A Plea to my friends and foes / A Plea to my friends and foes

A Plea to my friends and foes

A plea to my friends and foes
I have the biggest bravest heart beating inside my ribcage. Human hearts are wild creatures perhaps that’s why our ribs are cages, better our ribs be cages than our hearts be savages. I’m loyal to a fault. Please don’t say something is purple when it is yellow and expect me to keep the truth trapped in my throat.
I will always fight for the underdog and I will always fight for what is right, the light. So don’t you cross me or someone I love. It would be wise to remember that I’m a Native New Yorker and I’ll kick your crap to the curb. Stop fighting to climb that pile of bullshit you’ve made into a mountain just to prove that you can. When you get to the top you will be just standing on a pile of dung you have not won. I have more compassion in my pinky finger and I’m way brighter and sparklier (yes I know that is not a word) than you can imagine. This isn’t a competition I truly want what’s best for all concerned. I’m a dog with a bone I never forget and I won’t let you either until you learn that hate is never the way.
I believe in the goodness of people and in turning the other cheek and I don’t believe in defeat.
I believe peace, integrity, authenticity, compassion and love are the best things you can wear every day before you open your front door and head out into this world
I believe God / Spirit will take care of others wrong doings way better than I could ever imagine. And for this I am grateful and I can sleep.
I believe in lifting people up and if they fall providing them the safest most loving place to land. I believe if you look down upon them it should only be to give them your hand.
I believe together, united, respected, honored, valued and loved we can get way more shit done and I believe in the power of prayer for everyone. I believe the power of many is greater than the power of one.
I believe A soul is nourished by what it GIVES not by what it receives.
I believe that Keeping your heart open & full of compassion is an extraordinary strength especially in the world we have created today.
I believe we all can love ourselves through anything as long as long as we remember that we all came from the same creator and we all get out alive in another form to transform and move on hopefully for the better.
We can’t live in the land of puppies and laughing babies and unicorns and rainbows we can visit but we don’t get to stay NOT on earth school on earth school we are here to get shit done.
I for one am doing that and if I inspire one person out there to do the same than all that loving myself through everything is working. I highly recommend you show up and try it I’m not saying it’s easy but we need you. We as a human race we all need you to show up and get your shit done.
Thank you

Written by angelwanedge



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