Empower yourself this Sunday! / Empower yourself this Sunday!

Empower yourself this Sunday!

August is a big month for honing in on what matters – YOU!

Artwork: An Ever-Present Mark by Elizabeth Lindsay

That tension you feel is your soul festering, wanting to rise, readying itself to launch, but waiting for you to fully arrive. It takes great strength and determination to pull yourself in and focus on what is holding you back, especially the things you don’t want to see.

Hone in on that taunt string. We are all balancing on a tightrope, a fine line, and it must give us pause. This is purposeful Divine Timing, reminding you with inevitable certainty what is left to peel, reveal, feel and heal – only then you can FIRE forward. Leave behind the remnants of who you no longer are and take careful aim on who you are becoming.

You are indeed the Archer. The Bow and The Arrow.

Spirit is not separate from you—it IS you!

This is a magnificent dance of great purpose and mastery.

It is indeed the perfect storm. All of these planets in retrograde and the upcoming partial eclipse are serving a higher purpose, showing that you are truly the calm inside of any storm. I’ve got some great tools for you to use throughout August that will get you on target and ready to launch in September. It truly will be a September to remember if you do your HEART-WORK and find your power in this magical symphony. Make no mistake, you are also the conductor!

Are you ready for the next step? Join me this Sunday right here:

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It’s online and recorded if you can’t attend live!

Mahalo and all my love


Written by angelwanedge