~*A metaphysical “Spiritual Pizza Pie” Fairytale*~ For Reals!~ / ~*A metaphysical “Spiritual Pizza Pie” Fairytale*~ For Reals!~

~*A metaphysical “Spiritual Pizza Pie” Fairytale*~ For Reals!~

Once upon a time there was a creative soul who wanted to make a difference in the world, but she just didn’t know how.  She lost the last of her tribe and felt very alone. She pushed through and persisted and did what she always knew to do, she created beautiful things from her heart with her hands, yet she always knew something was missing, like Goldilocks, nothing was ever quite right and yet with a heart full of grief she persisted…

and persisted

and persisted

Then, she went on a very scary adventure… some people would call it “the dark night of the soul”. At the very end of 2014 she submitted a book proposal to an editor at “Hay House” and started a movement called “Angel with an Edge” in honor of three of the most incredible woman she’d ever known, her two aunts and her Mother, all who battled breast cancer and who all left this physical world. She persisted, but spirit had a different plan for her and soul insisted that she listen.
But she didn’t listen, or allow, or receive she just persisted.
She got a tiny rock from spirit, then she got a big rock then she got a giant rock then she got a boulder and she tried to haul that boulder up the hill until it came back down after her.  Little did she know that in less than two short months she would have an emergency surgery for a 54.6 pound contained cancerous tumor, lose most of her hair, and have an open wound and daily in home medical care for months. During this time she went bankrupt professionally and personally, she lost her car, she lost some friends she had counted on, she felt abandoned and she did what she always knew to survive, she persisted. She was allowed to keep her artist owned business, it had been her livelihood for 25 years… even though there was a little voice inside of her struggling to get her attention…  
she persisted

She could hear this insistent little tapping inside her she numbed it down for years. But now if she ignored it, it became louder and louder and there was this very tiny beam of light so bright inside of her she could feel it, and it could not be ignored. She realized that until she listened to her screaming soul she would always be miserable. And that tiny little voice that could not be ignored started to make itself known more and more

I’m here. (But she resisted and persisted)
I’m here. (And she resisted)
I’M HERE…and she persisted

She persisted and pushed herself through everything and loved herself through nothing.
And then she got sick again and spirit made her very ill so she would be still until she actually listened. Until she went inside and remembered who she was and what she came here to do and that she had gifts that could help people and by helping people she could help herself and by helping herself she could help the world.
She went inside, while she literally grew new skin on the outside, she “healed and peeled”, and with each layer she removed and with each layer of skin she grew, she transformed while she remembered when she was really young and small …

She remembered.

She didn’t know how much she knew about others feelings back then she just knew she felt them and they paralyzed her with self-doubt. She didn’t realize until nearly half a lifetime later that as a small child she felt the damage and hurt in the energy fields and bodies of the people around her. In her child’s mind she translated the emotions and feelings and judgements adults carried and their own belief systems and fear patterns as their opinions of her. As a result of this, she spent most of her life believing she was not worthy. She felt that until she could be “enough”, she was truly not worthy and certainly not enough.  She felt she was trapped in a small body with a small voice that was stifled and quieted and nearly always felt shamed. She learned at a very early age her authenticity and honesty and her “gifts” her abilities to know things about others was not something that was admired but feared!  She also learned that if I made her small and shut this down she would “fit in”.

…Oh and it worked at least for several decades until her entire existence was threatened with extinction and she woke up and realized everything she thought would kill her had already happened. Every fear she had of showing her gifts and her abilities to the world couldn’t possibly be worse than nearly losing her life. She re-acquainted herself with the wise soul who had never abandoned her and always protected her and kept her gifts safe. The one who kept her wings all these years waiting for her to show up! When she did this little angel with an edge said “you’ve finally arrived and I’ve been keeping your wings for you it’s time you take a leap and give them a ride”. 
And so she cried and hugged the keeper of her memories and her wings…she exclaimed
“I’m here”.
“I can’t ignore you anymore because you and I are one”.
She gathered up all the gifts the universe asked her to receive and took flight on her newly unfurled wings and on her journey she explored all the treasures inside her she had forgotten and she unlearned all the things that never belonged to her to begin with. She met guides, angels, sprites and ascended masters.

She glided on her wings trusting spirit who found her the most wonderful of places to feather her nest and to rest and revive so she could return to the treasure she came here to be and to be seen.  She found a tribe of people who understood and recognized authenticity and magic who understood that the real tragedy of a human life was a life spent betraying one’s own heart by staying small, numb and in the dark.  She embraced her tribe and vowed she would always be a light warrior and a beacon for all those embarking on becoming awake and compassionate and more than anything she swore she would love herself through everything and push herself through nothing and she never resisted or persisted again.  

She became a self-proclaimed renaissance, earth angel, spiritual, artistic, intuitive, inspirational pizza pie because that’s how life goes sometimes you never know exactly what you’re going to get on each slice, you just know it’s going to be amazing. 

And that Angel with and Edge is me, I feel like Dorothy and Cinderella all at the same time, well the new age ones anyway with wings instead of ruby slippers …And I’m here to tell you that fairytales do come true you just have to create your own! Cinderella had it partially right, she said a dream is a wish your heart makes, but I’ll respectfully disagree, “A dream is a REALITY your heart makes”.  

The (end) Middle…

Elizabeth Lindsay is proud to announce that she is now working as a clairvoyant spiritual light-warrior and counselor at  www.12listen.com Elizabeth Lindsay is a creative soul whose life journey and passion has evolved into helping others empower themselves. Elizabeth has the innate ability to tune in and tap into your spirit guides and energy to offer clear concise answers and tools that give you a fresh perspective as well as raise your vibration. Elizabeth’s goal is to always help you get unstuck, move forward and leave her company feeling confident in the knowing that you are honoring yourself and your soul’s growth.  Be it a need for clearing a vibrational blockage, a quick answer, or an in-depth dive into the realms of possibilities she will help guide you into your personal power and strength.

Written by angelwanedge


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