October Life On The Edge Scopes / October Life On The Edge Scopes

October Life On The Edge Scopes

Autumn begins in Colorado with the changing colors of the leaves. Mother Earth shows us her beauty and her magnificence by painting gorgeous landscapes across many parts of the globe. By the end of the month, the trees will graciously provide us a splendid example of how beautiful it is to let go!  .

October arrives reminding us that we too are all one-of-a-kind works of art. What colors will you paint on your beautiful, gorgeous, so loved canvas that you are co-creating this season?

With the promise of Winter coming a skosh closer, it is only natural to want to savor the fall season, to be in nature and enjoy the crisp fall air and the rustle of leaves about your feet. But for many zodiac signs this month, it’s a fortuitous time to go within and discover the messages your inner knowing has for you.

Come play with me on 12Listen and we’ll paint a fresh perspective on the masterpiece that is you! I’ve got my cozy sweater on, I’ve got something warm in my mug (No, it’s not Pumpkin spice anything!) and I’ve got a heart full of gratitude.

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It is my absolute pleasure to help you dive into YOU and find the treasures that October’s harvest has in store. Here is a hint….the juicy bits are right there inside of you, just waiting to be tapped into!

Let’s get started with your monthly flight plan!



October is your month, dear Libra and you know better than anyone that Libra wants to LOVE. So love like you have nothing to lose and especially love yourself up with wings up. Why not love yourself UP like you’ve never loved yourself UP before? What are you waiting for? This month there is great luck around your strength and resources honoring your reputation and the way you are seen in the world.

The key to this month is to put yourself first. Make sure you are the center of everything you do because you truly will brighten and warm everything and everyone around you. Honor your spiritual gifts and if you don’t have a spiritual practice, this is the perfect month to begin one—especially with a new community.

Feather your nest and take a rest every so often. It will give you a time to recharge and revive from being a social butterfly! You’ve got plenty of opportunities to spread your wings this month, so take your time to relish all the “juicy bits”. Your fan club isn’t going away anytime soon!

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

Tapping into my inner strength and resources illuminates my world and all those around me.



October begins with some soul searching dear Scorpio. At the center of this quest is clearing up some things you’ve been confused about. You’ve to go deep until you emerge feeling certain of your choices. By doing so this month, it will definitely bring things to light and open up some options for you!

There are more symbols to represent the facets of your personality than for any other sign. The first is the scorpion, which in legend is prone to sting itself to death out of its own frustrations. The second is the snake, which represents cunning and wisdom. There is the eagle, who refuses to be defeated, but will also never seek the total destruction of their enemy. Finally, there is the phoenix, the mystical bird believed to have risen from its own ashes, representing rebirth and resilience.  You will RISE with your wings up by the end of October certain of your path and the desires of your heart!

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

Diving deep and trusting my inner knowing reveals to me gorgeous secrets I never knew about myself. They will serve me in creating the life and the world I want to live in right now!



Good news and messages come in quickly this month, but they don’t come from outside you, they come from going within. You tend to be bursting with energy, enthusiasm and excitement dear Sag, so you might be surprised that in October, these feeling come from diving into yourself. You will have great luck if you take the time to listen to your guides and the messages spirit has for you.

You’ll be honored for what you do and how you are seen in the world through your livelihood and passion, regardless of your efforts. So don’t worry about taking the time to become familiar with personal desires this month.

Obstacles and delays work in your favor. You are such a social butterfly, you sometimes worry that your friends will disappear whilst you take time to reflect, but trust me—they’ll still be waiting for you to come out and play when you emerge, knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way. By taking care of yourself and meeting your own needs first this month, you’ll be serving the world and yourself in ways you couldn’t imagine come November.

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

By going within, I am tapping into the juiciest of bits that I could have missed and by doing so my world will feel even more rewarding!



Dearest Capricorn, even though you are best known as practical and level-headed, you also tend to have a lesser-known strong focus of spiritual truth within yourself. You hold firm to your belief in yourself and your spiritual truth. You also tend to be deeply connected to your home environment and also to nature.

Now is a great time to tap into nature and all things Mother Earth. Allow yourself to enjoy the Autumn season. Look at the trees as they paint the landscape and breathe in the fresh, crisp fall air. The trees are showing us how effortlessly they can let go of their leaves and you my dear Cap, can do the same with every expectation you have of yourself.

Luck comes from being sly, thinking out of the box and frolicking in the leaves on your knees. While many signs this month are going within, you’ll find your joy by literally getting your hands into Mother Earth and going outside. There will be plenty of time to get things done when winter arrives, so for now, go get a little dirty and remember your playful side.

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

If I let go and allow the Autumn leaves falling off the trees to play and speak with me, my work is done.


Yes dear Aquarius, you are known for thinking outside of the box and even while I am typing this I can hear you in my head saying “There is no box”. You and your eccentric self can have that debate with your eclectic group of friends, who all match your wide and varied interests.

This month will be a very social month for you, especially around your passion. You want to dive into some new secrets, which will also uncover some knowledge surrounding mysteries and karma. What exactly am I saying? Well, the truth be told, I am not really sure. That is for you to find out! All I can tell you is that “The Magical Mystery Tour” song by the Beatles has been playing in my head the entire time I’ve been thinking about you, dear Aquarius.

It appears you are on a wonderful adventure where fate is involved. I can’t tell you where you’ll land if you keep your wings up, but I can see you’ll be very pleased with the experience and have a good story to tell. I hope you’ll clue me in on your big light bulb moment, because I’m really excited for you! You’re Welcome!

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

Trusting the mystery sets me free.



The fall arrives bringing you spiritual, psychic and intellectual development which is right where you love to be! You are so committed to your spirituality and your wisdom for higher reasoning, that sometimes people mistake your aloofness for being shy or indifferent. Well you know better, don’t you! There is great wisdom going on and still waters run deep.

You’ve been tuned into your power and inner knowing for a good long time. It’s something you feel very sure of right now. But sometimes we need to shake up our foundation and for you dear Pisces, I see you bursting out of your self- reflective cocoon and getting outside of yourself. While many signs this month are going inward to connect and withdraw, I see you benefiting from stepping outside of yourself and exploring some new horizons. Think of yourself as a cluster of beautiful Aspen trees showing off their glorious fall leaves. Its time you branch out and admire the beauty you bring into this world. Acknowledge the gifts you carry and bring them to the party. Everyone will welcome you with open arms.

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

A journey outside of my self magnifies my inner knowing and keeps me growing on my spiritual path.



Always the first in line, ready to rumble and literally taking the bull by the horns! Aries, there is something wonderful and new coming this month for you. It begins with the social scene and actually being seen in public. I see lots of little conversations about getting clear on this new, successful adventure. Wishes do come true. Sharing your enthusiasm and good fortune with the people you love will make it less likely for them to throw you in front of speeding traffic and bestow pride on you instead. (Yes, it’s that good and everyone will see it too!)

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you’re after the big kahuna. No—strike that— you ARE the big Kahuna and your passion and creativity have no bounds this month! Be sure to take a few moments every once in a while to pinch yourself and make sure you are indeed awake. You don’t want to miss one lovely second of this time day dreaming, because you are seriously “living the dream, baby”. There is a sweetness and serendipitous occurrence involving fun with older, wiser people, so however that unfolds for you, I think you’ll highly enjoy it.

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

Remember the little people and be humble. Everything that goes around comes around



Known for being reliable, practical and stubborn (wait a minute!), you can throw all that jargon out with everything else you thought you knew about yourself this month. It is time to head out on the highway looking for adventure, break from the norm, ruffle some feathers and please yourself. Bring a loyal sidekick who wants to cut away the crap and leave burdens behind or, fly solo. Either way, it’s going to be a fun ride.

Toss a coin and be happy with whichever side it lands on because, whatever direction you choose is going to bring you insights, lightbulb moments and treasured gifts you’ll enjoy long after the Pumpkin Spice everything is just a memory.

A transformation of the heart is exactly what you’ve been craving. Now is the perfect time to clear the air, in the fresh air, enjoy the majestic gorgeous gifts of nature and feed your soul. Actually, a road trip with dinner (dives and greasy fries) could be just enough for your body and your soul. They’ll be plenty of time for level-headed thinking and restrictions down the road. Live it up a little. You deserve it.

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

When I set myself free, I realize that I am the only restriction of me.



According to the FBI website, out of all the signs, Gemini is the least likely to commit a violent crime. And here is more good news. You may now rest easy because, even if you feel like you want to kill someone, chances are it will pass.  You’ve been tested lately, dear Gemini and I’m here to tell you that you’ve passed with as many flying colors as are on the beautiful fall trees!

Whew! Now that we are clear that this torture is finally over, you can raise your one eyebrow in the knowing that you’ve taken the high road and kept your Wings Up! Friends and family members will be baffled by your graceful actions, and for the fact that you are walking your walk and talking your talk.

There is a secret in your heart that belongs only to you. Spirit wants you to tune in and listen because this knowledge will put you on to a path of wonderful dreams and imagination. The sky is not the limit. You are limitless as long as you honor yourself, but continuing to speak your truth and avoid inserting your proud foot in your own mouth. Be humble and wise!

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

I am limitless with less ego and I am more beaYOUtiful, full of gratitude



The nickname for those born under Cancer is Moon Child. Popularized in the hippie era of the 60s, the nickname originates from the fact that Cancer is the sign ruled by the moon. Just like the moon goes through many phases throughout the month, from crescent to full, Cancers tend to go through many changes because they are the signs most connected to and influenced by their ever-changing emotions.

Thank goodness you’ve got your shell to retreat to every now and then, because some people just won’t leave you alone and you need a place to hide and revive. It’s a good thing that tuff little tank is portable, because you can take it with you wherever you go. There is great luck in standing strong in your foundation. Don’t be confused about cutting away the people who are not supporting you. Spirit is working in your favor to clear away what is no longer bringing you joy.

Stay wild, Moon Child. You won’t need your shell as a retreat too much longer. You’ve got discoveries to explore. You are about to be very busy, so get out your magical magnifying glass and look closely at the details spirit is showing you. There is a wonderful mystery unfolding. A new journey lies before you— discovering YOU!

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

A plethora of treasure lies before me. I just need to recognize the clues.



It’s only natural to feel a little confused when a natural born leader such as yourself feels a little lost in their direction. Don’t panic. This is only temporary. Everyone goes through a funk every now and then. Even a creative, self-confident, dominant and extremely difficult-to-resist soul such as yourself needs to surrender sometimes.

I know it hurts your pride to admit that right now you can’t achieve anything and everything you want the way you want it RIGHT NOW, just because your big brave heart is so committed to it. Trust me, there is such a huge giant rainbow at the end of this once you let go and are truly okay with NOT knowing how it all plays out. Cliché I know, but the universe is imagining a way better outcome for you than you could ever imagine for yourself right now.

As soon as you completely resolve in your heart and higher knowing that this is the way things must proceed, the Red Sea will part, the angels will weep and this giant mountain you see as an obstacle will crumble at your feet.  You are the king of the jungle. No one is disputing that there is great strength and grace in knowing when to pounce, as well as knowing when to sit one out!

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

Surrendering creates great inner strength. (I can hear your roar as you read this!)



Virgo is the largest constellation in the Zodiac, and the second-largest constellation in the sky, of which there are eighty-eight. Virgo’s bright blue-white star Spica is easy to spot on clear summer nights. Spica is also the fifteenth brightest star in the night sky.

Exactly what the heck has been going on, because we all know you love to be “Exact” dear Virgo. You are forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical (as you can be), but your ‘attention to detail’ is for a reason: to help others. And LAWD! Last month you did help others! (I can feel your eyes roll as I am typing this) This helped other people, too. You are above and beyond Sainthood! I bow to you, dear Virgo.

Good news! There is a big change this month bringing grace, serenity and time to rest and go within. There are some wonderful messages from spirit for you, so take the time to be still, let things go and celebrate the lull. It won’t last long, but it will last long enough for you to feed your soul, soothe your mind and dream BIG TIME.

Personal Pledge to Ponder:

When I take care of my body, I take care of my soul.


Elizabeth Lindsay is a clairvoyant spiritual light-warrior and counselor at  www.12listen.com Elizabeth is a creative soul whose life journey and passion has evolved into helping others empower themselves. Elizabeth has the innate ability to tune in and tap into your spirit guides and energy to offer clear concise answers and tools that give you a fresh perspective as well as raise your vibration. Elizabeth’s goal is to always help you get unstuck, move forward and leave her company feeling confident in the knowing that you are honoring yourself and your soul’s growth.  Be it a need for clearing a vibrational blockage, a quick answer, or an in-depth dive into the realms of possibilities she will help guide you into your personal power and strength


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