Your Personal Super Power to Thrive through December / Your Personal Super Power to Thrive through December

Your Personal Super Power to Thrive through December

In December many of us may find ourselves wishing for a cape to escape into, to shelter ourselves from the holidays. Don’t panic, because, truth be told, you’ve got your very own superpower to tap into! I’m here to inform you That there is no need to get your tinsel in a tangle because you, yes YOU, can be your own superhero through this festive journey of December! Regardless of whether you are over the moon for this season or find it hard to keep your own reason, the holidays are coming and that we can’t deny.

So while the Yuletide may feel like a riptide, I’ve got some tools you can use to keep yourself from colliding with everyone’s egos and staying ringside! Don’t worry if creepy family friend “Uncle” Jim tries pulling you towards the mistletoe. You’ve got better places to go. I’ve got a bad vibes shield that will keep the eggnog flowing away from you while you merrily and narrowly escape to your very own sugarplum and fairies la-la land. Just how much goodness can one person stand you might ask? That’s my plan to add in this task and provide you with a gift, my dear friend, for reading my scopes and sharing them far and wide. The universe is like a boomerang and what we put out there will surely come back to where we reside.

The full moon in Gemini December 3rd says we are at the end of a cycle which has completed or must be acknowledged or adjusted. Mercury is heading into retrograde in Sagittarius, which means it´s time to sing like a bird and to reevaluate, reconnect and re-decide. There is a conversation that is long overdue for many of you and we are being giving an opportunity to speak up, say what you mean and mean what you say! This is a golden opportunity, so if you’ve got something to get off your chest, sing it like a partridge a’caroling and you certainly won’t feel disparaged if you jest.  

We also have a lovely full moon on December 18th bringing in new opportunities for all signs. This is a great time to plant seeds of intention for ultimate change. Say yes to a new adventure, because this full moon is in Sagittarius, so it brings optimism, truth seeking and new experiences. It also brings a positive time to start dreaming about your heart’s desires for 2018. This isn’t about resolutions and goals, it’s about self-reflection, regeneration and your dreams.

Life is like a merry-go-round. Sometimes it takes us on the wild ride like a roller coaster. Or we can go with the flow gracefully on a gondola through ancient Venetian tunnels. Life may find us high on a Ferris wheel that gently puts us on top of the world or it could be like a runaway train heading full speed into unknown territories and discoveries. But once we are certain of our strengths and superpowers—and our weaknesses, that’s when we can enjoy the ride with our wings up and all the glorious gifts these wings bring!

Your superpower will get you through, so how you behave in the New Year is entirely up to you! I wish you well. I send you peace and blessing on the wings of a dove, but most of all I wish you love!  

Our last “Wings up Meet Up” will be this Sunday December 3rd at 8:00 am PST. I hope you’ll consider joining us.

We’ve got a great flight plan that will make this a December to remember!



Venus, the planet of love, goes into your sign on the 1st and this will make you a bit of a love magnet. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. Your superpower for the holiday is your magical ability to find good things through your sense of adventure. Stretch yourself and look at things in a different perspective, especially if those Velcro gremlins rear their ugly heads.  You feast on knowledge, so if you’re feeling stuck and can’t ditch your frustrating family, go on a literal “mini holiday”. Sneak into a quiet space. Find a nook with a few sugar cookies, hot cocoa and a mystery novel or a romantic pirate treasure hunt book. You believe in a world that is fair to everyone, so allow yourself to be free and independent. You give everyone else that freedom, so don’t neglect yourself! You introduce excitement and adventure to all of your friends, but you must remember that you if you don’t feel empowered, you will not be happy! Love yourself enough to have a partner that allows you freedom on many different levels. You can be blunt–so try to stick a candy cane in your mouth before you blurt out something you can’t take back. That will make things go much more smoothly and taste better, even if you have to eat your own words. December 18th is the new moon in your sign. This spectacular and magical day is your very own astrological New Year, giving you the opportunity to let go of the past and reinvent yourself. It brings new beginnings and glad tidings! 2017 has been quite a transformation and with serious Saturn leaving your sign on December 19th after 3 years, you can finally do a happy dance. Freedom is yours! Saturn never leaves without a gift. If you have been diligently learning your lessons, this gift for many of you is a biggy! It’s as if the heavens have opened up and are clearing away a new path for you. One that is filled with serendipity, bringing something new to your foundation that you will truly love! Wings Up brave heart!



Tenacity is your super power, dearest Cap! You are ruled by Saturn and you’ve got great tenacity. If you put your mind to it, you will climb that mountain come hell or high water!  You simply don’t give up—even if it might be the best thing for you sometimes. Here’s the key. You get to Choose what you commit to and when you hone in your determination, you can literally achieve all your goals.  It takes a lot for you to fall in love, but when you do you are so loyal and intense. Commitment is everything and now is the time to look at just how committed you are to yourself! Self-love is your goal now in everything that you do. You are good enough, lovable enough and a powerful human being. Now is the time to get very, very clear on just how much inner strength you’ve got going for you. Don’t control things (I can feel your eyes rolling), but don’t shoot the messenger, either. Open up your heart and commit to your soft side and your vulnerabilities. They will serve you well and you will see that anything is possible. Your birthday is right around the corner Capricorn! Saturn is heading into your sign on December 19. You’ll feel a lot more sure-footed in the coming days because Saturn has your back and your little hooves will enjoy being on the ground. It might feel serious, but this new cycle brings your life to a new level. There is something sweet and celebratory about the end of this year. Give yourself a little extra time to rest and revive. Throw some extra marshmallows in your cocoa or an extra dash of Bailey’s in your coffee and know that by the end of this year you will be well on your way for a new plan to help you thrive in 2018.



Tis the season of lots of boxes transformed into pretty gift-wrapped presents, but there will be no boxes for you, dear Aquarius. You are ruled by Uranus, the planet of unpredictably and your true gift and super power is your ability to think out of the box. You have more genius and uniqueness than most. Are you using your super powers? Think of yourself as the dreidel. A dreidel is a four-sided spinning top, played with during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Where it lands, no one knows and that’s a lot like how this month will go for you, dear Aquarius.  If you feel restricted or bored, you need to start up a new blog, a newsletter or something creative that lets your unique voice and ideas come through. Allow the freedom of your ideas. Give it a platform for your unique concepts to come through.  You might have important women in your life this month or you might dive into areas around divine feminine energy. Expressing your uniqueness and the ability to predict where your world is going, also opening up to possibilities in a new way is your super power, but if you get stifled or stagnant, you can become downright uninspired. Be as accepting and open minded of yourself as you are of others. Spread your wings! It’s time for you to create a new flight plan that is a great adventure. Your soul is rising up to meet you and so are some new expansive open-minded people. They are waiting to greet you in 2018. You’ll be so happy with where you land, if only for a little reprieve, until you are onto the next new exciting adventure. There are many!



Still waters run deep and your ruler Neptune is going direct as of 11/22. WOO HOO! Things are becoming clearer and your super power is your intuition as well as the ability to see things and feel things. You sense things and have an inner knowing that no self-respecting elf would question. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer may have lit the way for Santa’s sleigh, but chances are he was a Pisces because his psychic abilities helped lead the way too! Your true superpower is that you have amazing empathy and compassion for others. You can feel the pain of others and you sense things in a heightened manner. How often do you use your superpower for your own good though? You know the truth. You can’t fool yourself. You know what is genuine and what is not and if you don’t use it and listen to your inner voice, you are a fish out of water. You have such beauty and kindness in your nature, don’t let that get closed down. Express your feelings and inner knowing so you can honor yourself and your feelings. This month is about your sense of self in the world and it is about achieving the things that fulfill the soul. You feel you are doing what pleases you and enjoying putting things out there in the world. Money looks great too and I see an increase in your cash flow. Use your abilities to check in with yourself. Don’t get distracted by fantasy, just enjoy the “joy” of this season. It’s the illusions that can lead you down into rabbit holes you needn’t be visiting.  Even fish need wings, and we all need empathy and kindness in the world. You are truly amazing, so just keep swimming, exploring and soaring!



As the first sign of the Zodiac, you want to always leap forward. In your impulsive and childlike spirit you tend to do just that. At your best, you truly are the hero. You are the one who will always rescue the sleepy town from the Grinch or at the very least make sure the roast beast is not getting snitched. Your super power is your courage and innocence.Your courage and heart are usually in the right place. You don’t shy away from risk. You love the new and exciting.  You can get bored and frustrated when things don’t move fast enough and you can sabotage yourself with your quick temper, but as soon as it arrives, it subsides. Everyone experiences and responds to anger differently, but your passion can come out in all emotions, including frustration.  Your heroic streak, leadership abilities and your passion for love are contagious. Listen to your loved ones and remember that you are not the only one chock full of enthusiasm (or nuts). Understanding everyone else’s vulnerability and respecting, honoring and listening to the ones in your environment, puts you in a great space. You love the chase, so go out and conquer this festive time by being your most passionate and inventive self. This will inspire others to want to share the bubbly. You are about to go into a new phase of focusing on work, career and getting things done, so take advantage of adventurous opportunities early in the month. Love yourself and look after yourself. You don’t need a mirror to reflect that back to you. Protect the innocence of your inner child. It encourages you to boldly go where no one has soared before and you’ll have plenty of followers in your wing stream!



Ruled by Venus and love. When you love, you love eternally and you give it your all. It never dies. It can never be destroyed. You always keep the love with you. You can put that love into everything you do and you can literally transform your reality and everyone around you by being the love you have in your heart and sharing it! Sharing love and earthly desires is your super power. Making fruitcakes and sugarplums for all to enjoy is right up your alley. You are brilliant at tapping into other’s sensual senses and you’ll probably bake the only fruitcake that will be coveted this holiday season! (I see all others pale in comparison to yours. They will make probably great bookends until 2020!) You truly are a loyal and good friend. People really count on you for your sturdy and steadfast determination, but it’s time for you to focus on loyalty to yourself. This month is a little intense. You go deep within and clear some shadows, then are able to step into your own power. Your ability to stick to a routine is amazing, but don’t get stuck. Open the door to life experience, or at least set the door ajar and let the light seep in, because there is more coming and it is glorious! There is a whole new world for you to explore in 2018. Don’t lock yourself into a safe place, because you’ve got a magical carpet ride ahead of you and you’ll need lots of room for your bodacious wings!



Your sun sign is Mercury and your superpower is your mind. Your Mecurial mind can use information to achieve absolutely anything that you desire. You have the ability to use that quick wit to lighten up every situation and all of the people around you. Sometimes, you get too bored and forget all about that brilliant idea you just had. It is time to turn those juicy bits into realities. You’ve got so many treasures, along with the gift of gab, and you can change a pesky little situation into a mini festicaation  (festive vacation) …. People admire you for that. The full moon in your sign brings you psychic experiences and reveals a new direction for you. It might bring some emotions to the surface that you didn’t anticipate. Journaling will help you process these. You have an extraordinary talent to be the messenger of all good things this season. You will be the life of the party—just make sure you are feeding your mind, and not just your face, with cookies and treats. Boredom is not a friend of your waistline this month.  A small shopping spree might be just what you need, and while you are out and about, it gives time for the sugar plum fairies to come sweep out the cobwebs that are no longer serving you. Stop and smell the flowers or the pine in the holiday wreaths. Use your communicative sorcery for good. People will love what you are saying and you will raise everyone’s party vibration and wings! 



Cancer, you are ruled by the Moon. Your inner goddess or god and your superhero power for yourself is your ability to nurture and birth ideas. You are so creative, so why not consider creating your reality by nourishing yourself and your tender heart?  It is your vulnerability and emotions that are the key to making you feel happy. So check inside your shell often and you’ll feel more secure. Boundaries are your friends. Take care of yourself first and then you can quench everyone else’s thirst with a gorgeous hot toddy! You are such a good hostess, that your pesky visitors might leave you in peace by taking a nap after imbibing your naughty concoction. You’ll look like a saint and only you need know your ulterior motives! You are reevaluating your personal and social relationships and looking for more balance in your life. Be careful that you are not critical of others, especially yourself. It’s time for you to tap into your intuition and trust your vibes. An unexpected blast from the past may show up and help you with your career or a creative endeavor. You are going into a time that focuses on relationships and your commitments around them. You are evaluating how you relate to people and you’re going to want to bring harmony to these relationships.  Don’t let insecurities rear their ugly heads. Your love is valued and much needed. Understand that everyone is a little more wonky during this most wonderful time of the year. You are divinely loved, my dear. Decorate your shell with boughs of holly or little halos. You’ve earned them and you’ve got little claws to utilize if anyone tries to clip your dreams or your Earth angel wings!



Because you are ruled by the sun dear Leo, your warmth and tremendous energy can be as sweet and coy as kitten, or as boisterous and passionate as a roaring lion! You’ve always got the power of the sun within you. Your generosity of spirit and kindness for other people transforms your own life and the world with the light from within you. Your Super power is literally staying in your power. Standing in your own power makes your dreams come true. This is where you truly shine, so much so that it can be blinding for others sometimes. Your pride pushes you forward, but if you feel vulnerable, you can alienate the people who adore and worship you, so stay in your magnanimous generosity. A lot of great stuff is going on for you this month. Creativity and passion and a positive turn or cycle comes in this month around your intimate relationships. You can get more sugarplums and stocking stuffers by letting your inner kitten come out to play. Don’t be a scrooge by sitting on your laurels. You’ve got plenty of ways to be in service. We need your brave spirit and heartwarming humor. You love a good belly laugh, but you love even more knowing that you are the creator of one. Stop and take a moment to spread that warmth and Shine, Shine, Shine on these particular festive days. Your energy and light sparkles extra pretty on the winter snow and enhances your beautiful glow!



Your ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication. Your superpower is your ability to analyze any situation until you get to the core of it—the heart of the matter. You get a bad rap for being super serious and uptight, but I disagree with that. Many lovely Virgos I know (including my hubby) have a great sense of humor and wit, and are a pleasure to be around. You may have a psychic revelation close to the full moon on the 3rd around your career. It could be a message, a sign, or a knowing which direction you need to go about your career that will lead you to really succeed in 2018 and beyond. Dear Virgo you need to see the details that need to be taken care of. Do it, take care of it and then move. Allow Mercury to be your wings. Mercury energy moves quite quickly. Best to go with the flow and don’t over work things. You are very creative, more than your realize. When you look at the “bigger” picture and not only the pesky details, that’s when you can realize your dreams. You are a very sensual soul and you are wasting your superpower by analyzing what others are thinking. Channel it for good with your own qualities and self-care. When it comes to love, you are much more sensual than others may give you credit for. You are the “Virgin” sign, but actually the term virgin in this case derives from women not being tied to a man and actually, being quite free spirits. Your secret super power is that you don’t necessarily surrender your power. You can stand alone and you can share love. Family and loved ones will be very important in your life this month. The world needs love more than ever and you’ve got plenty of that to share, so just get out of your own and you’ll be soaring into 2018 on a new flight plan!



Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Love, your love of humanity, as well as wanting justice in all situations is what makes your world go round. Use your compassion for your own journey and see the beauty in your own soul. Stay in your compassion and love-space. That is your super power. You will have all the strength you need to get through the holidays! You can be indecisive sometimes and hold back from going 100%. Now is not the time for that. You need to find support, a tribe, a like-minded community that will mentor you and help you to put out all the beauty you create. You are able to heal other people with your love and touch everyone’s heart. There is no perfect balance in this world. Life is always changing. There is ebb and flow, but know this, dear Libra, you have the key to bring the beauty into your own life again and to bring it to others. Venus, your ruler, is shifting signs and giving you lots of opportunities to communicate very well even though Mercury is in retrograde. Your heart is moving into new experiences and highlighting what you’ve got to say in the world. Don’t look for the injustices, just combat it with knowing that you cannot control immediate perfection. You have the gift of love, but you also have to have respect and love for yourself. You need that internal harmony! Love yourself in all that you do! Because you’re such a lover, leave out some cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer—just for good measure!



Your super power is all about transformation. Although you can be very sensitive, you are the one sign that can literally rise from the ashes. Pluto, your ruler, gives you great strength. You are indestructible and an incredibly old soul. You have a depth of wisdom many don’t have. You have a great ability to see people’s souls and vulnerabilities. It is important to remember that with your charismatic and powerful personality, you can achieve things that are very deep and meaningful. You abhor superficiality and so, this holiday season, you may just have to wash the witnessing of inauthenticity down with eggnog and don’t be a snob!  You know the truth. That should be good enough for you. You have risks to take and transformations to make this New Year with Scorpio in Jupiter. This is a wonderful time of healing and achieving for you all the way through 2018, so lead by example. One raised eyebrow is okay, but don’t let your ego lead you astray. Your inner knowing serves you well, but so does your compassion and understanding. Not everyone has the depth of your heart and soul, so hold your heart’s dreams tightly, but know that when you learn to let go—that’s when you can achieve anything you desire. Even if it is only to hit the mute button on your relatives in your mind, you can still enjoy the sparkly lights and bubbly beverages. This too, shall pass. Jupiter is in your sign which happens only once every twelve years. It will serve you by bringing you out of your shell. You’re ready to take on the world. You’ll be well on your way to many accolades in 2018, so be patient and witness the perfect imperfections of this most wonderful time of the year. Steer clear of drama.  Until you spread your wings, you have no idea how high you can fly!


Written by angelwanedge