Toxic Tumbleweeds / Toxic Tumbleweeds

Toxic Tumbleweeds

It’s time to choose how you want to react and act in this world. This is one of the only things in life you have truly have control over. Let the snarkity miserable people behave badly; hell let them wallow in it until their fingers are all prune-y. Let’s get real sometimes it can be fun witnessing someone escalating on the edge, especially when they’ve just been rude to you. You know what’s even more glorious? Witnessing someone who stays in their power and refuses to engage in someone else’s rage, that’s splendid!
My husband always says “One out of eight people is out to ruin your day”, and you know what, I think there is some truth to that. Do let me spin it this way; roughly one out of eight encounters in your day is out to test your patience and spiritual growth. So next time you have an encounter with a snarkity person on the ledge who just cut you off, or cut in line in front of you, or cut you with a sharp remark on their tongue, remember to … stop, breathe, reel yourself back in from their Tasmanian Devil spin… don’t get swept up in their toxic tumbleweeds.

Remind yourself who you are… You are a Light Warrior who’s traveled far on their spiritual path and you’ve got some badass Teflon knowing that shit can’t stick to you, especially if you believe it has nothing to do with you. Recognize they are showing you their pain because only someone in pain would treat another human being the way they just treated you. Smile your best smile with compassion and shine a little bit love on them, they clearly desperately need it. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back Light Warrior as you kindly walk away knowing your work here is done.
Until the next one…. (There’s always a next one)

Wings UP Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up, Shine Up and Never Give Up!

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