Life on the Edge Scopes- June / Life on the Edge Scopes- June

Life on the Edge Scopes- June

What’s all the buzz about, June bug? Well it is sort of a mixed bag of wildflower seeds! This quote by the boxer Muhammad Ali comes to mind. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”  To Bee or not to Bee happy is truly a choice.  If you keep your wings up and take what resonates from my advice, you’ll find I’ve provided you with an air stream for your wings that you can glide through. It will have you arrive with your pot of golden honey at the edge of the rainbow (for the most part), feeling refreshed and revived! It is so easy to become dewy-eyed and cry at the drop of a hat (or at the drop of a budding petunia–remember that royal wedding!) when the glittering grand water trine is in play on the first day of June, so try to make a conscious effort to stay grounded.

We begin the month of June with a grand water trine. Venus, the planet of love, governs your heart and what you value; Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance; and Neptune, the planet of dreams. What will serve you well is opening up your heart. Then you can not only ponder your dreams, you can find ways to fulfill them. This should be your goal, especially as the month opens.

This grand water trine is all about the soul, spirit fluidity, emotions and deep connections. For the whole month of June, Jupiter and Neptune will stay very close to this trine. It’s an emotional month for everyone, especially you who are water signs or have rising signs in water. Emotions come in waves and sometimes they can sweep us off our feet or soak our wings.  We also have all the light and airy energy of Gemini until the 21st. Mercury is moving quickly through the sun in Gemini, making everything feel speeded up. As if your little wings weren’t moving fast enough already! Can you say WINGS WAY UP!? Things are definitely brightening up! We haven’t felt such a breath of fresh air in a long while. So take a few deep breaths, expand your wings and open up your heart to receive some ease and inspiration.

Numerology-wise, the month of June is a 17/8 (1+7=8). It’s about unique vision and being a light into the world. Coincidentally, the Star card in Tarot is number 17 and it is about shining bright with hopes and dreams. Listening to and acknowledging the light shining with in you is literally the key to your happiness.  This energy is all about receiving and allowing the abundance that is available to you. Remember, you have to open your heart to create a cavern that will hold the many gifts that you are creating. You will want a loving place for safe keeping after receiving them.  

Things will take a far more serious turn when Mars goes retrograde on the 26th. There is a FULL MOON with a lot of Saturn energy which will make things seem much slower. It will feel more serious. There will be some limitations that could test your desire to charge forward, while feeling stuck in the mud. Here is my message: Seize the day and Play – Play now and throw caution to the wind with your wings up during the first three weeks of June.

Gemini can be an airy-fairy energy, especially if wings are involved. It’s a very social sign, so get out there, smelling and pollinating as many spring and early summer flowers as you can. Be the bee and buzz along, because you will be feeling social and encountering many friends and acquaintances that will be busy being busy bees themselves! Enjoy these easy breezzzzzzzy days. Eat, drink, and be merry, pollinating with your personal stamp as you glide along. Make your own magical concoction so you can create that pot of honey to savor for the more serious days heading our way around the 26th of June – June bug!  If any energy was made for sunny fun days, it is Gemini energy! It will be a wonderful month to nourish your soul (and the soles of your feet). Get out onto the grass and enjoy all the gifts earth as given us, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. This is about lightening up and having fun. Manifesting is supposed to be fun! There will be plenty of road blocks around manifesting and pushing forward late in this month, so lighten up with wings up!  Remember, no two bees–or stars for that matter–are alike and that goes for you, too! We need your unique, shiny, sparkly perspective, so don’t hide it.  That is exactly how we light up the universe. A billion sparkly, unique, individual twinkles and one of them is YOU!


June 1st and 2nd  The Grand Trine:

Mercury trines Mars, Venus trines Jupiter, Venus trines Neptune. It’s a huge emotional wave. It is re-activing the grand trine from the royal wedding, so it’s another big blast of emotional energies.  Tissue sales went through the roof in Britain and everything flowed with ease. Now this feeling continues.  Everyone benefits–even Kleenex! It was a complete sellout! There was not a dry eye in the house and not a box to be found. You may feel uncomfortable or be taken by your emotions, not feeling like you have control over them.  This too shall pass.

June 4th to 7th

The Sun and Mercury come together, both square Neptune. This will likely distort your thinking, which can confuse and complicate discussions and business dealings. Even giving or receiving instructions can suffer from lack of clarity and misinterpretation. Neptune brings a fantasy quality and has everyone pondering, “What is it that I really want?” while Venus opposing Pluto says, “There is something you don’t necessarily want to see.” The energy of Pluto makes it so you can’t avoid whatever is arising.

June 13th, New Moon in Gemini:

This is a new lunar cycle, and it is perfect for doing your moon ritual in the middle of the afternoon. It’s also a wonderful time to place all of your crystals and mojo magic tools in the grass of Mama Gaia, harnessing the power of both the new moon and the sun!

June 17th  Fathers Day USA

Every Dad is royalty when the moon is in LEO! Celebrating the men in our lives with the moon in Leo is the perfect time to treat Dad like a king.

June 18th, Neptune Retrograde:

BIG TIME DREAMS! Jupiter trines Neptune, and the energy gets an extra “oomph” from the 15th to the 22nd. Pay attention to your dreams! Keep a dream journal and write down both your sleeping dreams and your reality dreams. This will be a week of good juicy dreams!!!!

June 21st, Summer Solstice USA

The first day of summer begins with Mars opposing Venus. This brings some relationship challenges and Mercury shows up the day before the solstice, making another grand trine.

June 26th, Mars Retrograde:

This is a time of looking at the way you take action and how you make use of your energy. When Mars turns retrograde, it can be a great time to go back and sort out any details you may have missed in the past. We can see where we may have gone askew and cure our past, too! It can also bring a time of looking at your abilities and beliefs around manifesting. You may feel like your “Chutzpa” is gone or that you have a hitch in your giddy up!

June 28th, Full Moon in Capricorn: 


This is where the sting comes into our little world hive. It is dominated by a powerful conjunction to Saturn retrograde, which could make you feel sad, guilty, hesitant, fearful, restricted or confined. That nest might be feeling a bit too small.  Relationship problems, cold emotions, negative behavior patterns and bad habits could make your life more difficult. But at the same time, you will want to break free and be a little bad!! Late on the 29th Mercury goes into Leo, giving everyone the desire to be spoken to as if they are King and Queen Bees. “Will you please pass the royal jelly?” Some might be a little more “Queen” than most, saying things such as “I Declare, I Decide, and So It Is, because I said so!”  There is no need to deal with bumbling drones, even with seriousness of Capricorn feeling magnified. Just keep your wings up and stay in your own lane.

Be aware of misunderstandings with people. It will be an emotional time with Mercury in Cancer and people could be super-sensitive and take things the wrong way. You could get or give a nasty stinger, especially with words. Use a little extra compassion from your heart and on your tongue by being mindful of your intention. It will go a long way. Words can heal or hurt. Compassion will really help you! Staying grounded, meditating and enjoying nature will be essential this month!  

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June Horoscopes – Life on the Edge Scopes


The beginning of the month is really lovely and there are some intense emotions you could be feeling.  You might be feeling and also being a little sweeter and softer than you have been in years. Venus opposes Pluto, so you could get your horns locked up in a power struggle. I’d suggest you just let this one go. Sometimes, surrendering serves you by bringing you a really good surprise. With Mercury sextiling Uranus, it will bring magic out of the blue and soon you’ll be in the pink! People will be drawn to you like bears to honey. Just don’t get too sure of yourself or you could wind up in a sticky situation around boundaries. With the sun in Cancer on the 21st, you might be feeling that issues involving home, security and all the things you love come up for you. There is a little bit of a sting this month as your ruler Mars goes retrograde on the 26th of the month. So the time to initiate and get things done will be the first three weeks of June.  You’ll be more introverted as June closes and your loved ones may take notice. Assure them that you are only reflecting on the next step you plan to take and you’ll be back to your busy bee self very soon with wings up!


Uranus is getting more comfortable in your sign. You are feeling the love of this grand trine and feeling comradery with a group of people. You feel creative, inventive and filled with passion and inspiration. Lots of things are happening now with your ruler, Venus. Things are expanding and you are feeling very intuitive. You could manifest great abundance, especially during the first week of June. Unexpected expansion and adventure will show up and you may feel like communicating on a deeper level. BEElieving in yourself and keeping your wings up will make things even more fun, showing your unique ideas more clearly. You have been wondering about building things in your life and now it is time. There is excitement around the corner. More will be revealed next month. You will feel buzzed up and have more ideas than all the bees in one hive. Take the ideass that speak to you the most and focus on one at a time. Confidence will expand throughout this month and make you want to share your wild and imaginative side.  The full moon brings thoughts of adventure and hanging out with mystics. Go for the things that bring you joy. You won’t regret it!


What does one do when they naturally have wings? FLY! First Love Yourself. Mercury, your ruler, is in your sign and trines Mars. It is the time for an awfully big adventure!  Your confidence will be outstanding and your words will be plenty. Be sure you take the time to be thoughtful and kind with all you have to say.  Remember, others can be super sensitive at this time and their lives are not all dripped in gorgeous honey gold like yours is currently. You’ve got some great changes coming in your career and livelihood. The current period gives you power and choices that you’ll really love. The Sun is conjunct Mercury on the 6th and this is a spectacular time for flying boldly forward–so keep your wings up! The new moon is just what you’ve been waiting for to tap into your own magic. It’s also your birthday month, so make a wish! Oh, and honey, please share the amazing gifts that come your way. Then they can multiply and we all don’t have to swarm you with jealousy. When Mercury trines Neptune it will give you an extra intuitive boost (as if you need to rise any higher!) Mars will retrograde on the 26th and you may look back and see that there is some lovely nectar you wish you had not overlooked. You’ll be able to bring it all forward now!


This is an extraordinary month for you to shift things in a way that will make you much happier. You’ll have lots of inspiration at the beginning of this month with the grand water trine. It shows up with Venus in your sign, so you’ll feel a lot of compassion and love for yourself and the ones you love.  Venus opposes Pluto, so you might find yourself in a power struggle with someone. Simply take the high road or tell them to buzz off. You don’t need to waste your time or attention on this matter. Your intuition will be strong this month and serendipitous occurrences can happen in a flash. Mercury is going into your sign on the 12th making communication so much easier. You have a lot to say and I see musical notes flying off of your words. The new moon will open up your senses in an extraordinary way. There is a message form the universe. Look for the signs. It could be a reading, a dream, a billboard, whatever it is, you’ll know it when you see it or feel it. The sun enters your sign on the 21st. There is kismet happening for you throughout the entire month. When the sun enters your sign, it’s a big OMPPHH for your self-esteem and you’ll be pleased. Don’t forget to smell the flowers and share the skies, while you explore with wings up!


Groups of people will be highlighted and your intuition will be off the charts this month, but only if you are taking the time to listen–especially around the relationships in your hive. This water trine makes things a lot more fluid for you. You are opening up now, despite your usual need to keep things close to your magnificent mane and not showing your furry, soft underbelly. The sun is conjunct Mercury, so you’ll be the leader of the pack or the star in the swarm. Look out for mood swings and don’t take yourself too seriously.  The new moon will bring something serendipitous with the public or a new social colony that will surprise you in a very endearing way. Venus, the planet of love, goes into your sign on the 13th. This will make you feel so much compassion, love and even sensuality that others will be drawn to your special elixir! Remember to not roar, but soar through any confusion when things are not clear. It’s only a tiny blip on the radar screen. Relationships will be a big theme this month. You might be the King of the Jungle, Leo, but the Queen Bee makes the hive thrive! Stay in touch with your softer feminine side and watch your wings rise!


Sometimes you get a little stuck in your hive, but in June you’ll find yourself expanding in social situations. Lots of fun can be had being a busy party bee.  Also, your career and reputation will be highlighted in June. Mercury, your ruler, trines Mars on the 1st bringing confidence around your career and making things move! You are expanding your heart and your emotions. You will surprise yourself about how open you feel. It’s a great time to be out and about. It will be up to you to make sure you get “out there”, so you can fraternize with the folks that are waiting to be found. You might need to take a breather around the 7th. At that time, there will be blurred lines and confusion. This will pass almost as quickly as it presented itself, so hang tight. Endings and beginnings come with your career, so if one honey jar closes, another will magically appear. You will definitely be feeling a swarm of enthusiasm this month. Just make sure that you’ve got your feet planted in reality and on the summer grass. With wings up would be even better! You have some new opportunities showing up, so don’t get hung up on the details, but enjoy the joy of dreaming of the possibilities.


Venus, your ruler, is trine Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. This makes way for more security and potential, so keep your busy bee intuitive abilities open. You will be buzzing and vibrating at such a high frequency that you might feel like you’ll never come down. There could be someone who will be determined to destroy your flight plan, but they don’t have that much power, so don’t give them a second thought. There is a focus on your career and getting clear on the details, so bring out the resume. Edit, revise and you will revive something in a new way. Saturn can be a buzz kill, making things serious and methodical. Stay focused! It won’t last very long and you’ll be glad you took care of all those pesky little details.  When it comes to money and career, this is your month to soar! There will be a reward, so keep going! Mercury enters Leo on the 29th and you are indeed the Queen Bee! You will enjoy your doting and loyal subjects. After all, they are there to serve you! Keep your wings up and try not to swallow a feather while been hand fed plum olives. People adore you! I suggest you adore them back. Life is cyclical you know!


Free spirits fly and it’s your time to spread those wings! You’ve risen and there is nothing to hide from anymore, not in June anyway. There is a whole garden of unique treasures to be discovered and your soul will thank you for it. You are feeling more positive and the travel bug will be pulling at you. It’s time to taste the nectar the world is offering you. Simply use a little caution and you’ll find you’ve got the perfect co-pilot for a new adventure. The new moon brings you to a new level of experience and Venus brings love and passion to your work and livelihood. Your reputation is looking good, so long as you are willing to play a bit of detective to find that perfect “magic” formula. Commitments take a serious turn around the full moon in Capricorn. This will lead you to where you are heading and where you’d like to end up. You have a wonderful aspect with Neptune showing you how to make a creative dream into a reality.  Stretch your boundaries and stretch your comfort zone. With a new perspective, you’ll be pleased to see where your wings can take you.


You may be feeling overwhelmed by the emotion of love. It could become all-consuming. It may be love for a friend, or a relationship, or a sudden revelation of your own worthiness and self-love. Whatever this is will take you by storm. Deep feelings will arise within your heart and may feel overwhelming. Breathe. This will pass! Attractions and magnetism are a part of this month and things could feel pretty intense. Just like the volcanoes in Hawaii, things are rising up. It is okay to feel them, process them and allow them to be honored. Relationships and power struggles may also present themselves. Do you want to be right, or do you want to be at peace? Only you can answer that question. A relationship could end or brand new love could come into your life. There will be an “Upgrade” in the vibration of your relationships. Lots of things are coming up to the surface. Treasure is there to be found, including your self-power, so make sure to sift through to find the juicy bits. They are there! Mercury trines Jupiter, and Jupiter is your friend for the entire month. Put your intentions out in the world. Make a dream journal and visualize what you really want. This is the time to manifest. You’ll see things in others, too. Being very clairvoyant and magical now, things will show up around your intuition and instincts.  People are drawn to your power and chutzpah. This is the time to step into your immense strength. The full moon brings up security and money, so be practical if there is something that shows up now. Being serious isn’t going to hurt you. It could get you heading into a new direction that you’ll love with wings up!


You will feel a lot of harmony by connecting with others this month. Partnerships, intimacy and social circles are all highlighted. You may need to boost up the boundaries in your honeycomb so that some people don’t take advantage or your good nature. Neptune is making things a bit fuzzy, so be really clear on what you want out of a relationship–and what you don’t! You’ve been climbing that cliff to inner knowing so determinedly! I’ve got some good news for you. Your transformation is nearly complete. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible. Be the BEE and realize that no matter what you’ve been through, your hoofs are tired and you are allowed to take a break. Start believing in miracles, stop and smell the flowers, rest awhile and appreciate how far you’ve come!  The full moon in your sign is intense and brings emotions and greater awareness. Open up to the transformation. Don’t look back! You are on a new flight plan with wings up!


Mars is in your sign. Va va va voom! You are buzzing and full of passion, so what are you going to do with it? Health and fitness will be on the forefront. Make sure you are not following a new health kick that doesn’t serve you. You’ve got special needs, and one-size-fits-all is definitely not for YOU! You have a lot of charisma and charm. Your vibration is buzzing high in June. The new moon brings a brand new cycle in relationships of all kinds. That vibration will have you soaring even higher than you can imagine! Venus on the 13th brings social circles and you’ll be all a-buzz with new ideas that some may find simply brilliant! Mars goes retrograde in your sign on the 26th so you’ll have to re-evaluate a few things, but these will ease up in August. Don’t be your own buzz kill! Hold tight to your vision. Remember, this is a great time to heal things from the past–including yourself, with wings up!


This is a wonderful month for you! It’s time to express your happiness and joy because things are brightening up big time. It’s not all rainbows and roses, but you are feeling a new direction on its way and are much more optimistic. There are many opportunities for love and pleasure to arrive. You will be open to new things coming in. Waiting on the sidelines is no longer an option for you. It will be easy to communicate with family and friends now, so it’s okay to set a boundary or tell someone to buzz off– they can handle it. The uplifting air of Gemini is helping your wings to rise and you will feel a lot more creative and expressive. The new moon gives you the fresh start you need, and you can be your very own Queen BEE. Fly free, knowing that you’ve got everything you need to make your dreams come true in their own good time. The full moon may make you feel a bit of pause, but it truly is time to enjoy the sunshine and do things on your own terms. You don’t need to show up for everyone else. You need to show up for yourself with wings up! 

Written by angelwanedge