F.L.Y. / F.L.Y.


You’re never too old.

It’s never too late to start being, doing, or having something great.

You are enough.

You have everything you need inside of you.

You are uniquely you. You were made that way!

Why do you want to mess with that?

Embrace who you are.

Tap in to your strength.

Tap in to your truth.

Tap in to your courage.

Take time to discover the treasure inside of you.

This is where your true sacred gifts reside.

The answers you’ve been seeking are speaking in your heart.

You just need to stop, be still and listen.

Ask for help. You deserve it.

It is always about you.

Take responsibility for everything you do.

Take responsibility for everything you feel.

Own it and be empowered with self-love, one baby step at a time.

It’s the least selfish thing you can do.

These are extraordinary times

It takes great courage to keep your heart open.

Keep going.

Each tear you shed you heal the world

Each time you shine your light, you light up the world.


First, love yourself.

Everything else will follow.

Find your wings, take the leap and keep your wings up.

You’ll need them for the most amazing flight of your life.

Remember the acronym F.L.Y (First Love Yourself)

You ARE enough!

image by Christian Schloe

Elizabeth Lindsay is a clairvoyant spiritual light-warrior and counselor at  www.12listen.com Elizabeth is a creative soul whose life journey and passion has evolved into helping others empower themselves. Elizabeth has the innate ability to tune in and tap into your spirit guides and energy to offer clear concise answers and tools that give you a fresh perspective as well as raise your vibration. Elizabeth’s goal is to always help you get unstuck, move forward and leave her company feeling confident in the knowing that you are honoring yourself and your soul’s growth.  Be it a need for clearing a vibrational blockage, a quick answer, or an in-depth dive into the realms of possibilities she will help guide you into your personal power and strength

Written by angelwanedge