We have a radio show people! / We have a radio show people!

We have a radio show people!

Listen in on my new radio show!
Wednesdays on 12radio.com at 11am PST.

Earlier this year I had a lifesaving surgery. When I was discharged from the hospital, I was so enthusiastic to take life by the balls, in this case wings, that the universe decided I needed more time to rest and decided to give me an open wound the size of a tennis ball, right smack in the middle of my gut! It was a ghastly, unsightly, painful, persistent little bugger that had a nurse visiting my home for the next six weeks. It also required me to be on pain medication. So, when a new, amazing opportunity fell into my lap, I didn’t even get that it had been offered to me!

Radio AnnoucementIt turns out I had been offered my very own radio show! I clearly didn’t comprehend this. My friend, Jennifer, kept telling me Mark Husson was offering me the chance to have a show on 12Radio.com, and I should at least check it out (because it’s a Gemini New Moon and I have no idea what that means except for the fact that my friend Jenn is almost always right). Convinced Jenn was confused, I reluctantly reached out to Mark, and I was completely shocked when he told me to contact Kristi, who would be my producer. It took me nearly a week to contact her because I was absolutely convinced that when she did reply to my e-mail she was going to ask me, “Who the heck are you and what are you talking about?” Well, Kristi (my producer, GULP)! couldn’t have been more lovely or supportive. After our first phone meeting, I hung up the phone and felt like puking, which is usually a sign for me that I am doing the brave thing and exciting things will come of it.

What do you do when a radio show falls in your lap and you are building an army of angels? YOU SAY, “YES”. Sir Richard Branson says, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” So, um, later has arrived. Ay yi yi, and I’m learning as I’m going and I’m counting on you, yes, you! If you are reading this, I’m guessing you’ve found this somewhat interesting and are probably willing to read the rest if it doesn’t go on too long and get really boring!

So, like I mentioned I’m building an Army of Angels, not perfect heavenly angels, hell no! I’m looking for angels here on earth. You know, the kind that get up every day and try to do the best they can even though life keeps throwing a wrench at them? The reason I’m building this army of like-minded souls is simple. I am selfish, and I really can’t do this alone. I’ve spent the first 50 years of my life waiting until I was thin enough, brave enough, smart enough. While I was in the hospital waiting for my pathology report, I realized that waiting was exactly that, “waiting”, and it was a complete waste of time it. It accomplished nothing and it just left me, WAITING. I figure I’m about 80% good and 20% somewhat rotten (feel free to pick your own ratio) and that’s about as good as it is ever going to get! I’m learning to love myself, flaws and all, because I can’t wait anymore, and you know what? I’ll just DIE if on the day I die I’m not loving myself and I’m still waiting on myself to show up and do the brave thing. I realize this is not an easy thing to do, but I’ve run out of options because I simply can’t live with myself without learning how to love myself. How about you?

Here’s the secret I discovered in that hospital bed …..you are the “IT” in the shit and you should own it. So, I’ve started this movement called Angel with An Edge. I am on the edge. I’ve finally realized I will always be on the edge of something, and we are ALL on the edge of something. All for one and one for all! I mean where is that safe place where you can fall? I’m tired of the haters, and I’m sick of the judgments. I just want to live in a world of respect.

I’ve come to several conclusions…

  • I don’t have to like you, but I will respect you enough to agree to disagree.
  • Earth angels are all around us, and they show up in the most miraculous of ways and at perfect times.
  • It is my job to take care of me and your job to take care of you, but it’s nice to know you have an army of angels that have your back.
  • This world has fought and hated since man began, and we don’t seem to be any better off for it.

I believe there are two things worth fighting for: LOVE and PEACE. I have become a soldier of love and a warrior of peace. So, I’m not going to wait anymore. I’m just going to wing it and go for it and have faith that everything will fall into place!

I’m not reinventing the wheel. I get that this isn’t rocket science. I’ve heard a great deal from some “spiritual teachers” that, at least to me, seem to portray themselves as all good or too good to be true, and I’m just saying, “Let’s keep the real in the deal”. Think of my Angel With an Edge movement as an invitation, or an initiation, or even a recruitment, for your soul.

Please join me for the kickoff of my radio show starting this Wednesday, Sept. 9th on 12radio.com at 11am PST. I WANT YOU!!! I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me if you would consider listening and even calling in. Let me know how WE can keep our wings up and make this world we live in a better place, together, by building an army of angels that are perfectly imperfect.

– Elizabeth

Written by angelwanedge


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