It’s hard to wear a halo that no one can see / It’s hard to wear a halo that no one can see

It’s hard to wear a halo that no one can see


Have you been feeling a little more emotional and out of sorts since that Full Moon in Libra the last day of March?


I have!

It was a doozy.

NOW is the perfect time for an energetic boost and you’ll leave our flock feeling enthusiastic and full of promise! Having the knowledge of what lays ahead the week of the 13th is one of the best ways you can empower yourself. It is one of the most exciting and challenging times in 2018 but there are golden opportunities for those in the know!

Join us! It’s not SELFISH to take the time to recharge yourself it’s SELF-FULL and this month truly will be PURPOSE-FULL !

You can attend in your PJ’s sipping your favorite beverage by phone or sleep in and wake up to the recorded class full of inspiration in your mailbox!

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Mahalo with Wings Up

Elizabeth : )


Elizabeth Lindsay is a clairvoyant spiritual light-warrior and counselor at Elizabeth is a creative soul whose life journey and passion has evolved into helping others empower themselves. Elizabeth has the innate ability to tune in and tap into your spirit guides and energy to offer clear concise answers and tools that give you a fresh perspective as well as raise your vibration. Elizabeth’s goal is to always help you get unstuck, move forward and leave her company feeling confident in the knowing that you are honoring yourself and your soul’s growth.  Be it a need for clearing a vibrational blockage, a quick answer, or an in-depth dive into the realms of possibilities she will help guide you into your personal power and strength.


Written by angelwanedge