How did Angel with an Edge begin?

After losing the last of her family and recently embarking on a lifesaving surgery, Elizabeth Lindsay experienced the first of many miracles that motivated her to stop putting her life on hold and waiting to be perfect. Instead, she followed her heart and created the movement Angel with an Edge. You can watch the video on the making of Angel with an Edge here.

How do I join the movement?

There are several ways you can join our army of angels…from sharing inspiration online or gifting a pin to posting on our Wall of Wings. Here’s how you can take flight!

How did Token Tags begin?

When Elizabeth’s mother “Cleves” was nearing the end of her battle with breast cancer , Elizabeth stamped out words of encouragement on silver tags in support for her Father to wear… he never took them off. That is how Token Tags were born. Everyone has a story, what’s your story?

Who’s wearing Token Tags?

Since their premier in 2007, Token Tags have already created much joy, happiness, and loving memories for many happy customers. One young lady choose a loving token for her boyfriend to wear around his neck while he was far away on military duty in Iraq. The tag represents a part of her that will always be with him no matter the distance.  Another man had all of his grandchildren’s names put on tags for his wife as a very special holiday gift.  Yet another woman had the name of a loved one who passed away put on a tag in remembrance.  There are endless ways to express yourself through Token Tags.

How are they worn?

Token Tags are the most personal of charms.  They are a modern day charm necklace that is worn close to your heart.  The Tags can also be put on a keychain. The more Tags the merrier, be careful they are conTAGious!  Token Tags are made to order for each customer, therefore no two Tags are the same.

What size are they?

They are about 1/4″ wide by 1-1/4” to 1-1/2” long depending upon the length of the chosen word. The Tags for key chains are made on a heavier sterling sheet for durability and are about 1/2″ wide and the length is determined by how many characters are stamped onto the Tag.

What font can I choose?

We offer two types of fonts. Our  “typewriter” font is more traditional and bold and our “handwritten font” is softer and more personal.

How long do I wait for my tag?

Since every Tag is hand stamped, and made with love, they truly are one-of-a-kind.  Our turn around time is two weeks however, we always try to accommodate special deadlines.

Celebrities with Tags

     Missy Franklin

     Christine Applegate

     Deborah Gibson

     Whoopi Goldberg

     Teri Hatcher

     Salma Hayek

     Felicity Huffman

     Eva Longoria

     Sandra Oh

     Vanessa Williams

     Chandra Wilson

     America Ferrara

     Katherine Heigl