out and about. You are feeling very social and expansive. Your charm will also be attracting new admirers and you can feel that change is in the air. Get ready for exploration and adventure. Remember, love is always right around the corner. You needn’t travel far unless you want to with Wings Up!


Happy Birthday, April Taureans! There are a few moments where you can take your bow and grab the spotlight this month! Clarity and empathy from others seem to resume and finances look more abundant, too. You’re on the road to self-development and some higher-ups behind the scenes will be taking notice.  Nobody is more loyal to finish what they have started than you, dear Taurus and you are dedicated to getting the job done. Whatever you are creating now, in the early part of April, will create opportunities later this month. Dreams become reality if you remain in reality. After the new moon, you’ll feel much clearer on how all of this will unfold, so keep to your vision. Your loved ones always appreciate your loving guidance and this will benefit you greatly in April.  Those “higher-ups” are admiring your professional skills and what you have to offer, so show them what you’ve got with Wings Up!


Friendship, community and favorite causes and projects are highlighted this month and you can look forward to a sparkly and eventful social life, too. You are popular and have accolades coming to you. Higher-ups are noticing that you are successfully achieving goals at work. Opportunities to fulfill a few dreams are coming as a new chapter is beginning. All month, powerful creative urges will be bubbling up to the surface Mustering up some courage to pursue or start a dream is going to serve you well.  Some may see you as selfish right now. I see you as being self-full!  However, with Mercury (your ruler) not cooperative until after the 12th, you may have to wait a few days before you really believe it can happen. Hold fast to the dream and vision. You’ll be away from those pesky delays and glitches in a blink of the eye!
As the month closes, you might surprise yourself by being a little more private and elusive, and even find yourself spending time contemplating rather than being your usual social butterfly self! Focusing on interior dreams and mediation will serve you well. Being cooperative and compassionate with others—even with those who get their feathers ruffled and may not be behaving their best—will only illuminate your endearing kindness. Just stay in your lane. Enjoy the view with Wings Up!


You had better find time to relax and be easy on yourself. Its time!  If you do, you’ll find some truly pleasurable social events before you with friends and community that will bring lovely, warm and incredible opportunities you hadn’t seen coming. When Mercury goes direct after the 12th, confusion, misunderstandings and career blocks dissolve. You may look back and say to yourself, “Did all that right up to this moment actually happen the way I thought I remembered it?“ All of a sudden people are going to “get you” and you’ll be shaking your head thinking, “This is what I was saying all along!”
It is a time when repressed feelings and instincts and past-their-sell-by date situations get poured down the sink. Let the bad milk go!  It’s okay to realize that you’ve learned your lessons and are ready to pack your bags and head off on a new journey. Your shell is your home and will roam with you wherever you go!  Progress is being made in domestic situations, even if you have to bring the mountain to Mohammed! You’re emotionally strong, and feel a sense of power in your career activities and in your public life. Mid-month, you could enjoy meeting those you share important interests with – or a social event will please you. Find an exercise or spiritual practice that boosts your feelings of being centered and grounded and you’ll thrive with Wings Up!


It’s time to spread your wings, Leo! The beginning of the month is powerful for expanding your horizons. Speaking of horizons, I see far off ones calling you like Sirens to the sea. Tempting you and calling you to a new adventure which you are more than willing to take advantage of now.  This journey could be spiritual, geographical or academic, and it will serve you well. Just wait until Mercury goes direct on April 12th to make sure you’ve got your inspirational passport in order and the cosmos working for you!
Your communication skills will be off the charts and you will be inspiring more than your pride! New events, people and places will arrive and you’ll be thrilled with this expansion.   You are quite familiar with your courage, confidence and your intuition. However, someone may try to undermine you. Stand your ground and remember that your roar is bigger than your bite. You don’t need righteous indignation to know that you are indeed right. Doing some grounding and earthing will serve you well, if you stay in your lane with your wings up. Remember, taking the high road means there is hardly any traffic! Wings Up, Leo!


You are done with inauthenticity and small talk Virgo and it’s about time! It’s time to nip things in the bud. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s okay to be uncomfortable in the sea of truth. Avoiding issues will only sink you further down into the abyss. If things are unearthed, you’ll know if you need to explore them or bury them again, but at least you’ve witnessed them.
I also see some sort of financial windfall or celebration for many of you. The urge for freedom is stirring within you. Go for new things with abandon and throw a little caution to the wind, dear Virgo. Your wings need the breathing room! This will create the airspace for your independence and power to truly soar. Go with the wind and do not fight or control this new adventure. You will love where you land. I see a wonderful outcome with lots of spring flowers popping through just waiting to be discovered. Important life changes are headed your way and will benefit your career and your health. Give those wings and your body a workout. You’ll need your strength in May!


Well my, my, my! It’s time to get busy, especially in your personal relationships. It is very busy in your relationship area and the people showing up are lovely, compassionate and conscious.  You will be very popular and not just for obligations, errands or loans. How refreshing! I also see some auspicious and serendipitous surprises coming your way. Dear Libra, for you spring literally means a fresh start. You’ve had some hard lessons and have been grudgingly climbing that mountain and now it’s time to find a boulder to lean on and look down at far you’ve come. The view doesn’t suck, does it? Get used to it because you’ll be here for a while with Wings Up!  April offers all Librans unusual creative opportunities. How you work your magic is unique to you. Love, self-confidence and SELF-LOVE increase for you this month. Remember, you are learning to love yourself through everything—not push yourself. You’ll have lots of opportunities to master this in April with Wings Up!


Dearest Scorpio, I see you trying to find more harmony and peace in your career and in your work environment. The new moon is a great time to ring in the new and begin a health plan or workout routine.  Certainly your eye for beauty and harmony is all-pervasive in your working life and environment, but the big boost comes after April 12th when Mercury goes direct. Then you will see things taking shape the way you’ve sculpted them in your mind with all those perfect little details. You do tend to be a perfectionist, dear Scorpio.  Love blooms in all sorts of ways the latter part of the month and you just might be the magnet that draws admiration from others. You truly do have a magnanimous side. It’s okay to reveal it. In fact, it will serve you well. Let your heart open. Breathe in the spring air and rely on your sense of humor when things feel too heavy. It’s time to unfurl your wings, rise from the deep and expand your horizons with Wings Up!


You are growing strong just like a sunflower as spring marches forward. Creative ideas and expansive opportunities will present themselves. You’ll just need a little patience until Mercury goes direct. Emotions will run high this month, so be prepared to reel yourself back in at times. Don’t make mountains out of mole hills! Always the social one at the party, you’ll be eager to be out and about with the promise of warmer, brighter and longer days. Just don’t overextend yourself with commitments. It’s time for a fresh health regime. If you are anything like this SAG, all those comfy carbs you enjoyed this winter may be weighing you down a bit. As spring progresses into full swing, you’ll be feeling lighter and healthier and ready for new adventures, so you can giddy up with Wings Up!


Change and revolution is in the air – Viva la Revolution! Dear Capricorn, you’ve been waiting to burst free and now with the arrival of spring, things are really happening! There may be some upsets with friends and relationships. You’ve changed Capricorn, and others are finally getting the message.
Change isn’t always easy, especially on loved ones that depend on your stable and serious nature. Good for you! Ruffling feathers and shaking things up may make some uncomfortable, but this all going to serve you oh so well. Soon you’ll see how necessary it is to let go of old paradigms and structures, so you can create the magnificence that you see laying before you! You want your life and surroundings to be filled with beauty and this is one dream you will not be denied. Keep climbing that hill. I see a few leaps of delight. You don’t need to always rely on your sure-footed hooves. Your wings have arrived! Wings Up!


All Aquarians have incredible insights based on a natural intuitive understanding of the big picture, thinking out of the box and their objective detachment about what they observe. All of these attributes will serve you well in April! There is some mystical wisdom coming to those of you who want to expand your spiritual wisdom. The Arts will speak to your unique soul and you will find great inspiration in all things “creative”.  There are discoveries to be made in honoring your own hearts desires. You have a metamorphosis going on that many are unable to see. Trust that the cosmic trade winds will give you everything you need to soar through any difficulties or confusion and give you and your wings the energy needed to land at the perfect destination with Wings Up!


Someone important needs to know how fabulous you are. Don’t wait for them to take notice. It’s time to be assertive and use that inner knowing so many are jealous of! You have the ability to be resourceful and wise and bend people to your will. Some would call that manipulative but I’ll call it magnificent! You’ve got a tremendous knack for being in the right place at the right time this month, and using your intuitive gifts will only magnify the amazing benefits coming your way.  I see you as Morticia Addams with one eyebrow raised. You can’t help it if everything is going your way! Just stand back, stir your spoon in your teacup and let the magic happen!  Your self-confident approach earns you good fortune this month, as long as you don’t let on that you know exactly how incredible things are for you at this particular moment in time. Keep your wings up, if only to inspire others that sometimes, really good things do happen just because you are enjoying the ride with Wings Up!

Elizabeth Lindsay is a clairvoyant spiritual light-warrior and counselor at Elizabeth is a creative soul whose life journey and passion has evolved into helping others empower themselves. Elizabeth has the innate ability to tune in and tap into your spirit guides and energy to offer clear concise answers and tools that give you a fresh perspective as well as raise your vibration. Elizabeth’s goal is to always help you get unstuck, move forward and leave her company feeling confident in the knowing that you are honoring yourself and your soul’s growth.  Be it a need for clearing a vibrational blockage, a quick answer, or an in-depth dive into the realms of possibilities she will help guide you into your personal power and strength.




Life on the Edge Scopes March

March is for Marching forward or in this case backwards with integrity and authenticity. Backwards? Wait, what? Let me explain this month is a time to reflect and reconnect with parts of ourselves we may have discarded or left behind. Embracing ourselves all parts of ourselves including our wounds and un-perfect parts with compassion from inside our own hearts. Remember, the theme for humanity throughout all of 2018 is cooperation and harmony. Mutual benefit for ALL of mankind will be required. Selfish thinking, or “me” thinking, will only leave you feeling stuck in the mud. That means being cooperative, NOT complacent.  March is for Marching Forward while remember from whence we came and striking while the iron is hot! This is an active month and there is a lot to consider in the WORLD we all live in today, as well as your personal environment–including your geographic location, partnerships and associations. Cooperating wisely and being resourceful in the way you approach stating your opinions and beliefs about bettering our universe will serve you well, as long as you are doing it from a place of love and compassion! This is an excellent month to Ground and Earth for everyone. Spring is on the way here in Colorado and witnessing some of its arrival can help you realize how connected we, as the human race on Earth school, truly are.


March 2018 brings Double Full Moons! After a rare February with no Full Moon, March gets two! Mama Moon, our Bella Luna (beautiful moon) is back big time and so are our hopes, aspirations and emotions.  This first Full Moon is known as the Worm Moon by early American Indians for the time of year when the frozen earth begins to thaw, bringing Earth Worms to the surface. Things are stirring and moving and we are preparing for Spring – Hoorah!  Jupiter and Mercury are going retrograde, so we could all get some news from the past.  The Second Full Moon comes on March 31. This is not a common event and is sometimes referred to as a Blue Moon.

Join us for our Wings Up Meet Up this Sunday, March 4th on as we rise and shine and take the time to fill our cups, so we can be Self-full – register here

The Cosmos:

*Mercury goes Retrograde on March 23rd. (Get contracts and major communications done before this date if possible, back up your hard drive and don’t resist. This is a great time to re-assess where we’ve come from.)

*First full moon is in Virgo on March 1st. (It means something needs to be ended, acknowledged or adjusted. Health, diet, daily routines and unwanted habits will all be highlighted.)

*New Moon is in Pisces on March 17th. (New Beginnings. Time for you to dust off your New Moon rituals and plant inspirational seeds. If you don’t have my Moon Guides rituals reach out to me and I’ll get them to you.)

*Second full moon is in Libra on March 31st. (Pay close attention to the way you communicate with the people who are important to you.)

“Be like the sun who fell in love with the moon and shared all his light.”
Kamand Kojouri



Your BUZZ words for March are Serendipity & Celebrate! It’s birthday time for many Aries and you are feeling that you understand your purpose in life, especially around intimate relationships. These revelations are stirring inside your soul all month. There is an urge to live your best life and to be full of vim and vigor with health and vitality, so you can reap the rewards later this month. There is a meaningful conversation coming to you this month. It comes from within yourself, so you’ll feel a huge shift if you pay attention and listen.

There are some magical things happening. Strange occurrences and dreams all have messages for you and they are each like spiritual breadcrumbs, so follow the trail! You’ve got a lot of charm this month and Venus is giving you a big boost. Secrets from the past may reward you. I’m not sure how that will work in your favor, but it feels good to me.

An unexpected opportunity to do something exciting will come. Don’t be reckless, but stay in the space of being happily eager to wing it. You’ll get a big boost in your intuitive skills. There are some good juicy bits coming to you, so make sure you don’t miss them. The full moon on the 31st brings either an ending or a beginning with a relationship. Either way, I believe you’ll be pleased with the outcome.



Your BUZZ words for this month are Collaboration & Success. Excitement and passion come in the beginning of the month. Collaborations, meetings, groups revolving around humanity and community will be powerful. It’s a great time to get things going viral in social media. Your intuition will be high.

Taurus, change is in the air and you’ll be looking back at this entire year in awe. You’ll also be spending time wondering where you are headed. Expansion and groups of people in social situations will highlight relationships as well as your expectations in relationships.

You are having issues with boundaries in relationships. Don’t let a wolf in sheep’s clothing fool you. An ex-lover could show up and I hear “The grass isn’t always greener”, capish?  The cosmos and the new moon bring new beginnings with people and community into your life, but some may be departing as well.

Say what you mean and mean what you say, because you could get caught with your hand in the cookie jar—so make sure it’s worth it. (I know you love your cookies!)  Ground yourself this month. EARTHING will make that dream a reality, so you’ll want to make sure your ideas are rock solid! Wings Up!



Your BUZZ word for March is Work. Your work mojo is back and your people will be drawn to what you do. Take big steps this month to advance your career. It’s time to strike while the iron is hot. This is an enjoyable time for being creative and passionate about what you love to do in the world. The full moon at the beginning of the month may bring up some feelings of restlessness, but the new moon on the 17th will bring in some fresh energy that will please you!

Sort out the details before your ruler Mercury goes retrograde on March 23rd. You’ll be glad you did when things feel a little more sluggish.  You will want a team to help you with your efforts and I see them showing up as long as they see you as inspiring them and not overwhelming them.

Grounding. Yes, I know you don’t want to stop chasing butterflies, but it’s time to be still just for a few moments a day so you can go out and create and play with a reboot. Focusing on your energy and moving forward will serve you well. The new moon is focusing on your career and reputation and it’s bringing you a new cycle. The full moon on the 31st should make you feel joyful and playful with Wings Up !



Your BUZZ words for March are Change and Difference. Dearest Cancer, you may be feeling more open and excited than usual, especially around things that are unfamiliar to you. People and places from other cultures will be peaking your interests. Time for some new adventures, even if it’s as simple as trying a new cuisine such as a Thai restaurant. You are looking to do things differently and that makes you a bit more adventurous than usual. I think you’ll love it.

You are on a quest to find out what will make you happy and fulfilled. Also, this should be a much gentler and kinder month for you and I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear that! You might have felt a little different with no full moon last month, so take note how you feel this month because the Bella Luna is back!  Also, the new moon is a great time for a retreat, teaching some young people what you’ve learned or diving into the great vision of the metaphysical.

There is treasure in your past and it’s worth spending some time playing detective. By exploring, you’ll be rewarded. Peace of mind will come from adventure. Even tiny little side steps venturing out of your comfort zone will make you feel a little more empowered. You are stretching yourself and that’s a good thing! The full moon on the 31st should bring a happy experience or intuitive message that will aide you in a pleasant way. Keep your Wings Up!



Your BUZZ word for the month is Adventure and lots of complexity. You may be consumed by desire, passion or emotions in your primal zone. This could feel very intense. It’s all about power and powerlessness in your relationships–who has it and who doesn’t. That becomes very clear this month.

A new cycle in your security and self-esteem will show you how to ground yourself and feel good.  Exciting things are happening! You don’t need to control them, but don’t let them sweep you away either. You are going to feel bolder and more confident. You will expand your horizons midmonth and feel more energized and ready to take on something you haven’t considered before.

You’ll feel a lot of enthusiasm this month, especially around the new moon. You’re coming into your power and really knowing just how powerful you are. It’s time to come back to your sense of pride. You’ve accomplished a huge amount lately. Take a minute to feel PROUD of yourself!

Pay attention to details, because the full moon at the end of the month brings you liberating news. I think you’ll be very pleased. Puff up the gorgeous mane and wings. It’s time to really shine!



Your BUZZ words for March are Inner Journey. Your Ruler, Mercury, is going Retrograde on March 23rd. It’s time to hone your organizational skills in the first three weeks of this month.  If you make a promise, be sure you keep it, because you want balance and harmony for everyone–including yourself. The FULL MOON is in your sign and its’ bringing you lots of energy. Whatever you hold dear is being illuminated. Go within, meditate and rest. A revelation is coming. This full moon belongs to you and brings the hidden parts of you out in the open! You only get one a year, so enjoy it.

There is a lot of focus on love, relationships and sensual desires. You could find yourself playing detective and being a little too suspicious about the people in your life.  Sniff out your own shadows, spring clean your own closets and you’ll be much stronger by the end of the month. The new moon brings new relationships. Let people go and you’ll feel the shift opening you up in a new direction.

You’ll feel creative and enthusiastic about your dreams and your desires. Let the passion feed your soul. You might feel intoxicated by your own damn amazing self! Make good use of your time. Stay focused and you’ll feel time is actually expanding not constricting. Keep your insecurities at bay. A lot of them are not worth a moment of your time. Keep your wings up!



Your BUZZ words for March are Lightening Up.  As this month begins, you’ll be feeling the energy shifting and lightening up a bit.  You are working your way towards stabilizing your finances this week and you’ll be feeling emotional peak experiences and lots of mysterious happenings the first half of this month.

Something you’ve put a lot work into will reap rewards later this year, so stay diligent and try to have as much harmony as you can in your relationships. An opportunity to make money from the past comes mid-month and you’ll be pleased with it.  The new moon on the 17th brings new beginnings and fresh starts around your health and vitality. Consider a new exercise program so you don’t get bored.

Unexpected situations or things that happen out of the blue will bring positive events if you keep your heart open.  And then the month ends on a lovely note as the full moon on the 31st is in your sign. It’s a peak experience, a climax of extraordinary proportions. Look for signs, symbols and divine intervention. Something lovely is coming to you. Keep your Wings Up!



Your BUZZ words for March are Balance & Opportunity. At the beginning of the month you’ll have a huge wave of creativity, passion and happiness, but by the end of the moth things are more serious. You are implementing real tools for your wellbeing and physical health.

Love is in the air. It’s coming to your neighborhood and it could be someone in particular or just an overall feeling of things blossoming and expanding! Stretch your horizons. Push yourself into new territories and you’ll surprise yourself. There are lots of reasons for you to be happier with your surroundings.

Details rear their ugly heads. Work, health and security (mid-month) and things you thought might have passed you by, may return.  Things are changing and you might get a big light bulb moment in your creativity. GROUND and EARTH so that when Mercury goes retrograde on the 23rd you won’t feel like you’re going backwards with it.

Something unexpected is coming in at month’s end. The full moon is highlighting your intuitive gifts. Listen for the messages and make sure you remember to stand on Mother Earth for a few minutes every day so you can stop your mind and get into your body with Wings Up!



Your BUZZ word for March is Magic. I see a deep soul healing that comes through ancestors, family or a mysterious and/or unique coincidence around spirit. Don’t be alarmed, just go with the flow. The cosmos will bring you an important light bulb moment around your career and a surge of intuition that shows you a green light in the direction where you need to go.

Communication will be liberating and eye opening. You are feeling lots of warm fuzzies for the people you love and feel close to, be it family or dear friends. There is also a lot of compassion for your loved ones. You may find yourself feeling very forgiving of others, and this too is healing.

A creative peak is coming to you. Whatever you enjoy, you are feeling it big time so seize the moment! Jupiter will retrograde and will have a big impact on you. It may bring up some issues from the past, a person with a soul connection, or something with karmic ties. Mars is in your sign, so take action and be proactive. You’ve got lots of energy for whatever comes your way.

This is an easier and happier month than you’ve had in a while, so have some fun. Children could bring you joy as well, even if they are just reminding you to play and create! Playfulness, entertainment and comedy are all bringing joy into your life, so allow yourself some good giggles! The full moon on the 31st is a good time to align yourself with like-minded people. It is giving you a revelation on your tribe or your team or who you want to work with, so however that unfolds, keep believing in the magic and use your Wings!



Your BUZZ words for March are Curiosity and Fresh Starts. March begins with work and finishing up details, but your intuition is guiding you to focus on the messages from your soul and intuition. It’s uncharted territory for you, but it’s time to go inside and listen to spirit. You can’t deny these urgings anymore.

Keep your Heart and Mind open to ideas you may have poo-pooed in the past. It’s a mystical time. Home and family will make you feel warm and connected to the things that are important to you. You will probably be feeling a lot more light-hearted and enthusiastic than you have for a while. This new energy will fuel some creative ideas and a wider perspective on life, so dive into them!

It’s time to think about your own security, the substance of things in your life and how that is unfolding for you. Things are coming in now that feel more solid and are illuminating that which just feel deep or rich enough for you anymore.

Connect with friends and family and honor this time as a turning point. You are well on your way to getting solid, grounded ideas around your career, your security and your future. If you feel like you’ve been swimming through Jello, I’m happy to report that you’ll be feeling more sure-footed (or sure-hoofed)! The full moon on March 31st brings new directions and expansion. This will make you feel more  grounded and certain moving forward, even with Wings Up!



Your BUZZ words for March are Flying High. It’s an exciting month for you! You’ve got magic coming to you this year with your career, but you’ve got to be prepared to push your own boundaries all month long to help move this along. Remember, Mercury goes retrograde on March 23rd and things can go in reverse mode. The early bird gets the worm with wings up!

Primal emotions are coming to the surface and this could feel overwhelming. It’s important to look at yourself and your own shadows. Don’t be looking outside yourself. You don’t’ want to be poking bears! There is a deep energy in the cosmos this month that brings you a revelation around your security and feeling more stable around love, finances and negotiations.

Ideas, communications and ah-ha moments will be fast and steady until Mercury goes retrograde, so dive deep before that happens to make sure you’re filling your cup to the brim. There is an opportunity from the past with your career. You have a connection that might help push you forward, so stay open to possibilities.

You are building firm foundations. Earthing and Grounding will serve you well and will help you build concrete realities. There are chances for miscommunications and misunderstandings, so again, staying grounded will keep you focused and certain. So keep grounding and keep your wings up!



Your BUZZ words for March are Love and Celebrations. It’s birthday time for many of you, so celebrations and self-pampering are in order. This is a great month for you and full of your extraordinary energy. Conversations could be life changing. Your voice will come across very strongly. If you’ve got something to say, SAY IT and you will impact many.

Venus is in your sign. You are a love magnet and you will be on everyone’s IT list! You are feeling very assertive and you’ve got a ton of great harmony coming into your personal relationships. People will be listening to you and your words will carry special meaning. I see musical notes. Your words will sound musical to those who are planting their beach chairs near your ocean.

 Grounding and Earthing will be key to keeping yourself from feeling overwhelmed, because you’ll feel excited about the changes that are coming. The new moon in your sign this month this is a great time for a spiritual exfoliation. Get rid of the dead weight and slough off the dull skin. You are so ready for a new beginning. Hit the reset button. Get a new hairstyle, outfit or even a new career!  And with the new moon in your sign, it will feel like a NEW you and a NEW year. Pay attention to your inner stirrings and don’t deny yourself the indulgences that are coming your way with Wings Up!


Love On The Edge Scopes February 2018

There are a few things about February that make this a magical and mystical month as well as a month to dive deep into our inner knowing. Shed some things so we can rise with a new sense of gumption and fresh perspective.

A rare occurrence, which only happens about four times in a century, is happening this month. We have no full moon at all! That hasn’t happened since 1999!!  Now some astrologers will tell you that doesn’t mean a thing, but since I’m NOT an astrologer, I am just going to share some of my inner wisdom around this with you: It will serve you well to take a look back at February 1999. That is the last time we had no full moon in a month as well. I don’t know about you personally, but for many this was a very significant turning point in people’s lives—including mine! That was a seriously profound year. It is hugely significant that the focus right now is on shedding and letting go of things.

Where oh where has our beautiful full moon gone? She’s vanished from the sky, making things appear a little darker and bringing us a huge opportunity for full throttle growth. There will be a lot of hard work in between our days and nights, while those who are brave enough choose to dive deep into what truly matters. The moon, especially the full moon, is our mother and our MAMA MOON affects the tides, the animals and our moods. It’s all about rebirth, grasping potential and soaring into our destiny while trusting that we have to let go! It is asking us to take a deep dive and explore just what it is we want to achieve. It also holds a promise that if we do the work to let go, and move through some of crap we don’t particularly want to look at, or avoid and not deal with, that there will be a gift at the end of it. Deal with it. Most of us will and benefits will abound!

Another significant piece of February is the energy around the two eclipses, one we just had and one we are heading towards. When we look at how they are paired together, the lunar eclipse we just had on 1/31/18 told us “No more hiding!” It’s time to speak up, express ourselves and let people know what’s up and who they are dealing with!   Then we have the partial new moon eclipse on Thursday, February 15th.  It’s a new moon on steroids and brings optimism, new actions, new attitudes, new communications and a lot of decision making for just about all of us. This eclipse also brings freedom and illumination. It is readying us to move forward once we’ve shed the old, excess baggage. Leave that behind! If you put yourself out there, the possibilities and the skies are limitless! These eclipses will affect us all and bring things to fruition in July, so remember that as you move forward with your expansion and new seeds of inspiration.

February will also have a very practical feel to it. There is work to be done and details to be attended to. The desire to get more order and security, courtesy, diplomacy, and cooperation are themes throughout all of 2018. Keeping this is in mind throughout all that you do will place a practical basis for further progress and your own good.

Love is in the air if you allow it in. February is the month of Valentines and those that show up may surprise you, including Venus, who is playing a different role for all signs this month. Even if you don’t feel the “Hallmark” commercial crap, chances are your heart strings will still be pulled! Some of you may even be feeling downright sappy and weepy!  Venus brings a lot of heart-work and a lot of answers as well. Symbolically, we are all thinking of love and compassion and, perhaps for many, passion this month. It’s all about love, so even if you don’t’ believe in that particular obligatory day, you might just find yourself sending your bestie a love note! So yes, love is in the air, but this truly is a time for learning to love yourself up a skoosh more than the months before!

Consider joining our Flight plan to flawsomeness  (awesome with flaws) on …. February 4th Meet Up on 12 Academy you can even wear your PJ’s its online and it is recorded if you are not an early bird! It’s a great way to come back to yourself with tips and tools and heart-work that guide you. As a bonus, you get a wonderful crew of like- minded support to get you back out there in the “real world” with Teflon wings and an open heart! Now that’s the best way to start off this month! Here’s your monthly vignette. Enjoy the ride and glide with wings up!


It’s all about you this month. There is a big shift for you this month and this year. You are letting go of the stuff that no longer serves you. So, ask yourself, “Are you ready to be and shine like the fabYOUlous star that you are?” I hope so because it’s time!

This month you might have an idea that is ground breaking. I literally see you as the Phoenix rising. It truly is time to move into your magic and grab it by the wings. You are a sorcerer and you’ve got magic to share with this world. You’ll be passionate about what you say this month.

Valentine’s Day brings the sun in your sign. You may get a little sign of affection via a love note or a wink or harmless flirtation that may take you by surprise (in a good way). You are feeling much stronger within yourself and anything could happen. Remember, you are in charge of your destiny. Keep your wings up!


In January, you had a profound month. Now you are ready to dive into your security and really spend some time considering the question, “What does true security really mean to you?”  I see lots of sensuality around you this month, if you are open to it.

For many of you, I see a wonderful family occasion or celebration happening that could bring you closer than you’ve felt in years. There is a desire to connect to your loved ones and you are feeling chatty, even about how you are feeling, which is rare for you.

This is a time of letting go of ideas that no longer serve you, around your security and abundance.Do you believe in your own abundance? Are there family patterns around abundance that you carry around that don’t even belong to you?

Valentine’s Day brings spontaneous confidence and makes you feel good about life. You are waking up to feeling more empathy and compassion around you–even more than usual. Your heart and your mind and your inner truth are aligned and you’re ready to share some things that you’ve kept close to yourself for some time. Keep your wings up!


Communication can literally be life transforming. Change the way you communicate and consider how you are communicating in the world.

Energizing Mars is making you feel feisty. I keep hearing “Va va voom!” I see you chomping at the bit. You are ready to charge forward,feeling great and very motivated. Don’t say something you are not sure you mean, because you might find yourself feeling a little wishy-washy right now and you could get caught in someone else’s expectation net.

You might surprise yourself with the love you feel towards your family. You might find yourself  feeling downright nurturing and wanting to communicate with loved ones in a new way. You may be surprised by the emotions that come up. Communications and family issues are the spice of life and the flight plan to intimacy. Keep your puffy heart filled! Wings up!


Home and Family will be key for you this month. Also, the underworld is calling you, seducing you into diving into a place where you always feel comfortable. Also, this will recharge you and help you build your wings for rising out of the depth, breaking free and flying with wings up into a whole new world.

Letting go and moving on is freeing you of some things that you’ve been carrying around for too long. I see a lot of healing with home and family, as well as a great deal of pleasure and passion in your life this month. You are feeling loved and honored, creative and joyful, especially around self-love. How extraordinary!

You may need to allow yourself some extra boundaries, and that is perfectly fine.  Toward the middle of the month you are feeling some confidence with your career and what you are doing for your passion around your livelihood. You have an innate ability to figure out how to make other people happy, too. It’s a lovely month to glide through with your wings up!


It’s time to face reality and do what needs to be done. There is no way to ease into that. My guides are being really rigid about this, and when they get my attention this strong, I listen!  Children and creativity will play a big part of your month.

You should also have lots of laughter around you. Some of this might even be you, laughing at the absurdity of rising from the ashes and dealing with your deepest darkest stuff! You’re moving on to even greater horizons and the way you get there might feel a bit absurd.

There is a rebirth of love and diving into discovering what truly makes you happy. It is time to let go of habits and toxic people so you can make space for joy and take better care of yourself. Eat some veggies. Be healthy. Change some patterns that support your mind, body and soul. A big, spiritual revelation might be coming your way towards the end of this month, so keep your wings up!


Good news! You’ve got a Virgo vibe all around you this month, so you’ll feel much more comfortable. Health, well-being and work will be your focus this February. Tying up or re-tweaking things around your home will bring you great satisfaction.

Feeling harmony and balance with all relationships will let you notice more love and beauty around your friends and family. It’s important that you are honest with yourself this month and use this meticulous energy as your magic. You have a way with words and explaining things this month, so the people around you will understand what you are saying—as long as you make sure they are really hearing you.

You are throwing away bad habits and coming closer to feeling in your power. There is great potential here to feel certain about something, even if it is fleeting. Yes, an oxymoron. Such is life! Valentine’s Day has you embracing all that is around you and not being critical of yourself or others. Exploring your softer side in all of your relationships will bring you some peace.


This is a really important month for you to dive into the deep end of the pool. You’ll have to submerge into yourself to find what you need to change and transform. Relationships are changing and a huge soul shift could bring an ending in a partnership, or take one to a new level.

The Universe is supporting you to support yourself in all that you do around intimate relationships. Feeling quite forceful in your primal zone, life, death, jealousy, money, power, powerlessness—it’s intoxicating but bewildering at the same time. Don’t lose yourself to love. You are confident and strong in your mojo and your personal power and feeling things quite intensely.

Try to find balance because sometimes, it’s all or nothing. When you love, you are all consumed and when you are hurt, you are hurt to your core (duh!). You can see deep into other people’s hearts and know what motivates them. Use this super power by treading lightly.

Be kinder than necessary to others and don’t poke any bears. Keep grounded, then you’ll be ready when you experience a profound revelation around committing to transforming. Big changes are in the air and you’ll need that extra oompf of discovery to keep you wings up!


Your ruler, the big giant full MOON is hiding this month and you may feel a little disconcerted and wonder just what the heck is going on. You get a reprieve from that emotional pull, but you’ll be feeling things in your primal zone that might feel a bit dark, secretive, sexy or issues around power or powerlessness.

I think it’s time to embark on embracing your fears and taking on some sort of initiation, like ripping off a band aide or diving into an extremely gold pond. Thinking out of the box and a shock (in a good way) to the system is just what you need!

In your career, an opportunity may come up to regain your confidence and your power in a new way. You are moving into a space where you are feeling much more liberated and ready to explore.

You’ve still got your pretty shell to feel comfortable in, just make sure you venture out, exploring your deep side with a spiritual reading, lighting a candle, meditation or a gong bath. You’ll be feeling excited and confident when you have a revelation.

Valentine’s Day brings good vibes and you feel some liberation around your relationships. Adventure is yours to be had and your strength will come when you discover what you value about yourself. What you do work-wise will be another revelation. You may be thrust into the spotlight and you could be climbing the ladder in the livelihood department.

Security is strengthened by the end of the month and you’ve got claws and wings and the freedom they bring!


Rebirth and expansion come to you this month. I see you soaring into destiny. Trust and know that there is something you have to let go! Expansion, travel, adventure and reconnecting to people will all come into play.

You have the power to be strong and explore what you are feeling. I think you’ll be passionate about your intimate relationships. Positive and negative, it goes both ways, just like your wings!  You are open to love and getting in touch with your emotions. I see you feeling quite frisky, actually.

Also, career needs your passion right now. You’ve got that in spades, because people are very drawn to you this month. You are magnetic! You have a magic charm, YOU! So use it! The new moon partial eclipse is about adventure, changing the way you see your boundaries and breaking out of old patterns.

It’s a very exciting time to dive into meditating and going under the surface. Something amazing will show up in March because of it, so the rewards are worth waiting for. Take time to listen before you take flight into your career, because you are wanting to make things happen with your heart and soul. This is about passion from the inside out, with wings up, of course!


The big focus is on your career and mixing and reconnecting with other people. You’ve got a magical magnifying glass, examining everything in minute detail and you will traverse the shadows. You’ve got lots of gifts this month, but they come from keeping the real in the deal with YOURSELF!

You are feeling a bit impulsive and I see many of you falling in love with your career again. I also see lots of coincidences coming your way around work and networking, communication, comradery and being around people this month.

Don’t get too set in your comfort zone this month. Let go of the routine. Push yourself to get out and dive into passions. Do something where you are reaching out to new communities. It could be life transforming for you!

Valentine’s Day brings reflections from the past. An unexpected occasion in the form of a love note might be a bit mysterious, but all in good fun.

Surrender, transformation and change around your career is in the air and you’ll love it. You’ve got a rhythm this month. You are the conductor, but remember, you still need artists and musicians to help create your perfect concoctions.  You are well on your way and many of you may have a standing ovation by the end of this month. BRAVO! It’s time to believe again. Take a breath of fresh air. You’ll have plenty to help keep your wings up!


January was about letting of behaviors and addictions and now you are well on your way to the other side. It’s a magical mystical month for you. Time to shed and go through a real rebirth. You will lay a solid foundation, depending on how active you are on your adventures and willingness to do the work  of thinking out of the box.

An unexpected or unusual gift comes to many of you this month. You are empathetic, open and romantic and, at the same time, feeling a little more emotional and not as forceful as usual. But this brings synchronicities. You’ll be examining how you communicate and may be letting go of old visions instead of hanging on to old desires that no longer serve you.

New ideas ask that you put your energy into them. It is changing the way you see yourself and your world. There is a chance of meeting someone or being reacquainted with someone, and you’ve got to go inside and decide what you truly love. There is a soulful and important message about not being reckless, but implementing being practical. (Yes I know this sounds dull) But do use the magical elements of this month to know that your ideas are relevant. Surrender things and let go of things that are not working. There are strange and magical things happening.

I keep hearing the song “Magical Mystery Tour” in my head. Use your wings and you’ll be excited wherever you land!


Early February is a reflective time for you and also a wonderful time to be in nature and release things from the past. Just let them go lightly and naturally at the beginning of the month. This should feel good to you in the long run.

As you move on into the month, you are attracting to yourself like a magnet. I see you spending some quiet time being peaceful and receptive. In doing so, you will surprising yourself. Watch things blossom as the month moves forward.

Studying something in the metaphysical realm, like your own astrology, past lives, the esoteric or an oracle and going inwards into whatever speaks to your inner knowing, will help you get in touch with yourself on a deeper level. This will bring out compassion and love for yourself and our planet in an exponential way.

It’s Birthday time! I see you really understanding your intentions and what you want to draw and magnetize to you. Allow things to come into your world in a lovely, effortless way. Surrender to the knowledge that believing it before it happens allows it to come, especially without expectations of how your desires will arrive.

Even fish need wings. Rising up out of the depths of the ocean you’ve dived into will bring revelations and gifts, so keep your wings and your fins up. You’ve got places to go and things to celebrate, too!

Happy February! Remember it’s always the right time to keep your Wings Up!









Life on the Edge Scopes and Dragon Energy

Change is in the air, especially the way we communicate. Harmonious relationships in business and human associations will depend on your willingness to share. Mutual benefits for ALL of mankind will be required and selfish thinking or “me” thinking will only leave you feeling stuck in the mud. How you work with others will be far more important than focusing on what you can get from others. It is best to often remind yourself that the most important thing you can do is keep peace in your mind and your heart. Know that delays are working in your favor. This is a year to have faith and know that if you have patience when delays bring road blocks and hold ups, the results are actually working in your favor and for the ultimate success of all.  Eventually, mutual benefit will show up for all, including you.

This is why I’ve chosen a Dragon for each and every sign to work with throughout the year.  Dragon energy is very important and helps us implement the changes our beloved Mother Earth and the human collective consciousness needs at this time. Much of this information comes from the amazing Diana Cooper, so if you find this magical Dragon stuff intriguing, I suggest you check out her work for yourself. I personally I have felt the Dragon energy strongly in the past year—so much so that in my very own Oracle Deck, I changed my Stork card to a Dragon because Dragons get shit done! It’s the only symbol I’ve ever changed.

Dragons are wise, open-hearted, etheric beings of the angelic realms that are sent here by Source to assist us. They operate on a different vibrational frequency from us, which is why most of us can’t see them, but they are very willing to connect with us if we are ready to tune in to their wavelength. Dragons really love this planet and everyone on it. They are pouring into Earth now to help us with the transition to the new Golden Age.

Dragons can physically clear lower energies around us and travel with us at night if we go through the astral realms.  Right now, the planet Earth and every being on her have to ascend from the third to the fifth dimension. This process began in 2012 and will near completion in 2032.  This is because we are rapidly moving from a selfish, self-centered society to one where everyone co-operates and works for the highest good. We humans need as much assistance and support as we can get! It is no mistake that this universal year in numerology is also a “2 year”, which is all about diplomacy and co-operation. In fact, 2018 is a master universal year of 11, so intuition and balance will be big themes! Dragons are making a huge impact for the better on the consciousness of the people on this planet and of course, I doubly love them because of their extraordinarily gorgeous wings!

Are you ready to embrace your inner wonkiness and flaunt your fabyoulous flawsomeness? If you said yes then it’s the perfect time to join our Wings Up Meet Up this Sunday:

During 2018 keep this in mind:

In Business – talk things over and work together for a useful cause

In Marriage – find interesting groups and communities you can share together

Children – teach courtesy, good manners and compassion

In-laws – exercise patience

In all relationships – keep the peace

And remember to call on your personal Dragon when you are looking for assistance in keeping your wings up!

Life on the Edge Horoscopes for each sign here:

Aries (March 21-April 19) The Blue Dragon of Pleides the Pleides is the star cluster of healing and this dragon prepares you to accept Source healing and comes to you this New Year to offer you healing by lighting up a blue rose in each of your chakras. It has 33 petals, for 33 is the vibration of the Christ Light. Relax, invite it to touch you and accept any energy it brings you. The incredible seventh-dimensional blue dragons from the Pleides hold the rose in their hearts and radiate Source healing. They whirl around us, pouring this blue heart healing into us as soon as they see we are ready. They activate and light up our 12 chakras, preparing our energy fields for the angels to connect with us. Even then they remain with us so that we can easily hold the healing vibration of the blue rose and pass it on to others.

Alternatively, it may have sought you to suggest you give a beautiful blue healing under the Law of Grace to others. If you wish to do this, tell it that you are ready and it will activate a huge energetic blue rose in your heart so you can direct Source healing to a person or situation.

Special guidance message Aries: Accept a heart activation. Give and receive heart healing.


Taurus (April 20-May 20) The Lilac Fire Dragon transmutes through the power of divine love and comes to you on this New Year to offer you incredible light. It asks you to breathe in divine love and sense its presence enveloping you. This will enable you to let go of the old easily, calmly and graciously. Notice particularly how you feel when this dragon touches you and sense the purity of the love it radiates.

Ask this dragon to remain with you to anchor the glorious light and take you into a new and illuminated way of being. When you do this, the love radiating from your heart will become purer and more beautiful. People will sense this and respond with trust, respect and gratitude. Consciously work with this beautiful dragon and notice the difference it makes to your life and the quality of love around you.

Special guidance message Taurus: Open up to transcendent love and enlightenment. Purity of heart brings peace, hope and joy.


Gemini (May 21-June 20) The Red, Black and Gold Dragon protects you in times of change comes to you on this New Year to indicate that you are ready to change a situation, circumstances or relationship, or are already doing so. This is challenging for you and the universe is reminding you that you have earned the right to receive support and assistance.

Your guidance is to ask an army of dragons to clear the energies around you and protect you as you make this transformation. Then relax, knowing you are safe, guided and supported. The dragons will ensure you make the changes in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned. These very hard working warrior dragons consume dense energies very rapidly and thoroughly, and they come to you with dedication, love and wisdom, so accept graciously what they have to offer you. This is also a call to service. You are asked to send these dragons to places and situations that need their protection at this time.

Special guidance message Gemini: A time of rapid transition and transformation. Relax. You are safe


Cancer (June 21-July 22)t The Gold and Silver Violet flame Dragon transmutes the old around you with wisdom and grace and comes to you on this New Year to suggest it is time to let go of an aspect of your life that is no longer serving you. Ask this dragon to clear the thought of it totally from your energy fields. Sense or feel the dragon etherically burning up the old. Then ask them to replace it with new and joyful possibilities that come to you at a higher frequency.

When you connect with these dragons, you have a wonderful opportunity for service work. You can also send them under the Law of Grace to any person or place that needs transformation. Remember you will also be working with St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel, who will illuminate you. So take a few moments not wo direct these dragons to heal people, places, situations and the world.

Special guidance message Cancer: It’s time for transmutation, magic and healing. Offer service under grace.


Leo (July 23-August 22) Archangel Gabriel’s Dragon brings purification and comes to you this New Year with the expectation that you will indeed work with Archangel Gabriel’s diamond white dragon, using self-examination and self-discipline to accelerate you ascension. The dragons can the illuminate you internally with happiness, clarity and higher expectation. You will become a shining beacon and will automatically radiate light that shows others the way. You will have earned the right to be a walking master.

You will carry your fields the glorious light of Archangel Gabriel’s Cosmic Diamond, which is a life-transforming ascension tool. The diamond-white dragons will swirl and dance around you, ensuring that the glittering,, shimmering Cosmic Diamond stays securely in place over your energy fields. It will protect your aura and fill you with joy, purity and bliss. This is a very auspicious dragon lucky you!

Special guidance message Leo: Self-discipline will speed ascension and bring joy. You can carry Archangels Gabriel’s diamond.


Virgo (August 23-September 22) The Silver Dragon Illuminates your potential with higher light and comes to you this New Year containing keys and codes of your gifts, talents, wisdom and powers. Much of this is locked away and unused. Receiving this dragon suggests that it is time for some of this potential to be ignited and brought forward into your life. You are ready to reveal yourself and be who you truly can be.

Sit quietly and see or sense the shimmering silver dragon who has come to you. Allow it to reflect back to you the hidden aspects of your soul and your higher possibilities. This may or may not be a conscious process, but will spire you to express your essence and transform your life.

Be ready to develop your gifts or qualities that the dragon draws to your attention. You may surprise yourself!

Special guidance message Virgo: Access untapped resources. Look into your soul. See higher possibilities.


Libra (September 23-October 22) The Magenta Dragon enables you to bring forward your soul wisdom and comes to you this New Year as a sign of accelerated ascension. This dragon is here to remind you that you are an illuminated soul carrying much wisdom. It is helping you to dissolve any remaining veils of illusion and preparing you to become an enlightened one. It has come to you now to remind you that all is love, for we are all One. It is time to see all things with the wise inner eyes of truth. Treat everyone as if they were you.

Your guidance is to sit quietly with your magenta dragon and allow the door to your vast soul memories to open. When you reveal to yourself who you truly are, you will help bri. g forward the new Golden Age.

Special guidance message Libra: Awaken your soul memoires and higher spiritual understanding. Prepare for accelerated ascension.


Scorpio (October 23-November 21) The Deep Blue Dragon keeps you safe by clearing your pathway and comes to you this New Year suggesting that you call on the deep blue dragons to protect you or your loved ones. Visualize a protecting army of deep blue dragons gliding in front of you wherever you walk or drive. Let them precede you into your home or office. Ask them to dive into the ground below your house to consume all lower energies. Ask them to keep an area of 1000 feet around you totally clear. Relax and trust this is happening.

Because the deep blue dragons are transmuting the lower emotions of those in your vicinity, you are no longer moving through the dense energies of other people. Notice how much lighter and happier to you may feel.

You can serve the planet by asking deep blue dragons and Archangel Michael to dive under your shopping mall, schools, big buildings or anywhere you feel they are needed to consume dense vibrations.

Special guidance message Scorpio: Trust that you are protected. Walk in a path of light with Wings Up!


Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) The Earth and Air Dragon represents a perfect balance of Heaven and Earth and comes to you this New Year to tell you this is a time to clarify your hopes and intentions. Ask the brown and blue earth and air dragons to illuminate your visions. Then ask them to help you take all the action necessary to bring those visions into physical reality. This will re-energize your life.

These dragons also offer you assistance in rising above your challenges while remaining grounded in the beautiful vibration of Earth. They enable you to find the perfect balance so that your life can truly flow with grace and ease. So call on them now and ask them to help you understand the purpose of your life lessons and you see the highest good in all people and situations. As you see the lessons presented to you on your ascension pathway from a new perspective, your life will be filled with joy and purpose.

Let the earth and air dragons breathe their life-force into each of your 12 chakras and bring you into balance and harmony. Relax and do this and you will have a new sense of calm and equilibrium as you walk your divine path.

Special guidance message Saggittarius: Stay balanced. Ground your visions. Manifest your hopes and dreams.


Capricorn (December 22-January 19) The Air Dragon helps you rise above earthly matters comes to you this New Year suggesting you take things lightly, so choosing this card indicates you should relax and look at part of your life from a higher perspective. This dragon also inspires you to communicate honestly but lovingly in a way that calms and soothes everyone around you and promotes good outcomes. Honest communication will bring pure white light itno your aura, and when this happens, everybody will trust and respect you.

Blue Air Dragons are supporting you as you rise above your challenges. They will help you to say the most tactful or inspirational words and assist you to stand in your power with integrity. Breathe blue and white light into your heart center, and as an air dragon appears in front of you, breathe the light over it. In this way, you are energizing and motivating it so that it will always be connected to you.

It is time to decide on your next step, so be clear about what you really want. Your air dragon will accompany you as you fly towards your chosen destiny.

Special guidance message Capricorn: Communicating honestly brings inspiration and hope. See life from a higher perspective.


Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) A Royal Blue and Gold Dragon strengthens you to stand in your power with wisdom and comes to you on this New Year lighting up the gifts and talents you carry in your aura. It is breathing courage, support and dignity into you so that you can wear your cloak of power and widom with pride. Most important of all, it si awakening you to who you truly are. It is enabling you to radiate your special light.

This dragon is always with you. It holds your Sword of Truth so Archangel Michael can enable you to speak and act with truth and honor at all times. It roars at those who try to diminish you and befriends those who empower you. You have all the support you need to teach divine majesty by example with your Wings Up!

Special guidance message Aquarius: Awaken to your own majesty. Wear you cloak of power with pride!


Pisces (February 19 to March The Earth and Water Dragon creates the foundation for new growth and comes to you this New Year to tell you this is a great time to CREATE. If you are planting a tree, you place its roots into the soil and make sure it has a good foundation. Then you activate its growth with water. In due course, you harvest the fruit. The more effort you put into providing the perfect conditions for the tree, the better the crop.

Having this dragon suggests it’s time to start a new phase of your life. Fresh opportunities may be presenting themselves to you, so be ready to nurture your ideas or visions that come to you. The earth and water dragons will enable you to know intuitively what is right for you and to harness your creativity. They will help you to generate the right conditions to succeed. They will motivate you to put in the necessary work, for this is an important step, and then you can harvest your abundance.

Most importantly, they will help you to take things lightly. So listen to your inner wisdom. The time for action is now, with Wings Up!

Special Guidance message Pisces: A fresh start is coming, with new opportunities. Nurture your ideas and harvest the abundance.


Elizabeth Lindsay is a clairvoyant spiritual light-warrior and counselor at Elizabeth is a creative soul whose life journey and passion has evolved into helping others empower themselves. Elizabeth has the innate ability to tune in and tap into your spirit guides and energy to offer clear concise answers and tools that give you a fresh perspective as well as raise your vibration. Elizabeth’s goal is to always help you get unstuck, move forward and leave her company feeling confident in the knowing that you are honoring yourself and your soul’s growth.  Be it a need for clearing a vibrational blockage, a quick answer, or an in-depth dive into the realms of possibilities she will help guide you into your personal power and strength






A Bellybutton-less Woman Is Born

I wasn’t going to do another gift piece/blog for this year, but I am announcing that I will be a quiet voice for most of December and I will be off the radar.  You might catch a glimpse of me; however I could be incognito because frankly, after the past three years, I barely recognize myself! But when spirit moves me to write I listen!!!

I’m not going to sugarcoat it….my last three birthdays really sucked and were pretty rough for me.

December 2014, I was growing a giant tumor (unbeknownst to me). I was misdiagnosed and also had pneumonia, so I spent my birthday in bed. In February, I had an emergency lifesaving surgery that no-one could promise I would walk away from. I then had months of complications.   

December 2015, I went on a journey, left my husband and my home. I had no idea if we would get to the other side, which thankfully, we did.

December 2016, I had a second surgery due to complications from my first surgery. This surgery was much harder than I ever imagined! Much harder than the first one on both my body and my heart.

And in between all that, I lost almost everything. My world was turned upside down and I was completely transformed from the inside out—mind, body, spirit and soul.

Can you say “ENOUGH!?!?!?!”

Listen—I’m a tough cookie. I’m a native New Yorker. I have kicked shit to the curb my whole life. I was always the girl who could get shit done, until I was literally done!

This December 19th is my “new” birthday and my new life! I’m officially claiming myself reborn. Not like a born again Christian, although I did meet Jesus, but I’ll save that for another time. I literally lost my bellybutton. I do not have one anymore. It had to be removed so that I could survive and live and eventually thrive. When people discover this they exclaim half-jokingly, “What’s a bellybutton for except to collect lint?” I usually laugh and let it go, but my soul knows. It is not something I often share because most people don’t have the depth for my answer. 

A bellybutton is one of the most intimate and important body parts a human soul can have.  Think about it. An umbilical cord is something we are ALL born with and when they cut it, we all carry the scar with us until the day we die. (Most of us that is) We may not think much about our bellybutton, because it’s always been there, just like our flesh suit. It grew up with us. A bellybutton is a reminder that someone indeed gave us life. They sacrificed their own life to carry us and feed us and breathe for us until we were ready to be born.  They were willing to be broken wide open so that we could arrive on this earth naked and vulnerable and unable to survive without love and nurturing. I can assure you, it feels quite disarming to have it erased. Especially when the person who birthed you has left the world they birthed you into.

I already lost my rock, my mom and two of my aunts. I thought that was my big “transformation” and a dark night of the soul (It was), but little did I know that is just where the journey began. I had to learn to live in a world without her in it and this Christmas will be 10 years since she passed. There is something about an entire decade and living through all of this without her on the planet that makes this year particular bittersweet. She is always with me, lovingly pushing me to “breathe and do the brave thing”, just in another way.

Because of these incredible years, I have literally been reborn into myself. By losing my bellybutton, I ultimately got an entirely new life. I’ll take that trade any day because, if there were any other way to have gotten here, I would have done it. This was my path and I am truly proud of the way I have walked it. I did gain my inner knowing and strength and my empowerment and that can never be taken from me. I have literally been reborn to myself. That, I can tell you.

Birthing is messy and ugly and all-consuming, but the reason for birth is to give life.

I was literally cracked open twice and it was out of sheer will, tenacity and determination that I am here.  

This year, I’m taking December off. I knew I was doing too much and pushing myself too hard. I committed to doing a fair with my jewelry—something I have not done in nearly two years. My jewelry was once a great love and now, that love has died. I did the fair because I loved the people and the space. When I make a promise, I keep it, but every cell in my body screamed no and so did my heart. So much so that I got sick fighting off a cold and then I threw my back out. The Universe physically made me stop!

I looked up and said, “I was about to take time off in December. I am listening!” And Spirit replied, “Not soon enough!”  So now that I am able to bend and sit without wincing, I am typing this up at the end of November to share with all of you on my “new” birthday! I’m grateful to the modern world of time release e-mail blasts! I now know, after nearly two years, that jewelry is not a passion for me anymore. I now know to listen more quickly to Spirit than I used to—even though I don’t listen quick enough. My grandmother Rich use to say, “Listen Quick!” which actually isn’t physically possible, but it seems to make sense here, so there you go. You’re welcome!

So I say NO.

I say NO a lot these days. So much so that I’m teaching a class about it in 2018.

I set boundaries.

THANK YOU is a prayer. “NO.”- is a sentence and you can say both with love!

I say YES to myself! I say YES to my birthday

I say YES to gifts people give me.

I say YES to myself and I do NOT kick shit to the curb anymore. You are the “It” in the Shit. Own it!

So now, when people offer me gifts, I say yes and thank you and I am truly grateful they thought of me fondly enough to want to make an effort for me.  What makes me feel most special of all is being remembered.  

So far I’ve planned a lovely month for myself. I have an amazing astrology reading from CA Brooks, an extraordinary talented psychic astrologer. I am going to a Native American Star Knowledge event with my good friend Kay Dragon on 12/12. I’m sure that my husband, who loves me for who I am, has a few things up his sleeve. I will be going to an Imax viewing of “Conquest of the Skies”, which is all about flight and wings of course. And I’m allowing the universe and my wings to guide me. I’m just beginning to plan a few tête-à-têtes with cherished friends.

You see, I know this is a precious time in my life. I’m nearly done healing (physically), thank goodness! I’ve started a new flight plan as an intuitive counselor and psychic reader—something I never really imagined for myself. I write monthly horoscopes and I am teaching a monthly class on 12Academy. And like any good teacher, I’ve also been learning and taking classes behind the scenes (all will be revealed in good time). I know that my past is dead and about as buried as it will ever be, and that includes a lot of attachments from others who wanted me to stay a certain way. That was simply not an option for me.

I imagine that by this time next year, I will be exhausted. I will have been very busy writing my book. The writing is quite cathartic and healing for me and hopefully, it will help others to find their own inner knowing, regardless of their bumpy journey. We all have one or two or three…

People don’t like to hear about you being sick, for many reasons. Some get scared that it will happen to them and don’t want to dive into the subject. Some get sick of you being sick and think you should get over it. But some stay and watch you transform. They lift you up when you can’t walk for yourself and love you at your worst. I am so grateful that I have more of the latter. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are on that list!

I have so many beautiful souls in my life and I am so grateful every day that I am healthy. None of us really know what will come in our future. We just pray, manifest and let Spirit do the rest. I don’t define things too much. I just allow them and know with a concise clear direction that I am divinely guided. In a way, after this birthday, I know a part of my life will no longer belong to me. I must share myself and my light with as many people as are willing to be guided, or listen, or just walk beside me on the journey,  learning to love ourselves through everything.

For me, and for the world I live in, there is no other option.

But for now, I plan on enjoying every receiving-allowing-indulgent-self-absorbed moment! I hope I’ll be able to love myself more and more each day, through all these extravagances!

(Sigh) Wings UP!

All my love.