Lighthouses, Storms and Carabiners / Lighthouses, Storms and Carabiners

Lighthouses, Storms and Carabiners

Lighthouses, storms and carabiners

My mother was my carabiner*. She let me take risks, she let me out on the ledge to develop my own independent skills but she always kept a watchful eye for me and could reel me back on a safety line to prevent me from going over the edge.

She was also my anchor and my lighthouse; she was someone that could let me take risks while still grounding me by being a beacon of light when I could not find my own way. How blessed I am to have had such an amazing soul! Now that she’s gone, I realize what an incredible role model she was, not only because she was brave and extraordinary, but because she let me build the tools that allowed me to believe that I had the power within me to do the same.  

When my mother died there were two deaths, hers and mine, and I had to learn how to live in this world without her in it.  I soon found myself in troubled waters… I had a life threatening illness for over two years and my entire life was capsized. I needed my old tools, but I needed some new ones too, and thanks to my Mother’s good guidance I had the wherewithal to create some.  During this reconstruction of what I call “the dark night of the soul”, I didn’t know I was becoming a lighthouse, I was just trying to survive.  I began constructing myself one layer at a time and I had some tremendous help along the way. You don’t just wake up one day as a lighthouse; it takes time to build one brick at a time.

Just like every single brick it took to become a lighthouse, there was a mentor, a friend and a teacher that helped guide me, support me and lead me into my power. INTO as in within myself… it’s an extraordinary thing when you get to the point in your life that you can stay in your power in your own authority and not be pulled into the chaos and turbulence around you, but still be a guiding light for others.

I’ve discovered through this journey that I’m here to help people just like a safety line on a carabiner, while they work at strengthening their baby wings. The more they get worked out, the stronger they become, and I’m right there holding their kite string, I’m not going to let them fly to far away or fall too far. It’s not that I’m wiser, it’s just that I’ve had more chances to fly and to fall lately, and it’s my turn to be one of your bricks in the lighthouse you don’t know you are becoming yet! There’s a reason the lighthouse is on the edge of the shore as a beacon of light to be witnessed by the ones in the storm because that is where the light is needed. This light guides us back to our very souls; to our very own empowerment that light is reminding us that we are here to live on the edge and not just survive, but to thrive.  So now that I’m clear on my path, I’m helping people stay on the edge witnessing them taking risks and assisting them in listening to their souls because the “Edge” is very important right now so much so that many of us are teetering out there with baby wings. As a collective we’ve never been here before but so many of us are discovering that we must listen to our hearts that are literally screaming at us beating so loudly in our ribcages to be heard and followed! 

My mama always said “Beth breathe and do the brave thing” and my heart always knew she was right. That advice has carried me through to this very moment.

So I pass these most precious words onto you…Breathe and do the brave thing, don’t be afraid in the dark to turn on your light and show who you really are. Be a tiny spark in the dark so that the other tiny sparks will find you that’s all they need and then you’ll see you are not alone, you never ever were. You are in a sea of tiny sparks of light all of who just had to find each other and the more you do this the bigger the glow will grow and before you know it …………… you’ll be a blaze and amazed! The light house lights up to show us the way. Everyone lost in the dark will have a path to see a way through and then you’ll be there guiding people on the edge of the dark inspiring and working your way up the path with people wanting to follow you and understand how you got there, that’s how it works, that’s how it has always worked. And when you are confused or lost on that path, there is a lighthouse leading the way for everyone, you just need to take that next baby step.  

One match lights a thousand candles a thousand candles lights up the night the night becomes so bright that everyone else is blinded by the light and their baby peepers open because the light simply cannot be ignored or denied.

It’s becoming a glorious bonfire and you’re the in the middle of a marvelous beach party.

Each journey is as unique as is everyone’s own soul blueprint, but we all need help and guidance in the baby steps we take. No one is more important, we are all just at different spiritual stepping stones on the path we all need a lighthouse. I’m just a few steps ahead of you that’s why I know what I know I’ve walked those stairs each one became a brick in my lighthouse, that’s why I can lend you my insights and guide you there.   

So go INTO and listen to your soul. Knowing that now you are making a decision from your soul and not your head and especially not from dread or in the belief that you should stay small because making choices from fear is no longer going to work. You can’t be a lighthouse and stay small. It’s not selfish to do what your soul tells you do, the rest will fall away or fall into place, stay in your heart space, it will never steer you wrong. Living on the edge brings gifts spirit can imagine, way bigger than you could ever imagine for yourself. You’ll need to shine bright in your power for these gifts to find you. We need more beacons of light. The scariest step on the journey to becoming a light house is the first one I’m here to remind you that it’s time. How do I know? I know because you probably wouldn’t have read this all the way through if you were not indeed a lighthouse in the making, thanks for letting me be a brick!


*A rock climbing tool that keeps climbers from falling off a cliff



Written by angelwanedge


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