Shake it UP Baby! – May Life on the Edge Scopes / Shake it UP Baby! – May Life on the Edge Scopes

Shake it UP Baby! – May Life on the Edge Scopes

Shake it up baby – twist and shout…. that’s the theme for May and I do mean shaken, not stirred! Some will be shaking in their boots, some might be shaking and baking and some may be shaken to their core, but trust me one thing May won’t be is a snoring bore!

This month is a GAME CHANGER for everyone.

On one hand, you may feel you are standing on a plateau waiting, looking back over the past, not quite certain of the future. On the other hand, you’re trying to feel sure-footed on solid ground while taking a look into the abyss. Are you going to leap? Leaps of faith are never easy and we’re all in for a bit of bumpy ride this month! Many things will show up unexpectedly. Power struggles could occur, feathers will get ruffled and voices will not be muffled! The dust will settle nicely (eventually) if you avoid the resentment or expectation that things should be going a different way. Go with the flow and glide with your wings up. Resistance is exhausting and futile.  Hold onto your inner poise and strength. Grounding and earthing will be beneficial to everyone and getting back in touch with nature will help you feel more centered and certain of your abilities to handle all the changes headed your way.  Many of these unexpected opportunities will very positive and exciting. Collectively, we are well on our way to a brand new cycle.  Flexibility, cooperation, compassion for others and of self will be the best way to proceed forward at this time.

Join us for our monthly online Wings Up Meet Up  Sunday May 6th we rise and shine and take the time to make ourselves SELF-FULL and set our intentions for the month ahead its a great way to get on an empowered flight plan! (You can come in your PJ’s)


There are all kinds of ways to get shaken up, or to shake things up, so what kind of self-respecting Gemini rising would I be if I didn’t digress into a rambling rant about…what else? What’s shakin!

Shake down, Shake it off, Shake up, all Shook up like Elvis, a fair Shake, a mover and Shaker, Shaking like a leaf and….

You’re probably shaking your head right now, so let’s shake on it and I’ll give this a rest. I’d rather feather my nest with my wings up and head off to my garden.

You can shake a stick at May or in this case you can hope this Shtick don’t stick. Either way, we’re in the thick of it all month long. It will be exciting, sometimes earth shattering and earth shaking and unexpected occurrences and serendipitous happenings will show up for everyone.

So in parting, I will say that May will be a month to remember, and there will be a whole lot a shaking going on!

The Cosmos:

May 6th: Sun in Taurus, sextile Neptune in Pisces making everyone feel things on a very personal level. Be careful of fantasies, illusions or things not being as they appear. Also, be open to something inspiring! Big inspirations may feel as if they “come out of the blue”, but they are truly divinely directed!

May 7th: Mercury in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn. This is a touchy time for everyone, bringing up issues behind the scenes and things not being as they seem. There could be confusion around your resources, money or your self-esteem. You could be sent back to ponder an enigma…and that could be a good thing!

On May 15th the planet Uranus changes his sign after 8 years in Aries and enters Taurus. Many of us will become very familiar with our principles and will really know what we want. On the same day, Mars enters Aquarius, making us think out of the box and expressing ourselves in original and unique ways, so much so that you may surprise yourself. This dynamic combo will add a lot more OOMPH to all our lives on a very personal level.

May 29th: Full moon in Sagittarius is a great day (and night) for a spiritual experience, a psychic download or a moon ritual.  For the more pragmatic, it is important to see the big picture before setting goals. The full moon has the ideals of open-minded thinking, philosophy, metaphysics and wonder.

May 29th: Mercury enters Gemini: Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, so this planet feels like a breath of fresh air for your wings and your lungs. You’ll find it much easier to communicate.  Better ways to communicate will also be found.

Extraordinary things are happening in May. Uranus, the planet of the unpredictable, is changing signs. This only happens about once every seven years! It will bring unexpected surprises, genius ideas, lightbulb moments and a sense of excitement for just about everyone.


In May, everything changes and your new wings are ready to take flight!

Dearest Aries, help is on the way! You’ve get everything you need to start a new foundation.  Uranus has been in your sign for 7 years. You may have had a master transformation and bizarre, unpredictable things have probably been happening, too. Looking back, it might be hard to believe how much you’ve been through, even though you lived it.  There is something lovely coming in around your career and finances. Manifesting and visualizing will work well for you this month. There are lots of social themes throughout this month. You might be feeling competitive at work, which only makes you happier. Just don’t get your horns in a head lock with a co-worker or partner! The full moon brings lots of interesting conversations and you’ll be enthusiastic, needing to share your new ideas. You’ll be ready for an adventure. You will feel a big boost of passion this month. You are ready for the opportunities that are coming your way now, with Wings Up!


May brings Life changing shifts and exciting times are ahead!

Happy Birthday Taurus! Everything is changing. Strange and peculiar situations are shaking you up and urging you to show your unique self. Keep your wits about you, especially around groups of people. Some folks may be trying to push your limits. The sun is in your sign and you’ll be feeling confident and definitely open to opportunities. There are a lot of emotions going on, as well as messages from the wisdom of your own soul, so be still and listen up. Mercury is heading into your sign and you’ll have the gift of gab. Your words could be very persuasive and work in your favor. A new moon in your sign on the 15th will be making your feel adventurous. There could be a sign showing you the way things are opening up for you now, so stay present and pay attention. You’re passionate about your work and likely to stretch your boundaries.  For those single Taurus’, an expected charmer or romantic prospect could show up and you’ll be happier for it. If you’re involved, you will find your partner may be quite endearing to you. The full moon on the 29th could take you to some deep connections, especially with yourself. You might find you are your own superhero, facing demons and releasing fears by shining your own brave heart upon them with Wings Up!


May brings Revelations and Messages. Think Steve Winwood and just sing “Roll with It Baby”

Happy birthday dearest Gemini! Psychic dreams and serendipities are showing up for you this month, showing you compassion and getting you in touch with your softer, more empathetic side. You’ll know when you are being told the truth and when you are listening to a bunch of bunk. You might stumble upon a secret that will please you. There could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing around your work or social scene, so be aware of your surroundings. Uranus is changing signs, bringing about unpredictable happenings and out-of-the-box genius ideas.  There is magic to be had, but don’t throw caution to the wind or give in to unhealthy temptations. Stay grounded and present. The new moon is bringing in new energy and that is exactly what you need to be inspired to create something really exciting in your social circle.  The sun heads into Gemini on May 21st and you’ll be in your element. You are well charged and eager to try new things and may even catch the travel bug. The full moon on the 29th could be auspicious and bring a lovely tête-à-tête. You’ll have a revelation about your partnership or meet someone you find charming.   Mercury enters your sign on the 30th and you’ll have the gift of gab. Just make sure you are treating yourself like the gift that you are with those thoughts between your ears. Sometimes you are too darn hard on yourself! You need to be your own best friend, not your best defeater! Happy Birthday early Geminis, with Wings UP!


May brings big breakthroughs. You’re breaking free, but you’ve still got your shell and your wings while moving forward!

Big changes are in store for you this month, dear Cancer, but this also brings big breakthroughs! Opportunities are waiting for you as this month begins and throughout the entire month as well.  Power struggles with business partners or co-workers could be trying, so you’ll need to find some new techniques for balance.  You’ll be feeling more confident as the month moves forward, even though your relationships are being challenged at this time. Fear not. There is a solution. That’s where staying balanced comes in—so you can see how to tweak things in your favor.  Stay grounded. Earthing will help you tremendously and so will time spent in nature. Ditch the MP3 player and listen to the birds! This year the entire world is being shown experiences around cooperation and compassion and you are going to be presented with lots of situations that will make you evolve around this. The end of the month is a great time. Nurture yourself and you’ll feel very intuitive during this time. The full moon on the 29th will magnify your need to love your very own being with Wings Up!


May brings life changing career shifts. You’ll love that fresh air in your gorgeous mane and under you wings!

So many things to say! It’s a very exciting month, especially for your career. There is something special coming your way, so pay attention. You’re ready for change and full of enthusiasm. Just make sure you are dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s. A well thought through plan will serve you when your adventure begins. Naysayers will just be jealous of you, so don’t give them a second of your joy. You are in the spotlight this month in your career and you’ve got something really important to share. The new moon is bringing you new opportunities at work and the way you are seen in the world. It’s important to remember that arguments this month will not serve you. It’s time for you to build more harmony into your life. A charmer might show up and seem too good to be true. If that is the case, they probably are. The full moon on the 29th will bring elated feelings of joy and happiness, but if you feel blocked around those emotions, you’ll feel that intensely, too. Stay open and keep your wings up!


May brings wild adventures as a new chapter begins.

Hang on Virgo. Positive changes are here! Adventure is in the air and the more you can stay open to the opportunities showing up, the happier you will ultimately be. It’s time to expand your world as well as your boundaries and open up your heart. The new moon on the 15th is a big deal because it will push you forward into a new journey for the next several years. There is nothing to fear. Adventures will bring you new ideas and new ways of looking at things, especially yourself. Health and wellbeing has been on your mind for some time now. This is the month you will implement the things you know need to be done. There are lovely  things happening around your close relationships and family. The full moon will make you want to feather your nest, rest and stay close to the comforts of home with the ones you love.  Enjoy your little retreat and a family gathering, because after you nurture your spirit, you’ll be eager to soar onto a new work adventure with Wings Up!


May brings out your rebel side and its magical! Think David Bowie, “Rebel Rebel”

An intense time begins and it’s all about coming into your very own power and boundaries. A domestic home situation creates a standoff. After much wasting of energy and butting heads, you’ll find you are closer to agreeing than you might think. Relationships are bringing you opportunities to speak up and speak up with your truth! Time to walk your walk and the new moon brings a cycle for you to do just that. There will be no more questioning or doubting your intimate relationships. You might feel vulnerable and a bit insecure, but this is really bringing you great strength.  There are many unexpected happenings and you may feel unclear or even confused about some of them, but a lot of these surprises are really great. It is also a time of getting familiar with your sensual side and earthly pleasures. Power struggles are mostly with yourself. You are being tested to not give up or feed your fears, so stay strong and keep pushing forward. You’ve got this dear Libra! The full moon on the 29th brings a special “juicy bit” from the universe, so make sure you are looking for those signs. It will come from some sort of communication.  Wings Up!


May brings electrifying love and transformations onto new horizons!

May brings lots of moments of connecting with people and loved ones. Trysts and transformations will be intriguing, and in some cases, all consuming.  Relationships are in the forefront for you this month. If you are single, you might find someone very intriguing. If you are in a relationship, excitement and adventures could return. Your health and work will also be on your mind and you will be communicating clearly. You’ve got a brand new cycle beginning in May and your self-worth is going to get a big BOOST! Exciting experiences could be coming to you in many ways, especially since Uranus is moving into your relationships and things really get “shaken up”. This is all about transformation and surprises, so try to go with the flow. The full moon on the 29th will bring you revelations (especially during a full moon ceremony or ritual) that your wild side is ready to be explored and will no longer be ignored! You’ve got some fun coming up, with Wings Up!


May brings out your inner “Elvis” and “Eagles”. You’re “All Shook Up” with your “Life in the Fast Lane

Health and wellbeing are the focus in May, as well as your work and financial security. This sounds dull and boring dear Sag, but with Uranus changing signs, this could be way more exciting than you might imagine. Addressing some neglected issues head on (especially around practical self-care) and grabbing your life by the wings will actually bring you great transformation and freedom! Really diving into your own security, looking at what makes you feel safe and taking steps in the direction of making your life more secure are in the forefront now.  Really scrutinize the details that have been inhibiting you from moving forward and empowering yourself and your future is going to make doors open that you could not even imagine—and this is for years to come! Listen to your intuition. There are some “juicy bits” or a revelation coming in. Just know that acting too early on your hunches could make unnecessary complications. All good things come at the perfect time. There is no need to force anything, just take one step at a time. There is good luck around your finances, or maybe a gift showing up. You could have an a-ha moment about a way to make your life more financially secure, which will please you.  The full moon on the 29th is in your sign. This could be a peak experience for you that will bring serendipitous messages. This moon shines upon you with Wings Up!


May brings creativity and sensuality and a new you! Ooh la la!

An exciting and creative time is ahead of you and this will last for several years. It’s time to have more pleasure in your life and to take time to smell the roses. Many of you will have spiritual awakening this month. Unpredictable occurrences will show up, especially around your family. Romance and soulmates could show up as well. This is a new cycle and you’ll feel much more passionate around your life. You have the potential to create something extraordinary with yourself or another. Things are being shaken up to bring things to the surface that you may have neglected, like your very own heart’s desire. It’s time to create the life you want and it is wonderful! I see lovely things showing up for you. Take the road of learning to love yourself even more. The more you love yourself, the more love will show up in your life—including your love life. There is huge potential here and the more attention you can give to your own creativity, the more astounded you’ll be with yourself. And so will everyone else!  Take your life by the wings this month, enjoy your softer side and get in touch with your desires. You won’t be able to deny them anymore with wings up!


May brings epiphanies, new opportunities and a new flight plan!

Your ruler is shifting signs. This is HUGE! You are being shaken up with excitement and energy. There are many changes coming to your home environment and family and this will be a very long term cycle. Fascinating changes and unexpected occurrences. Lucky for you Aquarius, this is exactly what you understand—more than any other sign! Conversations are going to take a powerful turn with lightbulbs and epiphanies. An idea could come out of thin air that could change everything. The new moon only magnifies the messages and signs that are coming in from the cosmos around your home and family. You will be ready to charge ahead by midmonth and things could get heated with someone you love. Don’t engage! Reel yourself in and don’t let you feathers get ruffled. The full moon on the 29th will be a great time to reflect on where you have been and where you are headed because, after this, you will not be looking back any longer. You’ve got a new flight plan! Keep taking notes all month. You’ll need them for the direction your wings are headed. Keep them up!


May brings cosmic conversations that clue you in on that which brings you joy!

Happy days are here again! You are feeling confident about your ideas and serendipitous occurrences are showing you clear road signs for the direction you are headed! New people and new journeys await you. You’ll feel more secure in your finances and much more supported. You are shaking things up about who you hang out with, who you invest your time with and who you work with. The new moon is bringing you ways to communicate new ideas and let go of past ideas that just don’t hold their weight anymore. All sorts of communication are going to change the direction of your life. Shake things off and let things go, because you’ll need room for the new, exciting and unique ideas and thoughts coming your way. You are transforming the way you are seen in the world, especially on the web and social media. You’ll love the direction your wings are taking you now. Keep dreaming and creating. The time to act is coming, but for now it’s time to imagine all the potentials and possibilities. The full moon on the 29th brings you a message around your career. Be still, allow, listen and receive with Wings Up!

Elizabeth Lindsay is a clairvoyant spiritual light-warrior and counselor at Elizabeth is a creative soul whose life journey and passion has evolved into helping others empower themselves. Elizabeth has the innate ability to tune in and tap into your spirit guides and energy to offer clear concise answers and tools that give you a fresh perspective as well as raise your vibration. Elizabeth’s goal is to always help you get unstuck, move forward and leave her company feeling confident in the knowing that you are honoring yourself and your soul’s growth.  Be it a need for clearing a vibrational blockage, a quick answer, or an in-depth dive into the realms of possibilities she will help guide you into your personal power and strength.


Written by angelwanedge