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Trying to describe the energies of April is like trying to describe the wind on your face. As soon as you know how it feels and which direction it is coming from, it changes. Balance will be a big theme for everyone this month. Things are definitely stirring and swirling beneath our feet and between our ears, awakening transformation while whispering to us from within our newly discovered desires. Finding balance serves you by bringing stability and patience, as well as laying down practical foundations for the deep inner metamorphosis happening to us as a collective consciousness. We all need guidance and assistance in helping to find new lands for the seeds of our desires, as we plant them in the hinterland of our own hearts.

The Cosmos:

A really BIG Week:  April 13th thru 19th

Big Transits and big placements are occurring in the cosmos this week and things are expanding BIG TIME! Even words like Transformation and metamorphosis can’t convey the magnitude of the events that are jam packed into seven days!  Mars may feel like its knocking the wind out of your wings and overwhelming your senses. On the 15th Mercury is moving forward, which could make communication and traveling a challenge. Venus and Jupiter in opposition will make it difficult to make clear decisions and choices. On the 16th Chiron, the wounded healer, says goodbye to Pisces and begins a whole new cycle with Aries. If you have Aries placements, be careful while the planets are adjusting and proceed with caution. By the 17th of April all the overwhelming changes will feel less confusing, more settled and easier to handle. Structures and boundaries will also come into play. Be sure you have “dotted your i’s and crossed your T’s”. On the 18th, the Sun conjuncts Uranus, bringing light bulb moments in a split second. These feel like electrical currents and could ignite your passion. They are coming in quick and fast, so have a post it or stylus handy for creative ideas! Come the 19th, the Red Sea will have ceased parting. Calmness prevails as the sun enters Taurus and we will all feel a little more grounded.

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

― Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg

More magical stuff :

April 15th: Mercury goes direct in Aries. Movement and decisions to move forward feel like a breath of fresh air—just don’t move to quickly in the air stream lest you be like the haphazard wisps of the dandelion. Make sure you’ve got some definitive direction in your wings!

April 16th:  A new moon arrives in Aries, creating great energy for initiating anything new and a desire to be more independent.

April 24th: Venus enters Gemini, bringing strong intellectual interests and hobbies. It’s a great time to enjoy communicating with people, face to face, by phone and even social media!

April 30th: A full moon in Scorpio will bring an awareness of some your deepest desires and many of you will be on a quest to find a way to fulfill them. Coming from a space of “I am aware that I don’t know anything” will put you in a position of power.  Now that you’ve discovered some new dreams, allow the universe to decide how they will arrive and serve you best.

During 2018 keep this in mind: The universal year in numerology is a two year which is all about diplomacy, and co-operation and compassion for self and others. Kindness goes a long way. With all of the changes and excitement from the previous year, now is the time to restore your body, mind and spirit. In fact 2018 is a master universal year of 11, so intuition and balance will be big themes! In Business – talk things over and work together for a useful cause. In Marriage or intimate relationships – find interesting groups and communities you can share together. Children – teach courtesy, good manners and compassion. In-laws – exercise patience. In all relationships – keep the peace.

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“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”
― Oscar Wilde

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Happy Birthday dearest Aries! You’ll feel a strong desire for change and transformation and this change is long overdue! You’ve got natural will power up the wazoo and nothing is going to stop you! You’ll be in the limelight this month so take the time to share your unique ideas. People will be drawn to you and feel warm and affectionate towards you. You could also feel a surge of artistic creativity!  Relationships will expand and you will want to be out and about. You are feeling very social and expansive. Your charm will also be attracting new admirers and you can feel that change is in the air. Get ready for exploration and adventure. Remember, love is always right around the corner. You needn’t travel far unless you want to with Wings Up!


Happy Birthday, April Taureans! There are a few moments where you can take your bow and grab the spotlight this month! Clarity and empathy from others seem to resume and finances look more abundant, too. You’re on the road to self-development and some higher-ups behind the scenes will be taking notice.  Nobody is more loyal to finish what they have started than you, dear Taurus and you are dedicated to getting the job done. Whatever you are creating now, in the early part of April, will create opportunities later this month. Dreams become reality if you remain in reality. After the new moon, you’ll feel much clearer on how all of this will unfold, so keep to your vision. Your loved ones always appreciate your loving guidance and this will benefit you greatly in April.  Those “higher-ups” are admiring your professional skills and what you have to offer, so show them what you’ve got with Wings Up!


Friendship, community and favorite causes and projects are highlighted this month and you can look forward to a sparkly and eventful social life, too. You are popular and have accolades coming to you. Higher-ups are noticing that you are successfully achieving goals at work. Opportunities to fulfill a few dreams are coming as a new chapter is beginning. All month, powerful creative urges will be bubbling up to the surface Mustering up some courage to pursue or start a dream is going to serve you well.  Some may see you as selfish right now. I see you as being self-full!  However, with Mercury (your ruler) not cooperative until after the 12th, you may have to wait a few days before you really believe it can happen. Hold fast to the dream and vision. You’ll be away from those pesky delays and glitches in a blink of the eye!
As the month closes, you might surprise yourself by being a little more private and elusive, and even find yourself spending time contemplating rather than being your usual social butterfly self! Focusing on interior dreams and mediation will serve you well. Being cooperative and compassionate with others—even with those who get their feathers ruffled and may not be behaving their best—will only illuminate your endearing kindness. Just stay in your lane. Enjoy the view with Wings Up!


You had better find time to relax and be easy on yourself. Its time!  If you do, you’ll find some truly pleasurable social events before you with friends and community that will bring lovely, warm and incredible opportunities you hadn’t seen coming. When Mercury goes direct after the 12th, confusion, misunderstandings and career blocks dissolve. You may look back and say to yourself, “Did all that right up to this moment actually happen the way I thought I remembered it?“ All of a sudden people are going to “get you” and you’ll be shaking your head thinking, “This is what I was saying all along!”
It is a time when repressed feelings and instincts and past-their-sell-by date situations get poured down the sink. Let the bad milk go!  It’s okay to realize that you’ve learned your lessons and are ready to pack your bags and head off on a new journey. Your shell is your home and will roam with you wherever you go!  Progress is being made in domestic situations, even if you have to bring the mountain to Mohammed! You’re emotionally strong, and feel a sense of power in your career activities and in your public life. Mid-month, you could enjoy meeting those you share important interests with – or a social event will please you. Find an exercise or spiritual practice that boosts your feelings of being centered and grounded and you’ll thrive with Wings Up!


It’s time to spread your wings, Leo! The beginning of the month is powerful for expanding your horizons. Speaking of horizons, I see far off ones calling you like Sirens to the sea. Tempting you and calling you to a new adventure which you are more than willing to take advantage of now.  This journey could be spiritual, geographical or academic, and it will serve you well. Just wait until Mercury goes direct on April 12th to make sure you’ve got your inspirational passport in order and the cosmos working for you!
Your communication skills will be off the charts and you will be inspiring more than your pride! New events, people and places will arrive and you’ll be thrilled with this expansion.   You are quite familiar with your courage, confidence and your intuition. However, someone may try to undermine you. Stand your ground and remember that your roar is bigger than your bite. You don’t need righteous indignation to know that you are indeed right. Doing some grounding and earthing will serve you well, if you stay in your lane with your wings up. Remember, taking the high road means there is hardly any traffic! Wings Up, Leo!


You are done with inauthenticity and small talk Virgo and it’s about time! It’s time to nip things in the bud. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s okay to be uncomfortable in the sea of truth. Avoiding issues will only sink you further down into the abyss. If things are unearthed, you’ll know if you need to explore them or bury them again, but at least you’ve witnessed them.
I also see some sort of financial windfall or celebration for many of you. The urge for freedom is stirring within you. Go for new things with abandon and throw a little caution to the wind, dear Virgo. Your wings need the breathing room! This will create the airspace for your independence and power to truly soar. Go with the wind and do not fight or control this new adventure. You will love where you land. I see a wonderful outcome with lots of spring flowers popping through just waiting to be discovered. Important life changes are headed your way and will benefit your career and your health. Give those wings and your body a workout. You’ll need your strength in May!


Well my, my, my! It’s time to get busy, especially in your personal relationships. It is very busy in your relationship area and the people showing up are lovely, compassionate and conscious.  You will be very popular and not just for obligations, errands or loans. How refreshing! I also see some auspicious and serendipitous surprises coming your way. Dear Libra, for you spring literally means a fresh start. You’ve had some hard lessons and have been grudgingly climbing that mountain and now it’s time to find a boulder to lean on and look down at far you’ve come. The view doesn’t suck, does it? Get used to it because you’ll be here for a while with Wings Up!  April offers all Librans unusual creative opportunities. How you work your magic is unique to you. Love, self-confidence and SELF-LOVE increase for you this month. Remember, you are learning to love yourself through everything—not push yourself. You’ll have lots of opportunities to master this in April with Wings Up!


Dearest Scorpio, I see you trying to find more harmony and peace in your career and in your work environment. The new moon is a great time to ring in the new and begin a health plan or workout routine.  Certainly your eye for beauty and harmony is all-pervasive in your working life and environment, but the big boost comes after April 12th when Mercury goes direct. Then you will see things taking shape the way you’ve sculpted them in your mind with all those perfect little details. You do tend to be a perfectionist, dear Scorpio.  Love blooms in all sorts of ways the latter part of the month and you just might be the magnet that draws admiration from others. You truly do have a magnanimous side. It’s okay to reveal it. In fact, it will serve you well. Let your heart open. Breathe in the spring air and rely on your sense of humor when things feel too heavy. It’s time to unfurl your wings, rise from the deep and expand your horizons with Wings Up!


You are growing strong just like a sunflower as spring marches forward. Creative ideas and expansive opportunities will present themselves. You’ll just need a little patience until Mercury goes direct. Emotions will run high this month, so be prepared to reel yourself back in at times. Don’t make mountains out of mole hills! Always the social one at the party, you’ll be eager to be out and about with the promise of warmer, brighter and longer days. Just don’t overextend yourself with commitments. It’s time for a fresh health regime. If you are anything like this SAG, all those comfy carbs you enjoyed this winter may be weighing you down a bit. As spring progresses into full swing, you’ll be feeling lighter and healthier and ready for new adventures, so you can giddy up with Wings Up!


Change and revolution is in the air – Viva la Revolution! Dear Capricorn, you’ve been waiting to burst free and now with the arrival of spring, things are really happening! There may be some upsets with friends and relationships. You’ve changed Capricorn, and others are finally getting the message.
Change isn’t always easy, especially on loved ones that depend on your stable and serious nature. Good for you! Ruffling feathers and shaking things up may make some uncomfortable, but this all going to serve you oh so well. Soon you’ll see how necessary it is to let go of old paradigms and structures, so you can create the magnificence that you see laying before you! You want your life and surroundings to be filled with beauty and this is one dream you will not be denied. Keep climbing that hill. I see a few leaps of delight. You don’t need to always rely on your sure-footed hooves. Your wings have arrived! Wings Up!


All Aquarians have incredible insights based on a natural intuitive understanding of the big picture, thinking out of the box and their objective detachment about what they observe. All of these attributes will serve you well in April! There is some mystical wisdom coming to those of you who want to expand your spiritual wisdom. The Arts will speak to your unique soul and you will find great inspiration in all things “creative”.  There are discoveries to be made in honoring your own hearts desires. You have a metamorphosis going on that many are unable to see. Trust that the cosmic trade winds will give you everything you need to soar through any difficulties or confusion and give you and your wings the energy needed to land at the perfect destination with Wings Up!


Someone important needs to know how fabulous you are. Don’t wait for them to take notice. It’s time to be assertive and use that inner knowing so many are jealous of! You have the ability to be resourceful and wise and bend people to your will. Some would call that manipulative but I’ll call it magnificent! You’ve got a tremendous knack for being in the right place at the right time this month, and using your intuitive gifts will only magnify the amazing benefits coming your way.  I see you as Morticia Addams with one eyebrow raised. You can’t help it if everything is going your way! Just stand back, stir your spoon in your teacup and let the magic happen!  Your self-confident approach earns you good fortune this month, as long as you don’t let on that you know exactly how incredible things are for you at this particular moment in time. Keep your wings up, if only to inspire others that sometimes, really good things do happen just because you are enjoying the ride with Wings Up!

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