Love On The Edge Scopes February 2018 / Love On The Edge Scopes February 2018

Love On The Edge Scopes February 2018

There are a few things about February that make this a magical and mystical month as well as a month to dive deep into our inner knowing. Shed some things so we can rise with a new sense of gumption and fresh perspective.

A rare occurrence, which only happens about four times in a century, is happening this month. We have no full moon at all! That hasn’t happened since 1999!!  Now some astrologers will tell you that doesn’t mean a thing, but since I’m NOT an astrologer, I am just going to share some of my inner wisdom around this with you: It will serve you well to take a look back at February 1999. That is the last time we had no full moon in a month as well. I don’t know about you personally, but for many this was a very significant turning point in people’s lives—including mine! That was a seriously profound year. It is hugely significant that the focus right now is on shedding and letting go of things.

Where oh where has our beautiful full moon gone? She’s vanished from the sky, making things appear a little darker and bringing us a huge opportunity for full throttle growth. There will be a lot of hard work in between our days and nights, while those who are brave enough choose to dive deep into what truly matters. The moon, especially the full moon, is our mother and our MAMA MOON affects the tides, the animals and our moods. It’s all about rebirth, grasping potential and soaring into our destiny while trusting that we have to let go! It is asking us to take a deep dive and explore just what it is we want to achieve. It also holds a promise that if we do the work to let go, and move through some of crap we don’t particularly want to look at, or avoid and not deal with, that there will be a gift at the end of it. Deal with it. Most of us will and benefits will abound!

Another significant piece of February is the energy around the two eclipses, one we just had and one we are heading towards. When we look at how they are paired together, the lunar eclipse we just had on 1/31/18 told us “No more hiding!” It’s time to speak up, express ourselves and let people know what’s up and who they are dealing with!   Then we have the partial new moon eclipse on Thursday, February 15th.  It’s a new moon on steroids and brings optimism, new actions, new attitudes, new communications and a lot of decision making for just about all of us. This eclipse also brings freedom and illumination. It is readying us to move forward once we’ve shed the old, excess baggage. Leave that behind! If you put yourself out there, the possibilities and the skies are limitless! These eclipses will affect us all and bring things to fruition in July, so remember that as you move forward with your expansion and new seeds of inspiration.

February will also have a very practical feel to it. There is work to be done and details to be attended to. The desire to get more order and security, courtesy, diplomacy, and cooperation are themes throughout all of 2018. Keeping this is in mind throughout all that you do will place a practical basis for further progress and your own good.

Love is in the air if you allow it in. February is the month of Valentines and those that show up may surprise you, including Venus, who is playing a different role for all signs this month. Even if you don’t feel the “Hallmark” commercial crap, chances are your heart strings will still be pulled! Some of you may even be feeling downright sappy and weepy!  Venus brings a lot of heart-work and a lot of answers as well. Symbolically, we are all thinking of love and compassion and, perhaps for many, passion this month. It’s all about love, so even if you don’t’ believe in that particular obligatory day, you might just find yourself sending your bestie a love note! So yes, love is in the air, but this truly is a time for learning to love yourself up a skoosh more than the months before!

Consider joining our Flight plan to flawsomeness  (awesome with flaws) on …. February 4th Meet Up on 12 Academy you can even wear your PJ’s its online and it is recorded if you are not an early bird! It’s a great way to come back to yourself with tips and tools and heart-work that guide you. As a bonus, you get a wonderful crew of like- minded support to get you back out there in the “real world” with Teflon wings and an open heart! Now that’s the best way to start off this month! Here’s your monthly vignette. Enjoy the ride and glide with wings up!


It’s all about you this month. There is a big shift for you this month and this year. You are letting go of the stuff that no longer serves you. So, ask yourself, “Are you ready to be and shine like the fabYOUlous star that you are?” I hope so because it’s time!

This month you might have an idea that is ground breaking. I literally see you as the Phoenix rising. It truly is time to move into your magic and grab it by the wings. You are a sorcerer and you’ve got magic to share with this world. You’ll be passionate about what you say this month.

Valentine’s Day brings the sun in your sign. You may get a little sign of affection via a love note or a wink or harmless flirtation that may take you by surprise (in a good way). You are feeling much stronger within yourself and anything could happen. Remember, you are in charge of your destiny. Keep your wings up!


In January, you had a profound month. Now you are ready to dive into your security and really spend some time considering the question, “What does true security really mean to you?”  I see lots of sensuality around you this month, if you are open to it.

For many of you, I see a wonderful family occasion or celebration happening that could bring you closer than you’ve felt in years. There is a desire to connect to your loved ones and you are feeling chatty, even about how you are feeling, which is rare for you.

This is a time of letting go of ideas that no longer serve you, around your security and abundance.Do you believe in your own abundance? Are there family patterns around abundance that you carry around that don’t even belong to you?

Valentine’s Day brings spontaneous confidence and makes you feel good about life. You are waking up to feeling more empathy and compassion around you–even more than usual. Your heart and your mind and your inner truth are aligned and you’re ready to share some things that you’ve kept close to yourself for some time. Keep your wings up!


Communication can literally be life transforming. Change the way you communicate and consider how you are communicating in the world.

Energizing Mars is making you feel feisty. I keep hearing “Va va voom!” I see you chomping at the bit. You are ready to charge forward,feeling great and very motivated. Don’t say something you are not sure you mean, because you might find yourself feeling a little wishy-washy right now and you could get caught in someone else’s expectation net.

You might surprise yourself with the love you feel towards your family. You might find yourself  feeling downright nurturing and wanting to communicate with loved ones in a new way. You may be surprised by the emotions that come up. Communications and family issues are the spice of life and the flight plan to intimacy. Keep your puffy heart filled! Wings up!


Home and Family will be key for you this month. Also, the underworld is calling you, seducing you into diving into a place where you always feel comfortable. Also, this will recharge you and help you build your wings for rising out of the depth, breaking free and flying with wings up into a whole new world.

Letting go and moving on is freeing you of some things that you’ve been carrying around for too long. I see a lot of healing with home and family, as well as a great deal of pleasure and passion in your life this month. You are feeling loved and honored, creative and joyful, especially around self-love. How extraordinary!

You may need to allow yourself some extra boundaries, and that is perfectly fine.  Toward the middle of the month you are feeling some confidence with your career and what you are doing for your passion around your livelihood. You have an innate ability to figure out how to make other people happy, too. It’s a lovely month to glide through with your wings up!


It’s time to face reality and do what needs to be done. There is no way to ease into that. My guides are being really rigid about this, and when they get my attention this strong, I listen!  Children and creativity will play a big part of your month.

You should also have lots of laughter around you. Some of this might even be you, laughing at the absurdity of rising from the ashes and dealing with your deepest darkest stuff! You’re moving on to even greater horizons and the way you get there might feel a bit absurd.

There is a rebirth of love and diving into discovering what truly makes you happy. It is time to let go of habits and toxic people so you can make space for joy and take better care of yourself. Eat some veggies. Be healthy. Change some patterns that support your mind, body and soul. A big, spiritual revelation might be coming your way towards the end of this month, so keep your wings up!


Good news! You’ve got a Virgo vibe all around you this month, so you’ll feel much more comfortable. Health, well-being and work will be your focus this February. Tying up or re-tweaking things around your home will bring you great satisfaction.

Feeling harmony and balance with all relationships will let you notice more love and beauty around your friends and family. It’s important that you are honest with yourself this month and use this meticulous energy as your magic. You have a way with words and explaining things this month, so the people around you will understand what you are saying—as long as you make sure they are really hearing you.

You are throwing away bad habits and coming closer to feeling in your power. There is great potential here to feel certain about something, even if it is fleeting. Yes, an oxymoron. Such is life! Valentine’s Day has you embracing all that is around you and not being critical of yourself or others. Exploring your softer side in all of your relationships will bring you some peace.


This is a really important month for you to dive into the deep end of the pool. You’ll have to submerge into yourself to find what you need to change and transform. Relationships are changing and a huge soul shift could bring an ending in a partnership, or take one to a new level.

The Universe is supporting you to support yourself in all that you do around intimate relationships. Feeling quite forceful in your primal zone, life, death, jealousy, money, power, powerlessness—it’s intoxicating but bewildering at the same time. Don’t lose yourself to love. You are confident and strong in your mojo and your personal power and feeling things quite intensely.

Try to find balance because sometimes, it’s all or nothing. When you love, you are all consumed and when you are hurt, you are hurt to your core (duh!). You can see deep into other people’s hearts and know what motivates them. Use this super power by treading lightly.

Be kinder than necessary to others and don’t poke any bears. Keep grounded, then you’ll be ready when you experience a profound revelation around committing to transforming. Big changes are in the air and you’ll need that extra oompf of discovery to keep you wings up!


Your ruler, the big giant full MOON is hiding this month and you may feel a little disconcerted and wonder just what the heck is going on. You get a reprieve from that emotional pull, but you’ll be feeling things in your primal zone that might feel a bit dark, secretive, sexy or issues around power or powerlessness.

I think it’s time to embark on embracing your fears and taking on some sort of initiation, like ripping off a band aide or diving into an extremely gold pond. Thinking out of the box and a shock (in a good way) to the system is just what you need!

In your career, an opportunity may come up to regain your confidence and your power in a new way. You are moving into a space where you are feeling much more liberated and ready to explore.

You’ve still got your pretty shell to feel comfortable in, just make sure you venture out, exploring your deep side with a spiritual reading, lighting a candle, meditation or a gong bath. You’ll be feeling excited and confident when you have a revelation.

Valentine’s Day brings good vibes and you feel some liberation around your relationships. Adventure is yours to be had and your strength will come when you discover what you value about yourself. What you do work-wise will be another revelation. You may be thrust into the spotlight and you could be climbing the ladder in the livelihood department.

Security is strengthened by the end of the month and you’ve got claws and wings and the freedom they bring!


Rebirth and expansion come to you this month. I see you soaring into destiny. Trust and know that there is something you have to let go! Expansion, travel, adventure and reconnecting to people will all come into play.

You have the power to be strong and explore what you are feeling. I think you’ll be passionate about your intimate relationships. Positive and negative, it goes both ways, just like your wings!  You are open to love and getting in touch with your emotions. I see you feeling quite frisky, actually.

Also, career needs your passion right now. You’ve got that in spades, because people are very drawn to you this month. You are magnetic! You have a magic charm, YOU! So use it! The new moon partial eclipse is about adventure, changing the way you see your boundaries and breaking out of old patterns.

It’s a very exciting time to dive into meditating and going under the surface. Something amazing will show up in March because of it, so the rewards are worth waiting for. Take time to listen before you take flight into your career, because you are wanting to make things happen with your heart and soul. This is about passion from the inside out, with wings up, of course!


The big focus is on your career and mixing and reconnecting with other people. You’ve got a magical magnifying glass, examining everything in minute detail and you will traverse the shadows. You’ve got lots of gifts this month, but they come from keeping the real in the deal with YOURSELF!

You are feeling a bit impulsive and I see many of you falling in love with your career again. I also see lots of coincidences coming your way around work and networking, communication, comradery and being around people this month.

Don’t get too set in your comfort zone this month. Let go of the routine. Push yourself to get out and dive into passions. Do something where you are reaching out to new communities. It could be life transforming for you!

Valentine’s Day brings reflections from the past. An unexpected occasion in the form of a love note might be a bit mysterious, but all in good fun.

Surrender, transformation and change around your career is in the air and you’ll love it. You’ve got a rhythm this month. You are the conductor, but remember, you still need artists and musicians to help create your perfect concoctions.  You are well on your way and many of you may have a standing ovation by the end of this month. BRAVO! It’s time to believe again. Take a breath of fresh air. You’ll have plenty to help keep your wings up!


January was about letting of behaviors and addictions and now you are well on your way to the other side. It’s a magical mystical month for you. Time to shed and go through a real rebirth. You will lay a solid foundation, depending on how active you are on your adventures and willingness to do the work  of thinking out of the box.

An unexpected or unusual gift comes to many of you this month. You are empathetic, open and romantic and, at the same time, feeling a little more emotional and not as forceful as usual. But this brings synchronicities. You’ll be examining how you communicate and may be letting go of old visions instead of hanging on to old desires that no longer serve you.

New ideas ask that you put your energy into them. It is changing the way you see yourself and your world. There is a chance of meeting someone or being reacquainted with someone, and you’ve got to go inside and decide what you truly love. There is a soulful and important message about not being reckless, but implementing being practical. (Yes I know this sounds dull) But do use the magical elements of this month to know that your ideas are relevant. Surrender things and let go of things that are not working. There are strange and magical things happening.

I keep hearing the song “Magical Mystery Tour” in my head. Use your wings and you’ll be excited wherever you land!


Early February is a reflective time for you and also a wonderful time to be in nature and release things from the past. Just let them go lightly and naturally at the beginning of the month. This should feel good to you in the long run.

As you move on into the month, you are attracting to yourself like a magnet. I see you spending some quiet time being peaceful and receptive. In doing so, you will surprising yourself. Watch things blossom as the month moves forward.

Studying something in the metaphysical realm, like your own astrology, past lives, the esoteric or an oracle and going inwards into whatever speaks to your inner knowing, will help you get in touch with yourself on a deeper level. This will bring out compassion and love for yourself and our planet in an exponential way.

It’s Birthday time! I see you really understanding your intentions and what you want to draw and magnetize to you. Allow things to come into your world in a lovely, effortless way. Surrender to the knowledge that believing it before it happens allows it to come, especially without expectations of how your desires will arrive.

Even fish need wings. Rising up out of the depths of the ocean you’ve dived into will bring revelations and gifts, so keep your wings and your fins up. You’ve got places to go and things to celebrate, too!

Happy February! Remember it’s always the right time to keep your Wings Up!









Written by angelwanedge


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