The World is on Fire. / The World is on Fire.

The World is on Fire.

My tribute to the goddess Pele and her glorious ability to ruin herself to recreate herself

The world is on fire. Literally. Some say she is crying, others say she is bleeding. I personally believe she is rising! Giving birth is messy, but out of great destruction and ruin can come tremendous things, including regeneration. Trust me, I know. I’ve had my own resurrection of sorts and no, I’m not being dramatic! In my case it was either surrender, transform or die. I chose to surrender and from those ashes, I rose with a new pair of wings (and life).

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz words about “divine feminine” and “the end of the patriarchal society”. Well it’s here. It has arrived and mother Gaia is making a gorgeous display of what a tremendous force to be reckoned with she is. If you read my Life on the Edge scopes for May, I talked a lot about a “whole lotta shakin going on” and that includes our dearly beloved Mother Earth. For the last five years I have spent at least 15 minutes every day “earthing”. I stand on Mother Earth—rain, shine, blizzard—you name it. Why? Because when I didn’t, I literally had too much anxiety. I could also feel things that don’t belong to me taking up room in my precious spiritual space and that doesn’t’ work for me anymore. I’m a peace girl and I’m definitely an inner peace girl. I’ll always be a light warrior and I’ll fight for the light for as long as it takes.


Mother Earth is my go-to gal and Hawaii holds a very special place in my heart as well.  It is where I spent precious moments of my life with my mama who, just like Pele, was/is another tremendous goddess. My mama was fighting for survival. She battled breast cancer for nearly a decade on a beautiful mountain in Pukalani, Maui, just below the Haleakala crater.  My mother had a New Age bookstore called MIRACLES there. I ventured into the unfamiliar territory of Hawaii with wide-eyed trepidation. Hawaii is also where, nearly 25 years ago, I learned the Ho’oponopono Prayer. Truth be told, I never understood the magnitude or power behind that kind of love until after I lost my mother and my aunts to cancer. My tribe. It holds a very special space in my heart. What is happening to Hawaii today  is effecting us all and most certainly kicking up all our mama and divine goddess issues in one form or another.  I mean no disrespect, nor do I take it lightly, that there are people who are horribly affected by the volcanos and earthquakes right now. But I am a seer and a fighter. I always have been. Thank god, or I wouldn’t be here! I spent most of my adult life fighting the fact that I was a seer (or hiding it) and I’m done now. I know what I know. I can feel it in my bones and I’m okay with you not agreeing with me.  I’m so okay with you not agreeing with me, but I hope maybe I’ll get you thinking about what I’ve said. Maybe you knew me before all that shit happened to me. If so, then you’ll know I’ve got nothing to gain by being sincere, vulnerable, or a “weirdo”. Maybe I have a lot to lose, but I will NEVER lose myself again, nor the strength of the goddesses that I carry inside of me.

When I go outside to “ground and earth”, it is to make myself feel safe, secure, sane and remember from whence I came. I remember that I had a mama who rocked me in her arms and loved me.  I come from a gorgeous tribe of goddesses who rose up and birthed a new beginning for me, and so many more, who march forward in the knowing that the divine feminine is here. And guess what. She resides within you and all of the gorgeous goddesses you are carrying inside of you, too, and none of them will be denied. Your lineage, your ancestors, they are all rooting for you to rise up and heal thousands of years and thousands of generations. To recall, rebirth and re-member your divine feminine self.

I have a Mother in Earth named Gaia who loves me and cradles me, as well as goddess Pele and all the other goddesses for that matter. It’s their time to shine. When I was very sick, I couldn’t’ move a lot and I learned to create in a new way while I awaited another lifesaving surgery. I birthed Pele from clay because she resonated with me so very much. I knew I needed to rise and I knew I needed some “Let’s set the world on fire” mojo energy.  I tried to capture her essence for birth and resurrection in that piece I sculpted. I don’t claim it to be an exceptional piece of art. I didn’t’ make it for anyone but myself. It is actually a gift that I share it with you. Why do I say that? Because she (or I) will be judged. It is our human nature to do so, but I’d rather my love for her and what she represents be witnessed. Remember, I am a seer.

So what do I know in my bones?  I know that what I’ve learned I must now unlearn. I know that I must peel, reveal and heal and that I must do it again and again. I know that I’ve been lied to, and so have you. I know every tear that I shed not only helps heal me, it helps heal the world!  I know that there is something much better coming and I know that shaking things up is actually going to make things softer, kinder and more compassionate in the future. You might wonder, “How long?” I don’t know, but I do know that like anything with our history, things take time.

SO, if you feel shaken up at your core, there is a reason. Your root chakra is being shaken and your “go-to” things that used to work aren’t working anymore.  (Vodka, cheese, shopping, workaholic—whatever your go to may be) That’s because we are all growing, expanding and yes, ultimately surrendering to what will work, because clearly as a human collective, we simply can’t remain doing what we’ve done and survive. Not on Earth anyway. She has her own karma too, you know!  As I wrote in the beginning, all of this chaos is about clearing away the old with a mighty force and birthing a new collective consciousness. And it is fiery, messy, glorious and inevitable.  It is also juicy, passionate and breathtaking, so remember to try to enjoy the ride. The best thing you can do is surrender. I know how scary that sounds. I did it with a 54.6 pound tumor and my entire life turned upside down. So when I tell you I understand fear and surrender, I do, because I had to. I had to surrender! Surrender and trust that all is working out as it should, for the good of all concerned. This isn’t about divine feminine taking over the planet and dominating male energy, this is about finding the magical balance of both as a whole.  We’ve never had that in our lifetimes and we are lucky if we catch glimpses of it now. Remember, we are still “baking”. We haven’t even gotten into shaping things yet. Be patient.

So, how can you balance? What can you do to adjust your fear and feel more stable? Find some good spiritual guidance (I’d be honored if you chose me, but there is the perfect someone for everyone) and find a supportive community of likeminded souls. If you have read this far, you were supposed to! In addition to that, try this:

Love Mother Earth UP and do everything you can to appreciate her in whatever way that means to you. Send her love through the trees.

I wrote this last week in my blog, but it is so important that I’m going to say it again.

Put your toes in the grass and let Mother Earth do the rest. As you do, gently say, “Thank you Mother Earth for allowing me to release the things that no longer serve me.” You’ll be amazed how much anxiety and unwanted baggage you’ll rid yourself of. This works especially well if you do it every day! *Bonus: If you can, stand near or lean against a giant tree. Then say the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Prayer – “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” It may feel funny at first, but you can fake it till you make it!

 While planting your feet on gorgeous mama Gaia, stand toward the morning sun if you can and spread your arms open wide. Say, “I am open and receptive to all the love, compassion, gifts and opportunities the universe has to offer me. Thank you!” If you don’t make a space to allow the wonderful things the universe has to offer you, where are they going to live?

Stand on Mother Earth.

Stand for Mother Earth.

Embrace her as she always lovingly embraces you.

Rise up to meet her as she rises.

Mahalo Elizabeth


Written by angelwanedge


  • Helen Cline says:

    Another great read. This “feels” right. For some time now I have been saying, although not as well as you, that I feel change in the earth herself.

  • Renee says:

    Thank you Elizabeth, it sure is a good time to write about Pele and Mother Earth and I love the Pele sculpture