Ready, Set, Go! / Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

This is it the BIG week I’ve been talking about on my radio show and in my Life on the Edge scopes, so heads up! Here comes that new moon on the 16th. As I went over on this past Sunday in our WUMU, the intensity is so strong this entire week! This new moon is conjunct with unpredictable and thrilling and surprising Uranus and something extraordinary, unexpected and intense is happening on this day. Everyone will be feeling more impulsive on the 16th. (Including politicians with big egos, so send a lot of love and light their way and hold the intention they come from a place of peace and harmony) On a personal note, look out for something exciting and transforming in your life because it will be fiery, passionate and intense. Chiron is changing signs. It has spent a long time urging us to trust our intuition and learn about our wounds and now we can move forward with revelations, spontaneity and even light bulb moments about a past wound that will take you deeper into yourself to heal things with love! (think about how you are treating the people you dearly love in your life and bestow some of it on yourself and Mother Earth) Saturn and Pluto are going retrograde, so we will reflect on the past and how things have impacted our journey. Big things will happen on the 18th. By the 20th, the sun will be in Taurus and we will feel more grounded and ready to enjoy a good tasty and satisfying meal. Keep your heart open. Come from a place of love and remember that your vibration makes a difference regardless of outside circumstances. Be the light warrior you came here to be. The time to hide is over. You are TOO BRIGHT and LIGHT to NOT stand out anymore, so you are not fooling anyone except perhaps yourself!

I wrote this before the bombing in Syria and had a premonition dream about the bombing on Thursday night and all the pieces of the puzzle came together last night. I do believe we can and always should hold the space of love, peace and harmony and that is what I am doing for you and the world with wings up!

Mahalo – Elizabeth : )

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This week on my radio show: Can you treat yourself the way you treat a house plant


The answer may surprise you. This month in our wings up meet up we are conducting an experiment reflecting the way we treat ourselves with plants. It has been quite eye opening and controversial to say the least! Join me, Linda Testerman and Melisa Caprio as we discuss this experiment and the surprise reactions we’ve encountered!

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