Life on the Edge Scopes March / Life on the Edge Scopes March

Life on the Edge Scopes March

March is for Marching forward or in this case backwards with integrity and authenticity. Backwards? Wait, what? Let me explain this month is a time to reflect and reconnect with parts of ourselves we may have discarded or left behind. Embracing ourselves all parts of ourselves including our wounds and un-perfect parts with compassion from inside our own hearts. Remember, the theme for humanity throughout all of 2018 is cooperation and harmony. Mutual benefit for ALL of mankind will be required. Selfish thinking, or “me” thinking, will only leave you feeling stuck in the mud. That means being cooperative, NOT complacent.  March is for Marching Forward while remember from whence we came and striking while the iron is hot! This is an active month and there is a lot to consider in the WORLD we all live in today, as well as your personal environment–including your geographic location, partnerships and associations. Cooperating wisely and being resourceful in the way you approach stating your opinions and beliefs about bettering our universe will serve you well, as long as you are doing it from a place of love and compassion! This is an excellent month to Ground and Earth for everyone. Spring is on the way here in Colorado and witnessing some of its arrival can help you realize how connected we, as the human race on Earth school, truly are.


March 2018 brings Double Full Moons! After a rare February with no Full Moon, March gets two! Mama Moon, our Bella Luna (beautiful moon) is back big time and so are our hopes, aspirations and emotions.  This first Full Moon is known as the Worm Moon by early American Indians for the time of year when the frozen earth begins to thaw, bringing Earth Worms to the surface. Things are stirring and moving and we are preparing for Spring – Hoorah!  Jupiter and Mercury are going retrograde, so we could all get some news from the past.  The Second Full Moon comes on March 31. This is not a common event and is sometimes referred to as a Blue Moon.

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The Cosmos:

*Mercury goes Retrograde on March 23rd. (Get contracts and major communications done before this date if possible, back up your hard drive and don’t resist. This is a great time to re-assess where we’ve come from.)

*First full moon is in Virgo on March 1st. (It means something needs to be ended, acknowledged or adjusted. Health, diet, daily routines and unwanted habits will all be highlighted.)

*New Moon is in Pisces on March 17th. (New Beginnings. Time for you to dust off your New Moon rituals and plant inspirational seeds. If you don’t have my Moon Guides rituals reach out to me and I’ll get them to you.)

*Second full moon is in Libra on March 31st. (Pay close attention to the way you communicate with the people who are important to you.)

“Be like the sun who fell in love with the moon and shared all his light.”
Kamand Kojouri



Your BUZZ words for March are Serendipity & Celebrate! It’s birthday time for many Aries and you are feeling that you understand your purpose in life, especially around intimate relationships. These revelations are stirring inside your soul all month. There is an urge to live your best life and to be full of vim and vigor with health and vitality, so you can reap the rewards later this month. There is a meaningful conversation coming to you this month. It comes from within yourself, so you’ll feel a huge shift if you pay attention and listen.

There are some magical things happening. Strange occurrences and dreams all have messages for you and they are each like spiritual breadcrumbs, so follow the trail! You’ve got a lot of charm this month and Venus is giving you a big boost. Secrets from the past may reward you. I’m not sure how that will work in your favor, but it feels good to me.

An unexpected opportunity to do something exciting will come. Don’t be reckless, but stay in the space of being happily eager to wing it. You’ll get a big boost in your intuitive skills. There are some good juicy bits coming to you, so make sure you don’t miss them. The full moon on the 31st brings either an ending or a beginning with a relationship. Either way, I believe you’ll be pleased with the outcome.



Your BUZZ words for this month are Collaboration & Success. Excitement and passion come in the beginning of the month. Collaborations, meetings, groups revolving around humanity and community will be powerful. It’s a great time to get things going viral in social media. Your intuition will be high.

Taurus, change is in the air and you’ll be looking back at this entire year in awe. You’ll also be spending time wondering where you are headed. Expansion and groups of people in social situations will highlight relationships as well as your expectations in relationships.

You are having issues with boundaries in relationships. Don’t let a wolf in sheep’s clothing fool you. An ex-lover could show up and I hear “The grass isn’t always greener”, capish?  The cosmos and the new moon bring new beginnings with people and community into your life, but some may be departing as well.

Say what you mean and mean what you say, because you could get caught with your hand in the cookie jar—so make sure it’s worth it. (I know you love your cookies!)  Ground yourself this month. EARTHING will make that dream a reality, so you’ll want to make sure your ideas are rock solid! Wings Up!



Your BUZZ word for March is Work. Your work mojo is back and your people will be drawn to what you do. Take big steps this month to advance your career. It’s time to strike while the iron is hot. This is an enjoyable time for being creative and passionate about what you love to do in the world. The full moon at the beginning of the month may bring up some feelings of restlessness, but the new moon on the 17th will bring in some fresh energy that will please you!

Sort out the details before your ruler Mercury goes retrograde on March 23rd. You’ll be glad you did when things feel a little more sluggish.  You will want a team to help you with your efforts and I see them showing up as long as they see you as inspiring them and not overwhelming them.

Grounding. Yes, I know you don’t want to stop chasing butterflies, but it’s time to be still just for a few moments a day so you can go out and create and play with a reboot. Focusing on your energy and moving forward will serve you well. The new moon is focusing on your career and reputation and it’s bringing you a new cycle. The full moon on the 31st should make you feel joyful and playful with Wings Up !



Your BUZZ words for March are Change and Difference. Dearest Cancer, you may be feeling more open and excited than usual, especially around things that are unfamiliar to you. People and places from other cultures will be peaking your interests. Time for some new adventures, even if it’s as simple as trying a new cuisine such as a Thai restaurant. You are looking to do things differently and that makes you a bit more adventurous than usual. I think you’ll love it.

You are on a quest to find out what will make you happy and fulfilled. Also, this should be a much gentler and kinder month for you and I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear that! You might have felt a little different with no full moon last month, so take note how you feel this month because the Bella Luna is back!  Also, the new moon is a great time for a retreat, teaching some young people what you’ve learned or diving into the great vision of the metaphysical.

There is treasure in your past and it’s worth spending some time playing detective. By exploring, you’ll be rewarded. Peace of mind will come from adventure. Even tiny little side steps venturing out of your comfort zone will make you feel a little more empowered. You are stretching yourself and that’s a good thing! The full moon on the 31st should bring a happy experience or intuitive message that will aide you in a pleasant way. Keep your Wings Up!



Your BUZZ word for the month is Adventure and lots of complexity. You may be consumed by desire, passion or emotions in your primal zone. This could feel very intense. It’s all about power and powerlessness in your relationships–who has it and who doesn’t. That becomes very clear this month.

A new cycle in your security and self-esteem will show you how to ground yourself and feel good.  Exciting things are happening! You don’t need to control them, but don’t let them sweep you away either. You are going to feel bolder and more confident. You will expand your horizons midmonth and feel more energized and ready to take on something you haven’t considered before.

You’ll feel a lot of enthusiasm this month, especially around the new moon. You’re coming into your power and really knowing just how powerful you are. It’s time to come back to your sense of pride. You’ve accomplished a huge amount lately. Take a minute to feel PROUD of yourself!

Pay attention to details, because the full moon at the end of the month brings you liberating news. I think you’ll be very pleased. Puff up the gorgeous mane and wings. It’s time to really shine!



Your BUZZ words for March are Inner Journey. Your Ruler, Mercury, is going Retrograde on March 23rd. It’s time to hone your organizational skills in the first three weeks of this month.  If you make a promise, be sure you keep it, because you want balance and harmony for everyone–including yourself. The FULL MOON is in your sign and its’ bringing you lots of energy. Whatever you hold dear is being illuminated. Go within, meditate and rest. A revelation is coming. This full moon belongs to you and brings the hidden parts of you out in the open! You only get one a year, so enjoy it.

There is a lot of focus on love, relationships and sensual desires. You could find yourself playing detective and being a little too suspicious about the people in your life.  Sniff out your own shadows, spring clean your own closets and you’ll be much stronger by the end of the month. The new moon brings new relationships. Let people go and you’ll feel the shift opening you up in a new direction.

You’ll feel creative and enthusiastic about your dreams and your desires. Let the passion feed your soul. You might feel intoxicated by your own damn amazing self! Make good use of your time. Stay focused and you’ll feel time is actually expanding not constricting. Keep your insecurities at bay. A lot of them are not worth a moment of your time. Keep your wings up!



Your BUZZ words for March are Lightening Up.  As this month begins, you’ll be feeling the energy shifting and lightening up a bit.  You are working your way towards stabilizing your finances this week and you’ll be feeling emotional peak experiences and lots of mysterious happenings the first half of this month.

Something you’ve put a lot work into will reap rewards later this year, so stay diligent and try to have as much harmony as you can in your relationships. An opportunity to make money from the past comes mid-month and you’ll be pleased with it.  The new moon on the 17th brings new beginnings and fresh starts around your health and vitality. Consider a new exercise program so you don’t get bored.

Unexpected situations or things that happen out of the blue will bring positive events if you keep your heart open.  And then the month ends on a lovely note as the full moon on the 31st is in your sign. It’s a peak experience, a climax of extraordinary proportions. Look for signs, symbols and divine intervention. Something lovely is coming to you. Keep your Wings Up!



Your BUZZ words for March are Balance & Opportunity. At the beginning of the month you’ll have a huge wave of creativity, passion and happiness, but by the end of the moth things are more serious. You are implementing real tools for your wellbeing and physical health.

Love is in the air. It’s coming to your neighborhood and it could be someone in particular or just an overall feeling of things blossoming and expanding! Stretch your horizons. Push yourself into new territories and you’ll surprise yourself. There are lots of reasons for you to be happier with your surroundings.

Details rear their ugly heads. Work, health and security (mid-month) and things you thought might have passed you by, may return.  Things are changing and you might get a big light bulb moment in your creativity. GROUND and EARTH so that when Mercury goes retrograde on the 23rd you won’t feel like you’re going backwards with it.

Something unexpected is coming in at month’s end. The full moon is highlighting your intuitive gifts. Listen for the messages and make sure you remember to stand on Mother Earth for a few minutes every day so you can stop your mind and get into your body with Wings Up!



Your BUZZ word for March is Magic. I see a deep soul healing that comes through ancestors, family or a mysterious and/or unique coincidence around spirit. Don’t be alarmed, just go with the flow. The cosmos will bring you an important light bulb moment around your career and a surge of intuition that shows you a green light in the direction where you need to go.

Communication will be liberating and eye opening. You are feeling lots of warm fuzzies for the people you love and feel close to, be it family or dear friends. There is also a lot of compassion for your loved ones. You may find yourself feeling very forgiving of others, and this too is healing.

A creative peak is coming to you. Whatever you enjoy, you are feeling it big time so seize the moment! Jupiter will retrograde and will have a big impact on you. It may bring up some issues from the past, a person with a soul connection, or something with karmic ties. Mars is in your sign, so take action and be proactive. You’ve got lots of energy for whatever comes your way.

This is an easier and happier month than you’ve had in a while, so have some fun. Children could bring you joy as well, even if they are just reminding you to play and create! Playfulness, entertainment and comedy are all bringing joy into your life, so allow yourself some good giggles! The full moon on the 31st is a good time to align yourself with like-minded people. It is giving you a revelation on your tribe or your team or who you want to work with, so however that unfolds, keep believing in the magic and use your Wings!



Your BUZZ words for March are Curiosity and Fresh Starts. March begins with work and finishing up details, but your intuition is guiding you to focus on the messages from your soul and intuition. It’s uncharted territory for you, but it’s time to go inside and listen to spirit. You can’t deny these urgings anymore.

Keep your Heart and Mind open to ideas you may have poo-pooed in the past. It’s a mystical time. Home and family will make you feel warm and connected to the things that are important to you. You will probably be feeling a lot more light-hearted and enthusiastic than you have for a while. This new energy will fuel some creative ideas and a wider perspective on life, so dive into them!

It’s time to think about your own security, the substance of things in your life and how that is unfolding for you. Things are coming in now that feel more solid and are illuminating that which just feel deep or rich enough for you anymore.

Connect with friends and family and honor this time as a turning point. You are well on your way to getting solid, grounded ideas around your career, your security and your future. If you feel like you’ve been swimming through Jello, I’m happy to report that you’ll be feeling more sure-footed (or sure-hoofed)! The full moon on March 31st brings new directions and expansion. This will make you feel more  grounded and certain moving forward, even with Wings Up!



Your BUZZ words for March are Flying High. It’s an exciting month for you! You’ve got magic coming to you this year with your career, but you’ve got to be prepared to push your own boundaries all month long to help move this along. Remember, Mercury goes retrograde on March 23rd and things can go in reverse mode. The early bird gets the worm with wings up!

Primal emotions are coming to the surface and this could feel overwhelming. It’s important to look at yourself and your own shadows. Don’t be looking outside yourself. You don’t’ want to be poking bears! There is a deep energy in the cosmos this month that brings you a revelation around your security and feeling more stable around love, finances and negotiations.

Ideas, communications and ah-ha moments will be fast and steady until Mercury goes retrograde, so dive deep before that happens to make sure you’re filling your cup to the brim. There is an opportunity from the past with your career. You have a connection that might help push you forward, so stay open to possibilities.

You are building firm foundations. Earthing and Grounding will serve you well and will help you build concrete realities. There are chances for miscommunications and misunderstandings, so again, staying grounded will keep you focused and certain. So keep grounding and keep your wings up!



Your BUZZ words for March are Love and Celebrations. It’s birthday time for many of you, so celebrations and self-pampering are in order. This is a great month for you and full of your extraordinary energy. Conversations could be life changing. Your voice will come across very strongly. If you’ve got something to say, SAY IT and you will impact many.

Venus is in your sign. You are a love magnet and you will be on everyone’s IT list! You are feeling very assertive and you’ve got a ton of great harmony coming into your personal relationships. People will be listening to you and your words will carry special meaning. I see musical notes. Your words will sound musical to those who are planting their beach chairs near your ocean.

 Grounding and Earthing will be key to keeping yourself from feeling overwhelmed, because you’ll feel excited about the changes that are coming. The new moon in your sign this month this is a great time for a spiritual exfoliation. Get rid of the dead weight and slough off the dull skin. You are so ready for a new beginning. Hit the reset button. Get a new hairstyle, outfit or even a new career!  And with the new moon in your sign, it will feel like a NEW you and a NEW year. Pay attention to your inner stirrings and don’t deny yourself the indulgences that are coming your way with Wings Up!


Written by angelwanedge